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Covering the most popular brands of walking, running, casual, hiking and dress shoes.
This is our top list of shoes from each brand in the list below:

The Best Brooks® Walking Shoes

Brooks Walking Shoes Logo

Walking is becoming a much more popular activity amongst many people. There are many specialized walking shoes available on the market today, but one of the top-rated brands are the Brooks Walking shoe range....

Mephisto® Shoes Review

Best Mephisto Walking Shoes Image

The Mephisto shoe company was founded in 1965 with only one thing in mind: To Produce the Most Comfortable Shoes in the World. True to their intention, millions of people have found comfort in...

Propet Walking Shoes

Propet Walking Shoes

Propet Walking Shoes are made for comfort and maximum support and shock absorption. Propet shoes are suitable for people who suffer from many different foot conditions as well as diabetics and those who have...