Top 10 Best Boat Shoes for Men

Boat shoes or deck shoes are not just used on the deck of a boat but have become a fashionable accessory for many men, so why not choose the best boat shoes for men to enhance your style.

A pair of Boat shoes for men paired with the right attire can look seemingly cool and classic for a casual summer outing.

What Constitutes a Boat Shoe?

Boat shoes, also known as deck shoes, are canvas or leather shoes with a non-marking rubber sole.
Boat shoes were initially designed to be worn on a boat.
The sole of a boat shoe has a siping pattern cut into it to provide better grip on wet decks, and the oil-tanned leather uppers are designed to repel water with highly durable stitching.
Typically a boat shoe is worn without socks, but a secret sock or foot sock could be worn with a boat shoe if so required.

History of Boat Shoes

The history of boat shoes is around 90 years old.
Paul A. Sperry Invented the first boat shoes.
He got the idea after he saw his dog running quite comfortably over ice.
He created his basic boat shoes made from leather.
Thus started the journey of boat shoes, and today it has become quite popular.

What Fits Well With Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are made of canvas, but leather is used as the primary material.
When buying these shoes, it is important to ensure that you wear the right kind of outfits to not look out of place.
Though there are some choices, you would do well to go in for Oxford Shirts, Navy Blazers, or even settle for double popped color polos.
It would be better to spend some time on the internet to get many other ideas on the subject matter.

As for Bottoms Boat shoes go well with

  • Shorts – A casual pair of cargo or chino style shorts look great with boat shoes for a casual to semi-formal summer look.
  • Chinos – You can also wear your boat shoes with a long pair of chinos or cargo pants.
  • Jeans – Boat shoes are ideal for wearing any shape and cutting of jeans for men.

Features of a Good Boat Shoe

As a rule of thumb, you must look for the right quality of material when choosing a boat shoe. While canvas could be a good option, you should opt for leather that looks more sophisticated and stylish.

  • Uppers – These shoes are typically canvas or leather. The leather should be treated with oil topping application for it to repel water. The stitching needs to be highly durable.
  • Outsole – They should have non-marking rubber soles not to leave marks on the boat floor. The outsoles need to be non-slip to provide grip on a wet deck.
  • Lining – You need to check that you can wear them without socks. Many have a textile interior lining.
  • Options – Boat shoes come in a variety of color options depending on the brand and model, as well as sizes and widths.

Reviews: The Best Boat Shoes for Men

Here are a few of the most popular Boat shoes available today;


Those who have seen this shoe would certainly fall for its exquisite style, class, and design.

  • It is an entirely imported shoe made from a combination of textile and leather.
  • The sole is made of high-quality rubber.
  • It is well and truly a classic leather shoe in all respects.
  • The leather is water and stain-resistant.
  • The midsole is made of high-quality molded polyurethane to ensure total under-feet comfort, and you can wear it the entire day.
  • The 360 lacing feature ensures that the shoe not only remains in place firmly but also looks exquisite.
  • It also features a unique and proven shock-absorbing substance known as ethylene-vinyl acetate.
  • It is, without any doubt, a masterpiece in style, design, and comfort.
  • There is hardly any doubt that it offers the best value for money and lasts for an extended period.


Those looking for the best boat shoes for men should certainly have a closer look at this model.

  • It has quite a few notable features, and here are a few of them.
  • It is made with a high-quality leather upper, and the soles are made from a quality synthetic material.
  • It is available in different colors.
  • The leather is from a silver-rated tannery, so it ensures total comfort and long life.
  • It also comes with lace-up closure making the shoe remain in place.
  • It is ideally suited for dinner and boating purposes.
  • There is hardly any doubt that when you wear this shoe, you will become the focal point of attention, and it helps you remain casual and look classic at the same time.
  • It certainly offers good value for money.
  • The soles are stitched and sewn, and hence they provide a much longer life than shoes with soles glued.


Another classic and stylish boat shoe from the house of Sebago.
As is the case with such classy boat shoes, it comes with some features that are worth being looked at from close quarters.

  • It is made from high-quality leather and is a fully imported shoe.
  • It is also famous for having the famous moc-toe stitching.
  • Further, the 360-degree lacing also adds a lot of sophistication and class to the shoe.
  • The insole is molded using quality EVA materials.
  • It is a non-slip and a non-mark shoe, which is the hallmark of any good boat shoe.
  • It is available in different variants to suit narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide feet.
  • It offers complete comfort and can be worn for long hours without any foot fatigue.


Coming from Dunham’s house can easily be a candidate for one of the best shoes for men.

  • The shoe is fully imported and is made from high-quality leather.
  • The rubber soles are also of good quality, and it is non-marked.
  • It also comes with a small heel measuring 1.5 inches.
  • Amongst the various other features, the memory foam footbed and molded EVA (removable) are also worth mention.
  • It is available in different sizes and widths to suit particular feet sizes.
  • It also has a unique adjustability feature, which helps it fit comfortably in all types of male feet.
  • It is well and truly a classic boat shoe and comes with a silhouette that contributes to performing very well, whether worn offshore or onshore.
  • The memory foam is made from ethylene vinyl acetate. It also features a unique rollbar facility, which helps a lot in giving stability to the feet’ rear portion.


It is another top-class leather shoe featuring, amongst other things, rubber soles and heel, which comes with a measurement of 0.75 inches.

  • This shoe has two-eyelet lacing and a collar that is slotted in design.
  • The leather upper is very smooth and of the best quality.
  • The 360-degree lacing also goes a long way in giving stability to the entire shoe.
  • The rubber soles are very flexible and help a lot in providing a firm grip, especially when moving over slippery surfaces in the water.
  • The brownish tan well and truly contrasts well with the stitching thread, which is yellow in color.
  • On the whole, it is a shoe that combines looks with top-class comfort offering full value for money.


This is one of the best boat shoes for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.

  • It is made up of imported soft leather and internal fabric lining.
  • Comfortable arch support system.
  • The outsole is fully made up of nonmarking rubber.
  • Removable insoles in case you have your own orthotics.


The Mephisto Hurrikan Boat Shoe is a comfortable and stylish waterproof shoe available in many trendy color options.

  • Durable and water-resistant uppers.
  • All around leather lacing with metal eyelets for a secure fit.
  • The leather liner and sock liner keep your feet dry and comfortable.
  • This shoe accommodates almost any orthotic device or insert.
  • A durable and slip-resistant synthetic outsole.


You cannot go wrong with the Florsheim Lakeside, a supportive shoe with a grippy outsole and classic stride.

  • A comfortable slip-on shoe with leather uppers and a classic slotted collar.
  • A durable rubber sole that ensures exceptional grip on slippery and wet surfaces.
  • A slight heel for added style and comfort.
  • A comfortable and supportive footbed for all-day wear.


Polo Ralph Lauren has crafted an archetypal boat shoe and finished it off with traditional moc-toe stitching details and leather lacing for a stylish and comfortable shoe.

  • The leather used to create this shoe has a “Rub Off” quality causing a variation in color, making this shoe unique in style.
  • Traditional moc-toe stitching is used, and leather for lacing at the vamp.
  • The rubber outsole provides excellent traction and long-lasting durability.
  • A stylish and unique shoe available in many neutral color options.

10 Lightweight, stylish boat shoe, designed for great traction for fishing activities.
  • Uppers: Nubuck leather with water drainable ports.
  • Outsole: Omni-Grip™ Rubber non-marking with wet grip and razor traction.
  • Midsole: Techlite, superior cushion, high energy return.
  • Breathability: Air-flow and water-drainable midsole ports.

  • The Sperry Authentic is a two-eye leather boat shoe.
  • This model comes n light tan colored leather.
  • It has a comfortable padded insole and a durable rubber outsole.
  • The design is elegant and very fashionable.

  • The Sperry boat shoe model is the original leather style.
  • It comes in neutral color options that are available.
  • The shoe is leather with a durable rubber sole.
  • There is a comfortable and lightly padded insole.

  • This is a leather design boat shoe from Dockers.
  • The uppers are leather, and the sole is a durable high grip rubber.
  • They are available in neutral leather colors.
  • The shoes have a fully cushioned and comfortable EVA footbed.

  • Another addition from Sperry.
  • They are a durable canvas shoe available in a few neutral colors.
  • The rubber outsole offers non-slip high traction.
  • The canvas uppers are lightweight and breathable.

Comparison Table: Top Rated Boat Shoes

1Sperry Men's Billfish - 3-Eye Boat Shoes
  • Contoured shock-absorbing footbed
  • Wave Siping outsole
  • Non Slip
  • Extended Widthes & Sizes
2Timberland Men's Classic 2-Eye - Boat Shoes
  • Premium leather
  • Cushioned inner sole
3Sebago Men's Docksides - Boat Shoe
  • Molded EVA foam insole
  • Extra Wide up to 3E
4Dunham Men's Captain - Boat Shoes for Men
  • EVA and Memory Foam footbed
  • Extended sizes & widths
  • Non-Marking Siped Rubber Outsole
5Dockers Men's Castaway - Boat Shoes for Men
  • Two-Eyelet lacing
  • Flexible rubber outsole
6Vionic Men's Spring Greyson - Orthopedic Boat Shoes
  • Ortholite Insoles
  • Microfiber Footbed
  • Dual-Density EVA footbed
  • Podiatrist-designed
7Mephisto Men's Hurrikan - Slip On Boat Shoe
  • Sup-Hydro Water-Resistant Leather
  • Soft Air Cushions
8Florsheim Men's Lakeside - Slip-On Boat Shoe
  • Supportive Grippy Sole
  • Wide Sizes Available
9Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Bienne - Comfortable Boat Shoe
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Leather Uppers Wide Sizes Available
Polo Ralph Lauren95
10Columbia Men's Bonehead - Vented Boat Shoes
  • Non-marking Outsole
  • Nubuck Leather Upper
11Sperry Men's Authentic - Leather Boat Shoes
  • Rubber Sole
  • Leather
  • Neutral Color
12Columbia Men's Bahama Vent - Relax Boat Shoes
  • Omni-Shiel Technology
  • Ventilated
  • Durable
13Dockers Men's Vargas - Leather Boat Shoes
  • Handsewn
  • Genuine Leather
  • Colors Available
14Sperry Men's Bahama - Canvas Boat Shoes
  • Ruber Sole
  • Color Options
  • Canvas Uppers

In Conclusion

Make sure to choose one of these exceptionally comfortable and classically styled Boat shoes; they are sure to live up to your expectations.

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