Best Shoes for Tai Chi

So you have decided to start the practice of Thai Chi for your health, or whichever benefit you prefer. And unfortunately, no you cannot wear your athletic shoes, and yes you will need specialized Tai Chi shoes if you want to advance in this practice.

With the practice of Tai Chi, your feet are rotating very frequently which means there will be strain on your knees if your shoes drag. Therefore you need a lightweight shoe with a rubber or soft and flexible sole.

What is Tai Chi and How Does it Work

Tai Chi is a mind and body health and well being practice which involves many slow and flowing movements and exercises. Which combine meditation, movement, and rhythmic breathing.

Tai Chi is initially developed as a martial arts practice for meditation, to help stimulate the flow of vital energy known as “Chi” and in turn heal a variety of health conditions, both mental and physical.

Today Tai Chi is a practice used by many to improve and heal mental and physical conditions, as well as enhance your overall health and well being. Tai Chi helps to improve your posture, flexibility and strength, and in addition is great to boost your mood and alleviate pain, as well as strengthen your immune system.

Benefits of Tai Chi

As we have mentioned Tai Chi is a great practice to improve physical health such as strength, flexibility, and your hearts condition, as well as for mental stability, mood enhancing and pain alleviation.

Below are some of the main benefits that you can look forward to in practicing the art of Tai Chi;

  • Cognitive Functioning – Tai Chi improves the cognitive function especially in adults and individuals with impaired congnitave abilities.

  • Balance – Tai Chi greatly improves your balance and helps to prevent falls in adults and older individuals.

  • Flexibility and Strength – You will see a dramatic improvement in your overall strength and flexibility with the practice of Tai Chi.

  • Heart and Immune System – Tai Chi in general is a good exercise to improve the condition and strength of your heart, and aids in enhancing and strengthening your immune system.

  • Mental Health – Tai Chi is extremely beneficial for your mental health and well being, and can help to alleviate stress and depression, as well as improve your mood and overall mental and cognitive abilities.

  • Other Conditions – Tai Chi can help speed up the healing and improve conditions such as cardiac heart failure, back pain, and other painful areas, and likewise mental conditions and stress.

Features of a Good Shoes for Tai Chi

Overall there are three specific shoe types to use for Tai Chi Practice;

  • Tai Chi Slippers – The Basic Tai Chi Cloth Slipper is made completely out of cotton or fabric with a soft sole and has an elastic entrance and heel for a comfortable fit.

  • The Hybrid Slipper – the Tai Chi Hybrid slipper is similar to the general slipper with the only difference being that it has a rubber sole. The uppers are still made from soft cotton or fabric with an elasticized entrance, though the outsole consists of a very flexible rubber.

  • Tai Chi Athletic Shoe – The Tai Chi Atletic Shoe usually has a low profile, and is an athletic styled sneaker with canvas or material uppers and a flexible rubber outsole, along with a lace up or Velcro strap closure, rather than the slip on slipper design.

Reviews: The Best Shoes for Tai Chi

Here are our top shoe brands for Tai Chi Practice;


Hybrid Shoes for Tai Chi

The DoGeek Peking is a slip on Hybrid Tai Chi Slipper with an elasticized and gore entrance as well as a durable rubber outsole and comfortable cotton lining. This shoe is designed to be worn by both men and women for Tai Chi, Martial arts and King Fu practice.

  • A durable and flexible rubber sole.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Canvas top and anti-slip outsole design.
  • Lightweight, breathable and very comfortable.
  • Wider toe space area and a moderate width at the opening.


Tai Chi Athletic Shoes

A sleek and elegant looking Athletic Style Tai Chi Shoe with a lace up feature for a secure fit, smooth leather uppers and a very flexible rubber outsole.
The perfect athletic style Tai Chi Shoe for Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Martial Arts, and similar sports and practices.

  • Fashionable design for men and women.
  • Maximum traction outsole with a high traction design.
  • Comfortable leather and a flexible rubber outsole.
  • Available in a red, black or white color design.


Shoes for Tai Chi

From Scurtain we have the very lightweight and soft flexible Tai Chi Shoes that feature a soft leather sole, and breathable cotton canvas uppers. This is the original style and general model when it comes to martial arts and Tai Chis shoes, worn by all your professionals, although only for indoor practice.

  • High quality canvas Vamp uppers with soft linings and lightweight design.
  • An elastic strap at the instep for an easy and comfortable fit.
  • Slip on design available in various sizes for men, women, and children.
  • A soft Leather sole, For indoor use only.
  • Available in a black, red, or white color option.


Atletic Slip On Shoes for Tai Chi

From a very well known and trusted brand, Adidas we have the SM model, which is a Karate, Kung Fu and taekwondo athletic Shoe that is also ideal for Tai Chi. This is a slip on one lace shoe that is available in sizes for men and women, as well as a black striped white option or a white striped black color option with the original Adidas logo.

  • Very lightweight and durable for casual wear and heavy workouts.
  • Extra light and soft leather uppers with a smooth interior.
  • Single lace design top
  • Available in a white color with back stripes, or black with white stripes.


Hybrid Shoes for Tai Chi

A traditional Hybrid style Tai Chi and Martial Arts shoe from Yunpeng with a slip on design, soft and breathable canvas uppers and a flexible and durable rubber outsole.

  • Canvas uppers that are breathable and lightweight.
  • A durable ,strong.anti-slip rubber outsole.
  • Easy slip on style for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Versatile and comfortable for all type of practice.

Index Table: Top Rated Shoes for Tai Chi

No.ShoeMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
1DoGeek® - Hybrid Shoes for Tai Chi
  • flexible
  • Rubber Sole
  • Cotton Lining
2SNLMY® - Tai Chi Athletic Shoes
  • Rubber Sole
  • Flexible
  • Lace Up Features
3Scurtain® - Shoes for Tai Chi
  • Canvas Uppers
  • Leather Sole
  • Lightweight Design
4Adidas® - Atletic Slip On Shoes for Tai Chi
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Pivot Sole
5Yunpeng® - Hybrid Shoes for Tai Chi
  • Canvas Upper
  • Rubber Sole
  • Flexible
  • Slip On

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