Best Shoes with Red Soles

There is nothing as provocative and enticing as a pair of red-soled heels or dress shoes on a man or woman. These boast style, elegance, and sophistication in the highest class.

Besides the stylish red-soled dress shoe, for anyone that is a fan of the color red and likes to let it loose. These boast style and range of casual red-soled shoes and sneakers available, even athletic and training shoes with the much sought after RED SOLE!

Red Soled Shoes

The French-designed Christian Louboutin is the first to introduce the challenging and sensual red-soled dress shoe, for the ultimate in sex appeal. He said that he chose the color red because it is an engaging, memorable, and flirtatious color of passion, that also carries connotations of wealth and power.

There is a very potent symbolism to the color red, and it remains very attractive and sought after color amongst many shoe and clothing designers. In Western society, red long served as a sigh of ferocity and power worn by many soldiers, monarchs, and even the Romans. Red also signified privilege, as red dyes were very expensive and rear in the past.

One very particular mark of class and elegance among women was the red-heeled shoe that became popular in the 1600s; these shoes did not only have a red heel but a red sole as well.

The red Soled shoe came a very long way from there, and today is a much sought after and popular fashion item that can be found in a variety of heels, dress shoes, sandals, and even casual shoes and sneakers.

different Types of Red Sole Shoes Available

  • High Heels and Formal
  • Low Heels and Semi-Formal
  • Casual Style
  • Sneakers
  • Running and Training Shoes
  • What Colors To Wear with Red Sole Shoes
  • Formal velvet Slippers

Features of a Good Shoe With Red Soles

  • A red sole from rubber, suede or synthetic.
  • Dress or casual shoe style.
  • Comfortable padded insole and smooth upper linings.
  • Leather, suede, or synthetic upper design.
  • Durable and high quality.

Reviews: The Best Shoes With Red Soles

Some stylish and fashionable shoes all with the much desired Red Sole;


Red Sole Casual Sneakers

From Puma, we have their classic design sneaker with a thick rubber outsole in a red color and suede leather uppers that also boast the same red color as the sole.
  • 100% durable and genuine soft suede uppers in a red color option.
  • The rubber outsole has a patterned design for slip-resistant.
  • The entire shoe and sole are red in color.
  • Also available in Gold, Blue, and Taffy color uppers and sole solids.


Red Sole High heel Dress Shoes

Here are two different brands and models in dress shoes with a bit of a twist. Both these shoes feature patent leather uppers with a spike decorative design. JustYourStyle
  • Patent lether uppers with spikes in the same color as the leather.
  • Available in a Gold, Red, or Black color option for you to choose from.
  • Easy slip-on design with a smooth moisture-wicking interior leather lining.
  • An elegant Andrich formal style for the daring at heart.
Jui Du
  • A classic stiletto-heeled dress shoe for the ladies with a red patent leather upper design and red sole.
  • Ideal for all formal occasions.
  • Features studded details as a decoration on the uppers for a bold statement.
  • This shoe is available in many bright and bold color variations, all with the stud details.


Red Sole Athletic Shoes

These are two athletic shoe brands that have a stylish and fashionable design, with breathable uppers and a red sole. Domirica Sports
  • Breathable and lightweight textile and synthetic uppers.
  • A streamlined design that is eyecatching and fashionable.
  • Anti-Slip rubber outsole.
  • Great to use as a casual, running, and walking shoe.
  • Available in a few other bright color variations with the sole in similar colors.
Joomra Atletic
  • The Joomra athletic shoe is available in the red and bold pink color, as well as different neutral shades and whites.
  • Newly developed 3D woven uppers with an intricate grid pattern, that moves with your feet.
  • Breathable and very lightweight.
  • A comfortable and high traction red outsole and cushioned insole.
  • Available in red and Pink, as well as other neutral and white color options.


Red Sole Running Shoes

Want to enjoy your run in something a bit more extravagant, well you can enjoy the red soles on these two highly supportive and comfortable running shoes from Andyy and Rumpra. Andyy Mesh fabric uppers that are knit for lightweight breathability and finely stitched for durability. Athletic style shoe with an air cushioned insole, for shock absorbency and comfort. Ergonomic design that flexes easily for a more adaptive fit and easy movement. A durable and high traction RED rubber outsole. Very high performance and lightweight athletic and training shoes. Available in four color variations to choose from.
    Rumpra The Rumpra features breathable and fashionable flyknit uppers with a comfortable Vamp. A cushioned insole for comfort and smooth interior linings. The thick rubber outsole offers good slip resistance and traction and is likewise RED in color. The perfect athletic and training shoe that is lightweight and will ensure exceptional performance.


      Red Sole Dress Shoes

      For those formal occasions, parties, and times you need to dress up to the max, these are two exquisite styles in dress shoes that will surely leave jaws dropping. CMM Luxury Penny
      • A slip on slipper style formal mens dress shoe.
      • Soft suede leather uppers with matching decorative gold pendants in a very eye-catching design.
      • A low block heel for sophistication and a durable RED rubber outsole.
      • There is added cushioning in the heel and a comfortable inner lining and insole.
      • these will make an ideal shoe for a night out at a fancy restaurant, a special dinner date, or any other formal occasion.
      OnlyMaker Peep toe
      • A patent leather peep toe sandal.
      • Extra high stiletto heel and a Red outsole.
      • Stunning dress style shoe.
      • Available in many solid as well as two-tone color variations to choose from.
      • Ideal for occasions such as formal functions, weddings, and parties, as well as a night out in town or for a fancy dinner date.

      Index Table: Top Rated Red Sole Shoes

      No.ShoeMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
      1Puma® - Red Sole Casual Sneakers Classic Classic
      • Color Options
      • Sude Leather Uppers
      • Rubber Outsole
      2JustYourStyle® - Red Sole High heel Dress Shoes Party Shoes Studded
      • Slip On
      • Sophisticated Design
      • Formal Wearing
      3Domirica® - Red Sole Athletic Shoes Sport Athletic
      • Breathable
      • Rubber Outsole
      • Athletic Style
      4Andyy® - Red Sole Running Shoes Air Cushioned air Cushioned
      • Ergonomic Design
      • Breathable
      • Air Cushioning
      5CMM® - Red Sole Dress Shoes Luxury Penny Peep Toe
      • High Heel
      • Elegant Desigh
      • Formal Wear

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