Best Shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome can cause pain and swelling and, in some cases, numbness in the feet, along with cramps and weakness in the ankles.

For this reason, comfortable and protective footwear that supports and alleviates the symptoms of this condition is necessary and, luckily, widely available.

How Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Affects Your Feet

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is a compression neuropathy and a painful foot condition that occurs because the Tibial Nerve Becomes compressed as it travels through the tarsal tunnel, which is in the inner leg behind the bump of the ankle on the inside.

Many patients with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome complain of numbness in the toes, tingling at the base of the foot and pain and burning sensations in the heel and foot.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome can likewise cause;

  • Swelling in the feet and ankles.
  • Burning, pain, tingling, and numb sensations in the feet and lower legs.
  • Electric shock sensations.
  • Hot and cold sensations in the legs and feet.
  • Burning sensations in the bottom of the feet.
  • Pins and needles.
  • A feeling as if there were no padding underneath the foot.

Choosing the Right Shoes fr Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Consider these characteristics and features before choosing your next pair of shoes when you have Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome;

  • Weight – Choose a shoe that is lightweight and easy to walk with.
  • Fit – Make sure that the length and width of the shoe fit your foot perfectly and look for a toe area in which you can easily spread out your toes.
  • Support – A stability shank, or motion control features, along with excellent arch support or a contoured and supportive footbed will support and align your feet for more comfort and stability.
  • Oustoles – Aside from offering excellent stability and shock absorption, they should also provide excellent TRACTION to prevent friction.
  • Insoles – The Footbed or insole should provide good arch and heel support and some cushioning.
  • Comfort and Ease of Use – Choose shoes that are comfortable and easy to put on and take off, and that can be adjusted to the get the perfect fit.

Features of a Good Shoe for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Good stability and motion control feature such as a TPU shank, firm outsole, contoured footbed or deeper heel cup.
  • Allows for the use of your orthotics, with extra depth design or removable footbed.
  • The roomy and wide toe box, and non-binding seam-free interior.
  • Comfortable and pliable fit.
  • Breathable design.
  • Durable and shock-absorbing rubber outsole and foam midsole.

Reviews: The Best Shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Here are some excellent options in shoes that you can choose from if you have Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome;


Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Running Shoe

The Gel-Venture 6 from Asics is an excellent choice in walking and running shoes for people who have Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Synthetic leather and mesh uppers are lightweight and breathable.
  • Rearfoot Gel cushioning that attenuates shock during impact stages.
  • A removable comfort and moisture-wicking sock liner.
  • The outsole is Trail specific for outdoor running and walking as well as made from AHAR high abrasion-resistant rubber.
  • Available in a few color selections for you to choose from.


Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Sneaker

These two athletic shoe models from Propet are likewise highly sought after for their excellent support and comfort features, particularly in conditions such as Tarsal Tunnel syndrome.
  • Fashionable and colorful design sare available to select from.
  • The uppers are made from lightweight and breathable synthetic materials.
  • The Sole is flexible yet still offers excellent stability.
  • This shoe is also available in broader width options.
  • There is a durable rubber outsole, as well as a cushioned insole and midsole for comfort and shock absorbency.


Loafers for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

The Nantucket from Cole Haan is a comfortable and casual easy-wearing slip-on loafer.
  • Leather or canvas uppers available in a few color selections.
  • Loafer design that is easy to slip on and off.
  • The outsole is thick and shock absorbing made from durable and slip-resistant rubber.
  • A cushioned footbed and a moisture-wicking sock liner for comfort.


Running Shoe for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

The Gel-Nimbus 22 is another top favorite in running shoes and also makes the ideal running and walking shoe f you have Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • The upper consists of soft and flexible mesh and synthetic materials that are breathable and lightweight.
  • There are a Gel forefoot and rearfoot cushioning system, to attenuate shock on impact.
  • The Trusstic Guidance system ensures better gait efficiency and movement.
  • A Guidance Line midsole technology and vertical flex grooves for better stability and motion.
  • It also features the Asics AHAR high abrasion-resistant rubber outsole, which ensures excellent traction.


Wedge Sandal for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

From Dr. Scholls Orthopedic comfort range, we have the Sheena sandal for the ladies and the harris sandal for the gents.
  • The uppers straps are made from genuine leather with a moisture-wicking and padded neoprene lining, the straps in the Sheena are not padded, however.
  • The Harris features an adjustable hook and loop straps while the straps in the Sheena are stretchable.
  • Both sandal feature anatomical cushioned footbeds and comfort insole technology.
  • The Flexible and durable lug outsole offers excellent traction and slips resistance.
  • Some color selecetions are available for your perusal.


Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Fisherman’s Sandals

These are two Comfortable and protective Orthopedic Fisherman sandals, which also deem the ideal casual summer shoes for individuals with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • The Fisherman’s style uppers are made from soft and comfortable genuine leather, and the closed design protects your feet while the open slits allow for cooling ventilation.
  • Each model comes with a Gel plus insole for comfort and cushioning.
  • These shoes have availability in a variety of sizes and width options.
  • Extra roomy and depth design allows you the use of your won orthotic devices.
  • This shoe is perfect for Plantar Fasciitis, Diabetes, sesamoiditis, and Tarsal Tunnel syndrome.


Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Dress Shoe

As Dress shoes, I have Chosen the Maya with its low BioHeel that is supportive and yet sophisticated in a dress shoe, alongside the Broadway, which is a stylish gents dress shoe.
  • Both feature leather uppers, and the Maya has a decorative Rose.
  • The Maya is a slip-on court shoe with a medium heel with BioHeel technology designed for better comfort and stability.
  • Both shoes have a roomy toe box and extra depth design along with availability in wider width options.
  • A comfortable air-cushioned, anatomical arch support and ergonomic sole with a durable rubber outsole.
  • Seamless and non-binding design to accommodate all foot conditions.

Index Table: Top Rated Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Shoes

No.ShoeMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
1Asics® - Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Running Shoe Gel Venture 7 Gel Venture 7
  • Removable Sockliner
  • Gel Cushioning
  • AHAR Outsole
2Propet® - Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Sneaker TravelFit TravelActiv
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Cushioned
  • Wider Widths
3Cole Haan® - Loafers for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Nantucket Nantucket
  • Lined
  • Cushioned
  • Shock Absorbing
Cole Haan96
4Asics® - Running Shoe for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Gel Nimbus 22 Gel Nimbus 22
  • Gel Cushioning
  • AHAR Outsole
  • Trustuc Guidance System
  • FlyteFoam Technology
5Dr. Scholls® - Wedge Sandal for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Harris
  • Adjustable Ankle Strap
  • Wedge Sole
  • Perforated
Dr. Scholls97
6Dr. Comfort® - Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Fisherman’s Sandals Fisherman’s Breeze
  • Gel Insole
  • Wider Width
Dr. Comfort97
7Orthofeet® - Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Dress Shoe Broadway Maya
  • Extra depth
  • Non-Binding
  • Removable Cushioned Footbed
  • Orthopedic Design

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