Best Shoes for Bunions to Ease the Discomfort & Pain from Your Foot- 2017 Edition

A bunion is a painful inflammation of the first joint of the big toe, the medical term is Hallux Valgus, and it is a very common foot issue which creates difficulty in walking long distances. The shoes for bunions to be selected for walking; must be such that help in giving proper fitting, inherits a cushioned sole and is quite wide, stretchable and soft in design so that one can walk comfortably.

Best Shoes for Bunions

Comparison Table – Top Shoes for Bunions

1Asics Neo 4 – Best Bunion Walking Shoes-Gel cushioning shock absorbs
-Medial side bunion window
2YogaToes Gems: Instant Therapeutic Relief For Your Feet-Flex Gel Strech91
3Propet Men’s Pedwalker 15 Slip-On Dress Shoes for Bunions-Stretch upper90
4Dansko Wide Professional – Best Clogs for Bunions-Roomy toe box
-Anatomical shape
5Propet Men’s Cush’ N Foot Slip-On Slippers-Soft stretch upper92
6New Balance 857 – Athletic Shoes for Bunions-EVA foam midsole
-Comfort zone for bunions
7Propet Vista – Velcro Strap Shoes for Bunions-Medicare A5500 diabetic theraputic shoes93
8Best Hiking Shoes for Bunions – Keen Voyageur-Mesh side underlays
-Roomy toe box
9New Balance 1540V2 – Wide Running Shoes for Bunions-No-sew material
-Roomy Soft Toe Box
-ROLLBAR for Stability

Walking With Bunions

Any discomfort or injury can be prevented if the shoe is supported by an adequate arch, flexible sole and enough width. Walking with bunions on terrain or trails can be especially challenging exercise and cannot be completed if the shoes do not have a durable sole as it is needed to survive the terrain areas. If you suffer from Bunions, you should buy only shoes that can support and fix this problem.

Possible Causes of Bunions on Feet

Many shoe brands just have a habit of manufacturing shoes which are extremely tight.
Therefore, it leads to the following complications:

  • Lack of air and space in the shoe is a possible cause behind the development of bunions.
  • Not Proper toe spacing which is crucial for the correct development of the toes.
  • Long-term wearing narrow pointed-toe shoes, especially in childhood.Foot injury, especially on the big toe, can lead to the development of bunions.
  • Genetics can also play a role in the development of bunions.

Anatomy of a Good Shoe for Bunions

These are the general features you should look for when looking for a good shoe for feet with bunions:

  1. Types of Footwear: You should opt-in for Flip Flops, Wide Sandals, Elastic Shoes, and Soft Leather Shoes.
  2. Uppers: Make sure the shoe is well padded, and the material is Soft and can flex at the bunion area.
  3. Toe Box: Should be a wide width in order not to aggravate the bunion.
  4. Arch Support: Many shoes offer this type of technology, otherwise look for good insoles for arch support.
  5. Heels: A little heel with a firm counter to keep the back your feet from moving sideways.

Our Top List of Shoes for Bunions Reviews

Here is our list of the best shoes for bunions, pay attention to choose according to the type of activity:

1. Asics Neo 4 – Best Bunion Walking Shoes

Not only a great walking shoe for those who suffer from bunions, the Neo 4 won the first place a recent Consumer Report as the best walking shoe for men and women.
Click the Video below to see the report

  • This is a shoe that the manufacturer built specifically for helping people with bunions.
  • The shoe includes a medial-side bunion window for enhanced fit and comfort.
  • A great looking shoe available in black, lightening and black color combination.
  • This shoe comes loaded with technology.
  • It boasts of asymmetric lacing design, reflective detailing and Biomorphic Fit (trademarked).
  • Made up of synthetic material with rubber sole the shoe is rated very highly on account of its lightness and the comfort factor.

2. YogaToes Gems: Instant Therapeutic Relief For Your Feet

  • This little gadget fight Bunions, Hammer Toes, Claw Toes and ther unsightly foot problems!
  • Start slow. Begin wearing Gems for 10-15 minutes a day and build up gradually to an hour.
  • Gems might be uncomfortable at first. This most often means your feet really need them.
  • Gems fits between and beneath toes; gently spreading them apart and away from the balls of your feet.

3. Propet Men’s Pedwalker 15 Slip-On Dress Shoes for Bunions

  • If a person is looking for customization and comfort then these types of shoes are the best.
  • The designing includes a blend of neoprene and leather.
  • Customized fitting can be attained by adjusting the strap, which also includes a heel tongue and padded collar for providing immense comfort.
  • The sole of the shoe plays a major role in offering support and preventing the issue of foot fatigue.
  • It can be worn when faced with issues like swelling, bunions and edema. It also comes with a removable insole for customized orthotics.
  • Considering the features and price, this is one of the best shoes available in its range.

4. Dansko Wide Professional – Best Clogs for Bunions

  • This Clog includes wide variety of features such as airy toe box which greatly ease the pain from Bunions.
  • It has a stylish designing and an amazingly comfortable fitting.
  • Made of high-quality leather, non-allergic insole which helps in keeping the feet dry and moisture free.
  • It has a secured as well as stable heel cap, higher durability factor as the upper and the sole is only stapled rather stitched.
  • Reduced spillage and firm gripping due to the rubber sole along with Polyurethane and shock absorbent.
  • The padding is also soft and cushioned so that extreme comfort is offered to the one who wears it.
  • Your back and knees will thank you at the end of the day for wearing these shoes.

5. Propet Men’s Cush’ N Foot Slip-On Slippers

  • This shoe is famous for giving optimal cushion and fit.
  • The insole can be removed, and it has a large hook strap needed for a customized fitting.
  • It can be worn quickly in issues like bunions, hammertoes or swollen feet.
  • The outsole is quite durable and light in weight which makes it the best option for walking purposes, both outdoors and indoors.
  • It is indeed coded medically as a diabetic shoe.
  • It comes in two colors such as brown and black.
  • Utmost comfort can be expected from these shoes, and one can wear it even for longer walks.

6. New Balance 857 – Athletic Shoes for Bunions

  • This shoe is specifically designed with comfort zone for bunions on top of the ‘Seamless Phantom Liner’.
  • One not only feels comfortable due to the mesh lining, when using it for everyday walks but can also recover easily from foot bunions pain.
  • The shoes comes with EVA foam midsole which helps in giving the feet double cushioning and takes off the excessive pressure while walking or exercising.
  • Another important feature that it includes is being slip-resistant due to the presence of tractioned sole which is light in weight.
  • It is not only durable but also designed in a stylish way.

7. Propet Vista – Velcro Strap Shoes for Bunions

  • These shoes are designed in such a way that they offer immense support and reliefe to the bunions and to a sensitive feet.
  • The upper part is made with leather and is cushioned with two layers.
  • It comes with two straps that can be adjusted easily.
  • A secure and customized fit is what one can attain when buying these shoes.
  • This is also approved medically as the diabetic shoe.
  • It is manufactured keeping in mind the Medicare guidelines and the care-sensitive needs of the consumers.
  • Usage is quite easy as it inherits a hook & loop velcro strap along with durability and comfort.

8. Best Hiking Shoes for Bunions – Keen Voyageur

  • Rugged mid-height hiker shoe with mesh side underlays that gives greater comfort for bunion.
  • Midsole is a Dual-density compression molded EVA foam which gives great support.
  • Wide roomy toe box and a patented toe protection.
  • It is made from waterproof leather and breathable mesh upper keeping your feet fresh and dry.
  • These shoes are comfortable to wear out of the box and do not require any breaking in.

9. New Balance 1540V2 – Wide Running Shoes for Bunions

  • Many People who suffer from bunions found this shoe suitable and not aggravate the bunion.
  • Those with bunions should always prefer wider shoes and the “New Balance W1540V2” goes up to 4E for women and 6E for men.
  • Made from breathable materials with mesh panels and dual-density foam collar for extra comfort.
  • Firm arch and heel support system and a solid structure, this shoe is advisable for those with foot pain.

Tip: Best Way to Lace Up Shoes to Ease on Bunions

Here’s a great way to ease the pressure from your bunion.
In this image below you can see that for your right shoe, you should skip the top left lace hole to relieve the pressure on a bunion that you may have on your right feet.


By wearing the correct and well fitting footwear you can not only prevent Bunions from developing or becoming worse but also alleviate the pain caused by Bunions completely. A shoe with a roomy and soft or flexible toe box and comfortable footbed will provide you with ample comfort and support when you have Bunions. A Bunion that is not irritated or aggravated by pressure from an ill-fitting or improper shoe will not cause pain or become worse. By taking good care of your feet and wearing proper shoes that fit comfortably and provide ample support you can significantly reduce your risk of not only developing Bunions but also many other foot conditions.

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  1. Mukul bhatt says:

    My left feet is so wide then my right feet pls help me for shoes

  2. Zeena says:

    I have bunions on both my feet. I am fairly short. Please help me find a pair of walking shoes which can give me at least 4 inches in hight.

  3. Tes says:

    Mostly what I see is shoes for men…not women so much. I have right foot very large bunion, and possibly metatarsal…ball of right foot painful to walk much, can’t wear any of my shoes except one pair of keen sandals (ok for summer) can’t see a podiatrist till Oct !!! I need some suggestions please, I love to walk and hike, and can’t go on like this for long. Thanks

  4. Diane says:

    Hi, will be in country where it is very wet terrain, any suggestions for waterproof bunion friendly shoes? Thanks

  5. Diana says:

    Hi David – Any suggestions for boots or booties for bunions?

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