Best Gum Sole Shoes

As we all know, the gum rubber-soled shoe made its appearance as a softball shoe for sports first. After that, it became more popular among skateboarders. Today, it is a much-favored casual and fashionable shoe.

In this article, we will look at some of the best available GUm Rubber Sole shoes of a variety of types that you can still find availble today.

Benefits of a Gum Rubber Soled Shoe

Gum Rubber is rubber in its most natural, undyed or colored, unprocessed, and untouched form, with no chemicals or added synthetics, only pure rubber from the rubber tree.

This said, here are some benefits to having a Gum Rubber Soled shoe;

The Gum Rubber Sole shoe, which has a Rubber Sole in its most natural and undyed or processed form, has many benefits;

  • Durable – Gum rubber is extremely resilient and tough, which can easily withstand heavy wear and high abrasion. This is why it is so popular in Skateboarding shoes.
  • Cushioning – Because of the bouncy nature of Gum Rubber, it offers excellent cushioning and shock absorbency.
  • Better Grip – Gum Rubber is one of the best outsoles that you can ever have when it comes to slip resistance, even on wet, oily, or icy surfaces. In addition, gum rubber provides exceptional traction and grip on most surfaces.
  • Practical – Rubber Overall is a practical and economical choice in a sole for footwear and Gum rubber, even more so because of its high functionality and durability. In addition, gum Rubber sole shoes are not very expensive in general, and they last very long.

Gum Rubber Sole Shoe Types

There are quite a few shoe styles and ranges available today that all come with a gum rubber outsole;

  • Sneakers – High Top or low top sneaker, with leather, canvas, or synthetic upper can be found in abundance with the Gum Rubber sole, some even with a reinforced toe bumper from the gum rubber.
  • Skateboarding Shoes – One of the most popular shoe types to have a Gum Rubber Sole is the Skate Board shoe, which you can also find all over in a large variety of colors patterns, shapes, and high or low top design.
  • Athletic – Many athletic and sports shoe brands also feature a Gum Rubber sole and are easy to find.
  • Loafers – Some loafer brands and models, particularly loafers designed to drive with feature the high grip Gum Rubber Outsole.
  • Boots – Sometimes can be found in the Gum rubber Boot, which can have a canvas, leather, or synthetic upper and comes in many different styles and options.

Features of a Good Memory Foam Slipper

Gum Outsole of Vans Shoe

  • Uppers – The Gum rubber sole shoes canhave a variety of materials for the uppers including canvas, leather and other synthetic materials. It will most likely be a casual sneaker type shoe with a high or a low top design.
  • Comfort Features – The Gum Rubber Sole shoe may have a padded or cushioned insole and a supportive midsole such as EVA or other foams.
  • Outsole – The outsole of the Gum Rubber outsole will consist obviously, of mainly a gum rubber with a penetrate tread for traction and grip.

Reviews: The Best Gum Sole Shoes

As you can see from our list, these are some amazing and genuine Gum Sole shoe brands and models;


Gum Sole Shoes

Vans is one of the most popular brands for gum sole sneakers; I have chosen their Authentic Pro range for men and women.
  • Soft suede leather upper available in many colors to choose from.
  • Features a thick and durable Gum Rubber outsole with the original waffle tread for optimal grip and traction.
  • Also, it has an UltraCush HD cushioned moisture-wicking sock liner for comfort and support.
  • There is a DuraCap reinforcement rubber underlay on all the high wear areas for durability.


Shoes with Gum Soles

The Puma Suede Classic is a soft suede leather sneaker with a durable Gum Rubber Outsole.
  • Soft and supple suede leather uppers with a textured rubber toe bumper.
  • A classic sneaker design with form strips featuring brand callouts on the heel, tongue, and sides.
  • It offers a snug and comfortable fit with smooth interior linings and insole padding.
  • A durable rubber outsole from Gum Rubber with tread for high traction.
  • Available in many color selections to choose from.


Thick Gum Sole Shoes

From Adidas, we have The Samba OG, and Suede Sneakers, comfortable a lightweight Gum Rubber Athletic shoe.
  • Available in black or white leather options with contrasting Adidas branded stripes and logos.
  • Soft and supple leather u8ppesr and smooth moisture-wicking interior linings.
  • A thick and durable gum rubber outsole with a high traction tread.
  • Leather and suede mic upper and a cushioned insole.


Gum Sole Shoes

The Ultimate 81 from Onitsuka Tiger is a top brand and model in athletic Gum Rubber Sole shoes.
  • Breathable and lightweight leather and fabric upper available in a large variety of colors.
  • A two-toned EVA midsole with flex channels at the heel for better performance.
  • Classic sneaker design with lettering at the heel cup and a lightly padded tongue and collar.
  • There is also the signature faux leather overlays at the panels and a durable Gum Rubber outsole.


Athletic Shoe with Gum Soles

The Handball Spezial and Ligra 6, from Adidas is another top favorite in Gum rubber sole athletic shoes.
  • It offers a regular comfortable fit with a lace-up closure.
  • Synthetic and mesh uppers for breathability.
  • A durable Gum Rubber Outsole and EVA Midsole.
  • The uppers are constructed from Pig Leather with a Nubuck finish.
  • Inside is a high-performance cushioning and moisture-wicking Ortholite Sockliner.


Sneaker with a Durable Gum Sole

Another superb addition from Vans is their classic design skater shoe, which features the Gum Rubber design outsole.
  • Canvas or Suede leather upper that you can choose from, along with many colors and prints.
  • A durable platform-style outsole made from Gum rubber.
  • Tonal stitching on the uppers and a breathable textile lining for temperature control.
  • Inside is a textile-lined foam insole for support and cushioning, that provides excellent comfort.
  • The signature gum rubber outsole also has a waffle pattern for better traction.

Index Table: Top Rated Gum Sole Shoes

No.ShoeMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
1Vans® - Gum Sole Shoes Authentic Authentic
  • Duracap Reinforcement
  • Gum Rubber Sole
  • UltraCush Sockliner
2Puma® - Shoes with Gum Soles Suede Classic
  • Suede Uppers
  • Toe Bumpre
  • Gum Rubber Sole
3Adidas® - Thick Gum Sole Shoes Samba OG Sneaker
  • Suede Uppers
  • Cushioned
  • Gum Rubber Sole
4Onitsuka Tiger® - Gum Sole Shoes Ultimate 81 Ultimate 81
  • EVA Midsole
  • Flex Panels
  • Gum Rubber Outsole
Onitsuka Tiger97
5Adidas® - Athletic Shoe with Gum Soles Handball Spezial Ligra 6
  • Gum Rubber Sole
  • Regular Fit
  • Ortholite Sockliner
6Vans® - Sneaker with a Durable Gum Sole Low Top Low Top
  • Padded Collar
  • Suede Uppers
  • Gum Rubber Sole
  • Breathable Textile Lining
  • Cushioned

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