Top 20 Best Shoes for Wide Feet for Men and Women

Most of the current shoe manufacturers produce very narrow-width shoes that do not fit the average person’s feet.

What bothers me the most is that most of the people I know, do not even bother to look and search for a wider shoe, they just pick whatever is on display and ask the seller at the store to try the shoe model that they have seen.

Why do your Feet Grow Wider and Bigger

Have you ever wondered why you need bigger and wider shoes as you grow older, this is a phenomenon puzzling quite a few people today? Almost all of us will eventually need either a bigger or a wider shoe as we get older because our feet most definitely grow at some stage of our life as we age.
The explanation for this is that as we get older, our feet slowly flatten out over time, as the feet flatten, so the arch lengthens, and your foot becomes longer; in addition to this, your foot also splays out and becomes much wider than normal.
Since your feet are becoming larger and wider, you will need to opt for a larger and wider fit shoe at some stage of your life.

Other Reasons Besides Aging for Larger and Wider Feet;

  • Weight Gain – Carrying extra weight causes the arch of your foot to flatten and excess fat around your feet, which causes your feet to become larger and wider.
  • Pregnancy – During pregnancy, there are hormones called relaxin that relax the ligaments of the birth canal for birth and, in turn, also relax the ligaments in the rest of your body and feet. Because your feet are carrying so much extra weight during pregnancy due to the normal weight gain, the arches often collapse, causing a flat foot that can lengthen and widen.

How to Limit Your feet from Growing More

You may never be able to completely stop your feet from growing bigger or wider, although there are methods to slow the progression and combat flattening of the foot that can also result in a wider and larger foot.

  • By using supportive arch shoes or additional arch supports, you can stop flattening your foot and slow down the splay, leading your feet to become wider. You will have to look for a shoe with arch support that conforms very closely to the arch of your foot; the closer it grabs your arch, the more effective the results will be.
  • When you are not wearing your regular everyday footwear or work shoes, wear arch supportive slippers or sandals for leisurewear. Arch support is imperative if you walk or stand on hard surfaces such as hardwood floors or concrete floors. Any shoe with good arch support, leather sandal, or slipper will prevent the flattening and splaying of your feet, leading to a wider or larger foot. The key to avoiding your arches from collapsing is to wear arch supports or arch supportive footwear as much as you possibly can.
  • Prefabricated orthotics, as well as custom orthotics that comfort closer to the arch of the foot, can also stop your feet from flattening and growing wider. A total contact orthotic that hugs the arch of your foot very closely will have the best results in the end.
  • Shoes that are stable and do not flex too much provide better support to prevent flattening of the foot, leading to the foot growing larger and wider.
  • make sure always to know the exact size of your foot before buying shoes because as your feet grow, so you will need bigger shoes; an uncomfortable, ill-fitting shoe that is too small can have even worse effects on your feet.
  • If you are overweight, losing a couple of pounds will most definitely also reduce the size, particularly your feet’ width. Having less weight on your feet will also prevent your arches from collapsing and your foot from flattening.

Issues Related to Narrow Shoes

Narrow shoes lead to not only discomfort but, every so often, damage to your foot.
By squeezing mainly the front of your feet, over time, it deforms your feet, leading to weakening of the foot bones strength due to the lack of pressure spread over the bottom of the foot.

A squeezed foot in it turns, create lower back problems.
When you don’t fully land on your foot, you shift the center of gravity of your body; your lower back tries to compensate and twist inwards; over time, your backbone structure changes, and pain starts to emerge at your lower back.

Narrow-width shoes are a bad choice for people with diabetes problems, problems with foot swelling, bunions, deformed toes, hammertoes, and Morton’s neuroma.

How to Find the Best Wide Width Shoes

Are you buying bigger shoe sizes because your feet hurt, and do they still hurt even with a bigger sized shoe? When there is pressure on your big toe or small toe or the sides of your feet hurt, you may need footwear in a wider fit and not necessarily a bigger size.
It is not that easy finding a shoe that fits well in a wider width, but you should never give in buy shoes hoping that they will stretch and become wider with time, as they will only end up hurting your feet more in the end.
There are many shoes available in wider widths today; it may take some searching and browsing, but you will soon find that the options in wide-width sizes are quite vast.
Your shoe width options range from narrow to medium to wide and extra-wide widths.

More About Shoes for Wide Feet

Choosing the best walking shoes for wide feet is crucial if you have problems with your feet, which can be caused by wearing narrow shoes when you should not be.

If you wear narrow shoes that are too tight for your feet, you are putting yourself at an unnecessary risk for health issues with your feet that could create quite a problem in the future, mainly toe deformities.

Foot Conditions Caused by Wearing Shoes that are Too Narrow

  • Corns – Corns are a type of foot callus that develops from tight shoes. This happens when tight shoes are constantly putting pressure on the skin and are found between the toes more often than when the toe rubs together from shoes being too tight on foot.
  • Bunions – Bunions are an enlargement of the tissue or the bone around the joints for your big toes’ base. Once a bunion has begun to grow over time, it will turn the big-toe inwards to the second toe. It causes pain and swelling and results from wearing shoes that are too tight for your feet. They also come from genetic factors and can increase your risk of developing them, but they typically occur due to wearing tight shoes. So if you are suffering from bunions, check out these best walking shoes for bunions.
  • Hammer Toe – Hammer Toe occurs when a toe begins to curl instead of laying flat because the middle joint of that toe begins to bend upwards from rubbing against the surface of the shoe. This will cause pain and the muscles attached to weaken if the foot should stay in this position abnormally. Corn may also develop on the top of the bending toe, which adds to the pain and discomfort.
  • Ingrown Toenail – An ingrown will occur when the big toenail is cut too short near the top and will be aggravated further by putting your foot in a shoe which is too small. This causes the nail to become pressured against your second toe and results in abnormal pressure for the nail, and will bring pain and inflammation to the nail and the toe itself.
  • Crossover Toe – Crossover toe occurs when all of the toes have been cramped into the toe area of the too-small shoe. The constant pressure will cause the third or second toe to cross over the next one.

Wearing shoes that are too narrow when you have a wide foot can cause many issues and painful foot conditions and deformities that may become serious and permanent with time.
Take care of your feet, making sure always to wear footwear that fits comfortably, and that is the correct size in length and width.
Shoes that are flexible and made from soft, breathable materials with a wider toe box are also an excellent choice for a wide foot.
If you enjoy walking, it is also important to opt for a shoe that provides cushioned support and good shock absorption. The type of stability, motion control, and support that your walking shoe should provide will depend largely on your foot type and pronation type, whether you are an over, under, or neutral pronator.
A shoe providing adequate support and comfort in a good fit for your required width should provide you with the best comfort and performance.

Features of a Good Wide Width Shoe

  • Fit – Fits comfortably, no squeezing and ample to room also not loose fitting causing chafing and blisters.
  • Toe Box – A wider toe box and soft or flexible uppers.
  • Quality – Durable and high quality construction.
  • Comfort – Other comfort features such as a supportive and cushioned insole and moisture wicking or breathability charactaristics.
  • Outsole – A durable and reliable utsole that will provide good grip.

Standard Shoes Width Chart

Each shoe brand or manufacturer has its own width sizes, and there is no standard for it; this table is from Amazon – and they try to clear up this problem between all the different widths of the shoe brands.
Please check the specific table for each shoe as sizes might change.


Remember this when you choose for shoe size, you will need to choose your size and pick up the width – usually marked with the symbol “2E” and up to “6E” as described in the chart above.

Wide-width shoes look just as nice on the leg as the narrower ones, and there are many modern models to choose from.
Let’s check the top wide-width shoes for men and women, given below:

Running Shoes for Wide Feet


Normal Arch and Wide Feet Running Shoes

A fantastic running and walking shoe for the wider foot, the Asics Cumulus provides comfort and support where you need it the most.
  • These sneakers run from Narrow and up to 4E (Extra Wide) for Men and C/D (Wide) for Women – so make sure to order the correct width.
  • These shoes utilize the Impact Guidance System (I.G.S), enhancing the foot’s natural gait from heel-strike to toe-off.
  • Gel cushioning in the rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning absorb shocks.
  • In conjunction with the Guidance Trusstic Systems, the Seamless Construction enhanced the gait efficiency while providing midfoot structural integrity.


Flat Feet and Wide Width Running Shoes

New Balance offers some of the best walking and running shoes available; the 1540V3 is no exception and is also available in wider widths.
  • These shoes are known for their extra width – up to 6E – the widest possible.
  • Symmetrical ROLLBAR technology for ultimate lateral and medial rear foot stability.
  • Lightweight upper constructed with mesh for breathability.
  • Synthetic compliment for stability and structure.
  • They will provide extra support for all your activities.
  • Dual-density collar foam adds a great feel, while traditional lacing closure allows a precise fit.
  • A wider sole provides a more stable base and motion control.
  • This shoe comes with mesh sides to support people who suffer from bunions.
  • This shoe is good for running, walking, and long-standing.
  • This shoe is the 2nd generation, and it is much better than the previous excellent version.

Walking Shoes for Wide Feet


Wide Walking Shoes

The Vionic with orthaheel is a very comfortable and supportive walking shoe for the wider foot that needs that extra bit of cushioning.
  • These wide-width shoes by Vionic have orthopedic supportive technology with excellent quality.
  • They are desirable to many people who look for accommodation and protection since their excellent design can provide all this.
  • As a part of them, you’ll receive the well-known Podiatrist-designed, biomechanical orthotic insole, which will provide extra support.
  • Depending on your preferences, you can choose them in three colors, black, gray/orange, or white/blue.


Wide Feet Walking Shoes

New Balance is another comfortable wide-width walking shoe, the 928, with rollbar technology and high shock absorbency.
  • The New Balance 928 is a great choice for people with wide feet.
  • This is the second version of this prevalent model.
  • The Compression Ethyl Vinyl Acetate(EVA) foam midsole provides cushioning and a high shock absorbent.
  • It is made up of high-quality full-grain leather for the best comfort, and also it will feel soft on your feet.
  • Utilizing Walking Strike Path and ROLLBAR® technologies, resulting in superior stability.
  • If you are looking for a comfortable walking shoe, you should try it.

Dress Shoes for Wide Feet


Best Dress Shoes for Wide Feet

Stunning dress shoes that are soft and breathable with extended sizes available for every foot type and size.
  • These shoes are classic and one of the most comfortable walking shoes.
  • The Ortholite® footbed provides cushioning and support for the feet
  • Choose the black or the brown one and enjoy your walking.
  • Made from soft, breathable leather keeping your toes and feet well ventilated.
  • Their extended sizes, wide widths, and handsome style will be a perfect match for all those looking for classic wide-width shoes.


Wide Walking Shoe for Men and Women

These are attractive and flexible walking shoes with Strobel technology and wider widths.
  • Great choice of wide-width shoes for your foot; they will offer comfort during long walks.
  • These good-looking wide shoes come in five colors: black, Brown, Chocolate, Chocolate Nubuck, and Tan.
  • They are flexible, providing amazing stability while walking.
  • Strobel technology provides forefoot flexibility.
  • With a Latex foam footbed and a Breathable mesh lining, your feet will be grateful.


Extra Depth Wide Width Shoe

A therapeutic and extra depth comfortable wide width shoe, Dr. Comfort’s shoe is an excellent walking shoe.
  • These wide-width shoes are stretchable shoes of excellent quality.
  • These Shoes have an excellent orthopedic design and have soft buttery leather, making them very comfortable.
  • Depending on your foot width, you can choose the highest width available for up to 4E.
  • These shoes give great accommodation and protection, as they are engineered from the ground to provide comfort for the most sensitive foot – a diabetic foot.
  • They are Therapeutic shoes with extra depth and can accommodate a huge foot.
  • As a part of them, you’ll receive the well-known Gel Insoles who will provide extra support.


Extra Depth Shoe Up to 9E Width

The Apis Orthopedic extra depth shoe is perfect for a wider foot and feet with medical conditions or deformities such as Bunions, hammertoes, or corn.
  • These are Orthopedic shoes that have extra depth and extra width – up to 9E.
  • These are excellent choice for people that are looking for diabetics shoes including charcot foot.
  • These are very comfortable shoes, made from soft Napa-Leather at the uppers with seamless lining to decrease friction.
  • Padded collar and velcro ensure to fit these shoes comfortably around your foot with no pressure.

Casual Shoes for Wide Feet


Wide Work Clogs

The Dansko Pro is a wide-width Clog with a large toe box for wiggle room and a cushioned comfort footbed.
  • Dansko shoes are manufactured in Denmark and are made of premium leather.
  • This shoe utilizes a high and wide toe box so you can wiggle your toes freely.
  • EVA and memory foam cushioned footbed insoles can be removed if you want to fit your own orthotics.
  • A leather sock liner for extra comfort.
  • The Polyurethane midsole provides shock absorption.


Wide Width Walking Shoes

The New Balance 1300 is a comfortable and supportive wide-width walking shoe for everyday use.
  • Many Width sizes to choose from: medium and up to extra-wide (XW); in all sizes.
  • Supportive stability web in the midfoot.
  • C-CAP compression-molded EVA midsole for flexible cushioning.
  • Padded tongue and collar contribute to stability and a sense of security when walking.
  • This shoe is one of the best walking shoes for travel.
  • Thanks to its “ABZORB” shock-absorbing cushioning technology, they provide exceptional cushioning and durability.
  • Thanks to this shoe, you will feel great stability, and you won’t be afraid that your feet will be sore after a long walk.

Accessories for Wide Feet


Professional 2-Way Shoe Stretcher

It is a premium professional shoe stretcher for the length & width of the shoe.
  • You can use this Single Stretcher for the right & left shoes.
  • Made from a polished German harvested sturdy beech wood.
  • Includes 3 Bunion/Corn Plugs and 14 Holes for customizable stretch points.
  • Includes complete step-by-step shoe stretching guide.

Summary Table of Wide Width Shoes

No.ShoeMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
1Asics® - Normal Arch and Wide Feet Running Shoes Cumulus 24 Cumulus 24
  • Extra Wide Widths
  • gel Cushioning
  • Impact Guidance System
2New Balance® - Flat Feet and Wide Width Running Shoes M1540v3 W1540v3
  • Rollbar
  • Lightweight
  • Extra Wide Widths
New Balance96
3Vionic® - Wide Walking Shoes Walker Walker
  • Orthotic Footbed
  • Orthaheel Technology
  • Arch Support
  • Cushioned
  • Wider Widths
4New Balance® - Wide Feet Walking Shoes MW928v3 WW928v3
  • EVA Foam Midsole
  • Shock Absorbent
  • Rollbar
New Balance95
5Clarks® - Best Dress Shoes for Wide Feet Unstructured Un.Bend Wendy
  • Cushioned
  • Breathable
6Rockport® - Wide Walking Shoe for Men and Women World Tour True Stride
  • Strobel Technology
  • Foam Footbed
7Dr. Comfort® - Extra Depth Wide Width Shoe Stallion Annie
  • Orthopedic Design
  • Flexible
  • Gel Insole
Dr. Comfort95
8Apis Mt.® - Extra Depth Shoe Up to 9E Width Emey Emey
  • Velcro Closure
  • Orthopedic
Apis Mt.95
9Dansko® - Wide Work Clogs Pro Pro
  • Cushioned
  • EVA Footbed
10New Balance® - Wide Width Walking Shoes MW1300v1 WW1300v1
  • EVA Midsole
  • Cushioned
  • Flexible
  • Many Widths Available
New Balance96
11FootFitter® - Professional 2-Way Shoe Stretcher Beech Wood Beech Wood
  • Stretch Points
  • Premium Quality

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