Most Comfortable Walking Shoes for Men and Women

A careless attitude in choosing comfy shoes is quite unfortunate, because choosing a comfortable pair of shoes, to walk in, is not just a question of how smooth your walk is, but also whether it is safe for your feet and back.
Although some of the most fashionable shoes are uncomfortable, there are quite a lot of other stylish shoes that are healthy.
Most Comfortable Walking Shoes - Feet Illustration Image

Uncomfortable Shoes Implications

The wrong pair of walking shoes is known to cause damage to the following parts:

  1. Toes
  2. Ball of Foot
  3. Heels
  4. Ankles
  5. Joints
  6. Achilles Tendon
  7. Shins
  8. Knees
  9. Hips
  10. Lower Back
Leg Parts

It is, therefore, imperative that you pay attention to the kind of walking shoes you are going to buy. Fortunately, some shoe brands – fit the bill admirably well.

You can find some of the most comfortable shoes reviewed below:

Comfortable Athletic Walking Shoes


Arch Support Walking Shoes

This shoe utilizes FluidFit upper technology; Combining a multi-directional-stretch-mesh and stretch-reinforcements to create a glove-like fit with extended width sizes up to 4E Wide.

  • This shoe uses GEL-Cushioning technology that reduces the shock during impact, allowing for a smooth transition throughout your stride.
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL-Cushioning system that provides excellent arch support.
  • Support for any type of foot pronation for people with Under Pronation to Neutral Pronation.
  • An Exoskeletal Heel Counter stabilizes the heel on impact.


Therapeutic Athletic Shoes

Orthofeet manufactures advanced therapeutic shoes equipped with the highest quality materials.

  • Lightweight and seamless construction for a more comfortable fit.
  • Heel support and a flexible, cushioned rubber sole with a rigid shank for best arch support.
  • Reinforced counter for the best stability and support.
  • Available in a triple width system with two removable spacer insoles to customize width.
  • Available in different patterns, colors, size and width.
  • The insole can be removed and replaced with your own prescribed orthotic insert.

Comfortable Casual Walking Shoes


Comfortable Walking Shoes

With a motto like “Finest Walking Shoes,” one can’t possibly go wrong with this brand.

  • These are highly priced shoes but well worth the investment.
  • Handcrafted to perfection; these are both comfortable and aesthetically designed.
  • Some of these walking shoes team up quite well with formal attire as well.
  • They are a tad expensive on account of their being handcrafted.


Fashionable Comfortable Sneakers

For those who value comfort and safety above everything else, there won’t be a better pair of walking shoes than ECCO.
ECCO’s official statement –

Conventional shoes fit across your feet at the toes, restricting the way your toes spread as you walk. ECCO’s Freedom Fit is different; it offers a roomy toe box and fits more narrowly from heel to instep, suitable for most widths. Toes spread naturally to support your weight and foster a more comfortable walking experience. Feet of nearly all widths feel right in ECCO, comfort straight from the box.

  • A unique designed shoes – so you won’t see any replicas similar to these shoes.
  • These shoes can be worn as formal shoes or casual ones with jeans.
  • Well worth their price, considering their quality and style.


Comfortable Casual Shoes

Rockport have a decent range of walking shoes for both men and women.

  • The best thing about these comfortable walking shoes is that they do not have the sneakers look, and can, therefore, be worn with both business and casual attire.
  • For those who prefer the sneakers look, there is a separate range available.
  • As walking shoes go, these are quite nicely styled and come in different designs and colors.
  • Many people left great reviews on this shoe with an emphasis on the level of comfort this shoe has.
  • The M1700 (men’s) and Rock on Air (women’s) models are quite popular at an affordable price.


Wide Width Comfortable Walking Shoes

A very well known and highly popular brand, this new balance walking shoe range is quite extensive.

  • You can get a decent pair of walking shoes with deep cushioning which is the base for a great comfortable feeling.
  • This shoe is one of our choices for the best walking shoes for wide feet.
  • Padded tongue and collar; all contribute to stability and a sense of security when walking.
  • This rugged looking shoe attracts quite a few stares in the show window on account of its attractive design.

Comfortable Dress Shoes


Orthopedic Comfort Wide Dress shoes

The Orthofeet Chelsea and Gramercy are orthopedic dress shoes that have a wider fit to accommodate various foot conditions including Plantar Fasciitis.

  • Anatomical arch support and gel Orthotic insoles with ergonomic cushioning to soften every step and provide stability and support.
  • A deeper toe box to accommodate Bunions and hammertoes for a more comfortable fit.
  • The non-binding relaxed fit protects pressure points and reduces friction.
  • A durable and slip resistant outsole providing excellent grip.
  • These shoes are more stylish and fashionable in look.
  • Have wide feet? – No problem! – You can choose from a wide width ranges – up to extra wide.


Most Comfortable Dress Shoes

These Merell shoes are imported and made of leather.

  • These shoes utilize M-Select MOVE for natural flex gait.
  • They come in various width sizes for a better fit to your feet.
  • Breathable lining via FRESH technology for a dry, odor-free foot.
  • High traction on all surfaces is achieved by an outsole with Merrell’s M-Select GRIP technology.

Comfortable Slip-On Shoes


Slip On Dress Shoes

These shoes successfully combine a classic look with exceptional comfort.

  • The Ortholite® footbed gives extra Cushioning and support for the feet.
  • The only drawback to these shoes is that they come in black or brown.
  • Breathable treated leather will keep your foot dry and fresh.
  • Their extended sizes and variety of widths make them great comfortable walking shoes.


Most Comfortable Clogs

These Dansko shoes are imported from Denmark and are made of premium leather.

  • These shoes utilize a high toe box for wiggle room.
  • These shoes have a removable EVA, and memory foam cushioned footbed insoles.
  • A leather sock liner provides added breathability and comfort.
  • Increased shock absorption and stability are provided by the Polyurethane midsole and metal shank.


Casual Comfort Shoes

    Comfortable Hiking & Trail Shoes


    Comfortable Shoes for Trail Walking and Hiking

    Walking shoes by Merrell are another hugely popular brand much liked for wearing comfort and reasonable price. At the same time, these are quite stylishly designed.

    Here is why we recommend these comfortable shoes:
    Here are Reviews for the Men’s Model and Here are Reviews for the Women’s Model
    • The brand’s popularity can be gauged by the fact that some die-hard Merrell fanatics will never be seen wearing any other brand of shoes.
    • These shoes were selected as the editor’s choice of the best trail walking shoes.
    • Soft leather and mesh upper for an amazing comfort snug for your feet.
    • Air-cushioned and durable Vibram outsole.
    • A large range of attractive designs, colors, and patterns to choose from as well.

    Summary Table of the Most Comfortable Shoes

    No.ShoeMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
    1Asics® - Arch Support Walking Shoes
    Nimbus 20
    Nimbus 20
    • FluidFit Technology
    • Gel Cushioning
    • Wider Widths
    2Orthofeet® - Therapeutic Athletic Shoes
    • Seamless construction, Customizable Width
    3Mephisto® - Comfortable Walking Shoes
    • Hand Crafted
    • Comfort Insole
    4ECCO® - Fashionable Comfortable Sneakers
    Collin Nautical
    • Freedom Fit
    • Heel Instep
    5Rockport® - Comfortable Casual Shoes
    Pro Walker
    Rock on Air
    • Color Options
    • Comfortable Fit
    6New Balance® - Wide Width Comfortable Walking Shoes
    • Cushioned
    • Padded Tongue and Collar
    New Balance94
    7Orthofeet® - Orthopedic Comfort Wide Dress shoes
    • Wider Fit
    • Arch Support
    • Non-Binding Design
    8Merrell® - Most Comfortable Dress Shoes
    • M-Select MOVE
    • Breathable
    9Clarks® - Slip On Dress Shoes
    Unstructured Un.Seal
    • Ortholite Footbed
    • Breathable
    10Dansko® - Most Comfortable Clogs
    Pro XP
    Pro XP
    • EVA Footbed
    • Cushioned Insole
    • Leather Sockliner
    11Mephisto® - Casual Comfort Shoes
    • lightweight
    • Breathable
    12Merrell® - Comfortable Shoes for Trail Walking and Hiking
    Moab 2
    Moab 2
    • Durable
    • Comfortable
    • Vibram Outsole
    • Air Cushion

    So What is the Most Comfortable Walking Shoe

    As you can see from our list, a comfortable shoe combines lightweight and breathable construction with features such as a padded or cushioned footbed, padded tongue, and collar as well as a shock absorbent, durable outsole and comfortable and well-fitting uppers. The level of comfort you require usually depends on your foot type and personal prerequisites.

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