Corrective Shoes for Bow Legs with Ultimate Stability

Bow Legs are the opposite to Knock Knees, where legs are curved outwards.

Bowlegs may not always look very flattering in most footwear, and luckily some devices and shoe models may help correct and flatter this condition.

Bow Legs and the Available Treatment Options

The Condition leave your legs looking Bowed out with knees wide apart is more common than we may think and can be an issue that may lead to arthritis and abnormalities in the hips, knees, and bones.

Though more predominant in infants and toddlers and much easier to treat, some adults may still suffer the condition.

However, there are a few solutions and aids that can help to correct Bow Legs with time;

  • Special Shoes – you get shoes that actually minimize the appearance of Bowlegs, such as longer boots and heeled shoes, as well as shoes that help to correct and align bow legs into a more natural position.
  • Braces – Leg braces can improve the alignment and posture of bow legs with time and correct the issue.
  • Casts – A cast can be placed over Bow Legs to force the leg into the proper position with time.
  • Surgery – In the case of bone abnormalities causing the Bow Legs or resulting, surgery may be necessary.
  • Insoles – Some insole types and devices give better alignment and stability to the feet, which helps correct the posture of your legs to correct Bow Legs.

Do’s and Dont’s in Shoes for Bowlegs

If you have Bow Legs, here are a few tips on Footwear to wear to not only flatter your legs but also to correct the issue;

  • High Heels – A higher heel takes the emphasis off your bow legs and gives a more elongated appeal to your legs.
  • Long Boots or Long Strapped Sandals – Anything covering the claves or even just ankles can help hide bow legs.
  • Sandals – Sandals, especially heeled sandals, have a way of diminishing the emphasis on your bow legs.
  • Support and Stability – Supportive stability and motion control shoes improve motion and provide proper alignment to align your legs in turn, correcting Bow Legs.

Features of a Good Corrective Shoe for Bow Legs

  • Support – Good pronation control and stability or motion control features also help with proper movement and alignment to correct Bow Legs.
  • Fit – A higher boot type shoe and higher heeled shoe takes the emphasis off bow legs and also lessens their appearance.
  • Cushioning – Cushioning for comfort, a shock-absorbing EVA midsole, and a durable Rubber outsole provides comfort and support.
  • Uppers – Soft and breathable upper construction for comfort and quality design.

Reviews: The Best Corrective Shoes for Bow Legs

Below are some of the best options in corrective and supportive shoes if you have Bow Legs.
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Correcting Dress Shoe for Bow Legs

These two boot models from Clarks have a classy and elegant design along with a heel, which helps to subdue the appearance of bow legs and correct the issue.
  • The Clarks Verona Trish is an Ankle style Chelsea boot for the ladies with a slight heel and a durable rubber sole.
  • The Clarks Verona Trish is available in a black, chocolate, or tan color option in smooth leather. The heeled and narrow design flatters your legs and silhouette to make Bow legs less visible.
  • The Clarks Tilden is also a Chelsea ankle boot with a slight heel and narrow design, which helps soften Bow Legs’ appearance.
  • The Clarks Tilden has a Zip[ closure on the side and an easy slip on and off the design.
  • Both shoes have a slight heel for sophistication and a durable rubber outsole.
  • Likewise, there is also a comfortable Ortholite cushioned footbed in both models for shock absorbency and cushioning.


Bow Legs Corrective Shoe

  • The Vionic Jon is an easy slip-on and two straps men’s sandals available in a brown or black leather option.
  • The Vionic Jon also features a hook and loop fastening strap for an adjustable fit and is designed for less strain on the knees, feet, and ankles and correct pronation issues, which may also lead to Bow Legs.
  • The Vionic Rest Tropez is a lady’s thong sandal with a slight heel and availability in many colors to select from.
  • These shoes have soft and smooth fabric linings, Orthaheel technology footbeds, and Biomechanical designs that correct overpronation and other foot and leg issues, including Bow Legs.
  • Both shoes also have a durable and slip-resistant rubber outsole.


Bow Legs Corrective Walking Shoes

Because of the excellent stability and pronation controls, features of the Saucony Ride 9, these shoes are the ideal corrective running and walking shoes for individuals who have bow legs or similar issues that relate to improper movement or alignment.
  • 100% durable and lightweight mesh upper that is breezy and cool.
  • The durable and thick rubber outsole offers excellent traction and shock absorbency.
  • The breathable mesh upper also has a FLEXIFILM no-sew overlay for lightweight support.
  • The tongue and collar are padded for a more comfortable and supportive fit.
  • There is RunDry chafe-resistant technology in the lining to prevent friction blisters.
  • The Dual-Density technology ensures excellent pronation control, and the Tri-Flex outsole designs offer improved flexibility and a more stable movement.


Corrective Running Shoes for Bow Legs

The Brooks Glycerine 17 is a corrective and supportive running shoe ideal for individuals who have Bowlegs and similar issues.
  • The uppers consist of lightweight and breathable mesh and synthetic leather for structural integrity.
  • These shoes are both available in different width options and color selections.
  • They are likewise orthotic accommodating and can be worn with insoles or braces.
  • Super-soft cushioning with the DNA Loft cushioning system.
  • An engineered mesh and 3D fit print technology uppers for a more adaptable fit.
  • Durable and high traction rubber outsole.
  • Supportive collar and tongue design.


Bow Legs Corrective Braces

The Zinnor Leg Correction Device is a leg brace that helps to align your hips, knees properly, and ankles to correct conditions such as Bow Legs, Knock Knees, and even excessive pronation and supination.
  • Made from soft and comfortable breathable Nylon composite materials and can be used on both O-Type or X-type legs.
  • Corrects issues such as Knock knees and Bow Legs effectively and gently.
  • It helps to balance the leg muscles properly and enhances proper movement.
  • Lightweight, very easy-to-use design for both men and women.


Bow Legs Corrective Braces

The Heel wedge from Comfy Sole is designed to correct Knock Knees and Bow Legs and other motion and pronation issues with a simple and easy-to-use insole design.
  • The Wedge insole improves the function of your foot and corrects the alignment of the foot, which may turn inward or outward excessively, which in turn fixes issues such as Bow Legs and Knock Knees.
  • You can easily switch these insoles from one shoe to the next for versatility.
  • They offer firm support and slight cushioning in the heel for shock absorbency.
  • A trim to fit size option can choose if you want a pair with or without self-adhesive.


Corrective Bow Leg Walking and Running Shoes

The New Balance 860V10 is a supportive stability shoe that can help to correct and accommodate Bow Legs.
  • The uppers are a soft and breathable no-sew engineered mesh that offers a supportive fit.
  • The TRUFUSE midsole ensures excellent shock absorbency and cushioning along with the NB removable insert.
  • The shoe also accommodates orthotics with the removable insert.
  • Ther is a durable rubber outsole that provides excellent support and traction.
  • A 3D molded heel cup ensures a more stable no-slip fit.


Bow Leg Corrective Walking Shoes

The Hoka One Bondi has a rocker design sole and support features that can help with Bow Legs.
  • The Hoka one has a very tall and supportive stack height and rocker design sole, perfect for Bow Leg correction.
  • There is an Ultrasoft underfoot cushioning and an EAV midsole for shock absorbency.
  • The uppers are breathable mesh that offers a comfortable fit.
  • The durable rubber outsole ensures good traction and support.


Running and Walking Shoes for Bow Legs

The Nike Downshifter 9 also has a Rocker Style sole and offers cushion and support that is good for the correction of Bow Legs.
  • The uppers are textile and synthetic with a breathable open mesh forefoot.
  • The midfoot and heel provide structured support and stability/.
  • There is an articulated full-length cushioned midsole and cushioned insole for comfort and support.
  • The outsole has flex grooves that ensure better traction and a smoother ride when walking or running.

Index Table: Top Rated Corrective Shoes for Bow Legs

No.ShoeMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
1Clarks® - Correcting Dress Shoe for Bow Legs Tilden Verona Trish
  • heeled
  • Ortholite Footbed
  • Rubber Outsole
2Vionic® - Bow Legs Corrective Shoe Canoe Stanley Rest Dillon
  • Orthaheel technology
  • Fabric Linings
  • Biomechanical Design
3Saucony® - Bow Legs Corrective Walking Shoes Ride 14 Ride 14
  • Chafe Resistant
  • Pronation Control
  • Tri-Flex Outsole
4Brooks® - Corrective Running Shoes for Bow Legs Glycerine 19 Glycerine 19
  • DNA Loft
  • Cushioned
  • Ortholite Sockliner
5CALIDAKA® - Bow Legs Corrective Braces Leg Correction Device Leg Correction Device
  • Soft
  • Breathable
  • Knee Ankle Leg Support
6ComfySole® - Bow Legs Corrective Braces Heel Wedge Heel Wedge
  • Firm Support
  • Comfortable
  • Adhesive Design
7New Balance® - Corrective Bow Leg Walking and Running Shoes 860V12 860V11
  • Trufuse Foam Midsole
  • Medial Support
  • Wider Width Options
  • 3D Heel Cup
  • No-Sew Engineered Mesh Uppers
  • Roomy Toe Box
New Balance96.5
8Hoka One® - Bow Leg Corrective Walking Shoes Bondi 7 Bondi 7
  • Plush Cushioned
  • EVA Midsole
  • Meta-Rocker Sole
  • Breathable
Hoka One97.6
9Nike® - Running and Walking Shoes for Bow Legs Downshifter 9 Downshifter 9
  • Mesh Uppers
  • Structural Support
  • Flexible Cushioning
  • No-Sew Midfoot Saddle

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