High Top Canvas Sneakers

We all know the popular high top casual sneaker with canvas uppers and a rubber sole, All Star Converses is what comes to mind, though there are so many other superb brands and styles in the popular and much sought after High Top Canvas Sneaker.

Where did The High Top Canvas Sneaker Originate From

The Chuck Taylor from All Star Converse is the most popular and widely available high top canvas sneaker available today, which usually consists of a stitched canvas upper and a rubber toe cap as well as a rubber outsole. Today, however, there are so many brands and models similar to this example that offer the same fit and design with many other features for comfort and durability.

Superga, puma, and Adidas are likewise popular names that have adapted this shoe style in many different materials, colors, and designs. There are also newer and more young brands that offer you this superb style at a lower-priced option that the more established brands.

Some of the Primary Characteristics that Makes a High Top Canvas Sneaker

  • Uppers – The uppers are made of breathable and very lightweight Canvas materials, either cotton or synthetic, that has a loose and thin structure which gives you a snug and comfortable fit. There are normally no interior linings extra, only a lined footbed.
  • Eyelets – The eyelets for the laces are made out of metal and are the color of the shoe or a contrasting color of white. The metal eyelets are placed on the medial sides of some brands for extra ventilation and breathability.
  • Laces – The laces may be similar in color to the shoe, or a contrasting white, or other color option, because it is a high top shoe the laces are longer and can be folded inside the shoe.
  • Toe Cap – Most brands and models including the All Star Converse feature the protective rubber toe cap, which can come in the contrasting white color or similar to the color of the shoe. The toe cap adds protection and durability to the shoe as well as more structural integrity.
  • Sole – The sole of the High Top Canvas Shoe is almost always made from durable rubber and is very thick in design with a patterned tread for traction. The bottom may be similar in color to the shoe, or a contrasting color, usually black or white, and the tread can come in a see-through brown color, such as with the original Chuck Tailors from the All Star Converse range.
  • Comfort features – Comfort features such as an Ortholite footbed, padded or foam footbed, and a removable insole for cushioning and support are available in some brands and models, as well as a moisture-wicking lining in the footbed.
  • Colors and Designs – The colors, patterns, and designs of the High Top canvas sneaker are endless. The old classic design is the black and white, with black canvas uppers with white stitching accents, laces, and a white sole and rubber toe cap, you could also choose the white on black reverse style in this classic. Today there are many other color designs, such as solids in black, red, pink, brown, olive blue, purple, and so on. There are also different patterned options as well as print options that you could consider.

High Top Sneakers can protect Your Ankles

One factor that I feel I have to mention about the High Top Canvas sneaker is its excellent benefit in ANKLE PROTECTION. Because of the higher design that envelops your heel and ankle, you are less likely to suffer from sprains and ankle injuries, and this design likewise makes the shoe a more stable option for many.

Besides this, another benefit of the Popular High Top Canvas sneaker is that it can LITERALLY be worn anywhere, for any occasion and with any outfit!!

Features of a Good High Top Canvas Sneaker

  • High traction thick rubber outsole.
  • Protective rubber toe cap.
  • Lace-up system with metal eyelets.
  • Padded or Ortholite cushioned insole.
  • Smooth interior linings.
  • The shoe has Soft Canvas fabric uppers in a variety of colors and design patterns.
  • A high top design feature that goes up to your ankles.

Reviews: The Best High Top Canvas Sneakers

Below are some of the most sought after and best available High Top Canvas Sneaker brands and models;


High Top Canvas Sneakers

The Airwalk Legacee is a black and white Canvas upper high top sneaker for both men and women that is comfortably padded and highly fashionable.
  • Soft fabric canvas uppers with a full lace-up high top design.
  • There are a durable white rubber outsole and protective rubber toe cap.
  • The insole is fully padded for your comfort.
  • Available in either a solid black or solid white color option.


High Top Glitter Canvas Sneakers

A superb range from All star Converse is the Chuck Taylor Glitter range, which is fun and funky for both men and women.
  • There are black glitter detail canvas uppers in the men’s range and either gold or burgundy glitter uppers for the women.
  • The sole is made from a durable rubber that offers excellent traction.
  • Inside is an Ortholite comfort footbed.
  • There are similiraly meidal eyelts for better air flow and cooling capabilities.


High Top Solid Color Canvas Sneakers

The Cotu from Superga is a classic and well known blrand that manufactures many favorites in high and low top canvas sneakers that are durable and highly comfortable.
  • Soft and breathable canvas uppers with high top design.
  • It has a secure lace-up system with metal eyelets.
  • There is a Thick and durable high traction rubber outsole.
  • Inside is a comfortable cushioned insole.
  • Available in solid black or white color options with all the trimmings in the same color s.


Classic High Top Canvas Sneakers

There is nothing that comes close to the Chuck Taylor Classic High Top Canvas sneaker from the All Star Converse brand; this is the original style high top canvas sneaker that comes entirely with the brand stamp in rubber on the side.
  • 100% durable rubber outsole and toe cap in white non-marking rubber.
  • The High top Canvas uppers in black with white accents and laces are handsome.
  • There are Metal lace eyelets in white that are more durable and decorative.
  • There are a few color options available for men and women, besides the classic black and white, all with the classic white outsole and trimmings.


Rainbow Painted High Top Canvas Sneakers

The ElovForU is a hand painted shoes brand shoes that are waterproof and extremely colourful, I have chosen the rainbow color painted model which comesin sizes for men and women.
  • Superior quality canvas uppers painted uniquely with environmentally friendly textile pigments.
  • The paint pigments are water-resistant and will not fade with washing.
  • The white canvas base, with a white rubber sole and black lined accents on the sole and toe cap, makes a classic style shoe.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Inside is a comfortable footbed and smooth interior linings.


High Top Canvas Sneakers

The All star Converse Seasonal range features two unisex shoes in a light blue or light turquoise color option with white laces and sole as well as a white rubber protective toe cap.
  • Available in a blue or turquoise color option for both men and women, as well as men’s and women’s sizes.
  • There are Soft canvas uppers that are lightweight and breathable.
  • Shows the full All Star Converse Logo in a rubber side attachment.
  • It has a durable rubber outsole with a protective rubber toe cap.
  • Comfortable Ortholite cushioning, in the insole.
  • Smooth interior canvas lining to wick away moisture.


High Top Sneakers

  • The beauty Collector Canvas Sneaker for women is available in a few different Galaxy themed prints for your perusal.
  • The for the gents is available in the green Camo Colored model.
  • Both Sneakers have Canvas upper and high top design.
  • There is a secure lace-up system for a stable fit.
  • The sole is made from durable rubber.



  • The Vans SK8 is a Unisex model High Top Canvas Sneaker.
  • The Uppers on these shoes are made with Canvas with synthetic leather reinforcements at the heel.
  • There is a secure lace-up system on the shoe.
  • The outsole of the shoe is made from durable rubber.
  • The Vans SK8 shoe is available in a solid black color with a black sole.


High Top Canvas Sneaker

  • The Converse Tonal is a Canvas Uppers High Top Sneaker available in different two-tone colors in greys, blacks, and reds.
  • The Converse Two Tone has a Canvas and Suede design upper available in earthy color shades.
  • Both sneakers have high top design and lace-up features.
  • the Tonal and Suede Top have a lace-up secure closure system.
the EVA Footbed and Ortholite comfort insole provide plush cushioning.

Index Table: Top Rated High Top Canvas Sneakers

No.ShoeMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
1Airwalk® - High Top Canvas Sneakers Legacee Legacee
  • Padded Insole
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber Cap toe
2All Star Converse Chuck Taylor® - High Top Glitter Canvas Sneakers Black Glitter Glitter
  • Ortholite Insole
  • Glitter Detail Uppers
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Rubber Toe Cap
All Star Converse Chuck Taylor98
3Superga® - High Top Solid Color Canvas Sneakers Cotu Cotu
  • Rubber Outsole
  • metal Eyelets
  • Solid Colors
4All Star Converse® - Classic High Top Canvas Sneakers Chuck Taylor Classic Chuck Taylor Classic
  • Classic Style
  • Rubber toe Caps
  • Breathable Side Holes
All Star Converse97
5ElovForU® - Rainbow Painted High Top Canvas Sneakers Rainbow Rainbow
  • Breathable
  • Cushioned Insole
  • Hand Painted
6All Stars Converse® - High Top Canvas Sneakers Seasonal Seasonal
  • breathable
  • Rubber Toe Cao
All Stars Converse98
7Urban Classics® - High Top Sneakers Camo Galaxy
  • Canvas Uppers
  • Rubber Sole
Urban Classics95
8Vans® - Shoe SK8 SK8
  • Rubber Sole
  • High Top
  • Canvas Uppers
  • Cushioned
9Converse® - High Top Canvas Sneaker Tonal Suede Top
  • High Top design
  • Cushioned
  • EVA Midsole
  • Rubber Outsole

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