Best Dress Shoes for Flat Feet with Motion Control Feature

Around 20% of the adult population have flat feet; this provides a key target audience for those in the shoemaking business.

This gap has been noted and filled to provide many dress shoe styles for the flat-footed individual.

What Exactly is a Flat Foot

When the arch of your foot is very low or has fallen, you are considered to have a Flat Foot. There are a few main causes of this if it is not a genetic trait.

  • Weight – An increase in weight can put more strain on the arches of your feet, resulting in a fallen arch.
  • Pregancy – During pregnancy, the hormone relaxin allows your joints to become more flexible for birth, this, in turn, can loosen the joints in your feet and, along with the added weight, causes a flat arch that may be permanent.
  • Injuries – Certain foot conditions and injuries may affect your arch and cause a flat foot.

Dress Shoe Types for Flat Feet

You need to look at two main characteristic shoe types when you have flat feet or fallen arches; Motion Control shoes or Stability Control shoes.
Which one of the two you will require will depend on your level of pronation:
Pronation refers to the inward rolling of your feet when you walk or run.

  • People who pronate excessively – or overpronate need a motion control shoe.
  • Motion control shoes – are one of the best options for people with low arches and overpronation as they provide support for the inner side of the feet and make standing and walking more comfortable.
  • People with normal pronation – need a Stability shoe.
  • Stability control shoes – have a foam lining at the instep that cushions your arch providing comfort and support that will fit a low arch.

Individuals with a flat foot or lower arch are usually more likely to overpronate. An individual who Underpronate or supinates requires a more cushioned shoe.
Stability and motion control characteristics are features more to cross-training workout shoes for flat feet, but a few dress shoe brands started adding these features.

Features of a Good Dress Shoe for Flat feet

  • Cushioning – Good shock absorbing capabilities such as a cushioned footbed or insole, and fpam midsole.
  • Stability – A stabilizing heel, and other features for stability. Motion Control or Stability features.
  • Arch Support – Good Arch Support for your specific arch type.

Reviews: The Best Dress Shoes for Flat Feet


Dress Shoes for Flat Feet

The Vionic Dress shoe models featured here have a classy and elegant design and a podiatrist-designed footbed which is perfect for a low or fallen arch.
  • It offers excellent overpronation control, which is usually associated with flat feet.
  • A Podiatrist designed footbed, with a deep heel cup for stability.
  • The patterned tread offers a good grip and is highly durable.
  • Lightweight with a cushioned EVA midsole for shock absorbency.


Comfort Work Shoes for Flat Feet

Comfortable and supportive flat feet work shoe perfect for a professional environment.
  • This is a formal shoe made of leather and with the sole is of rubber.
  • It consists of Orthotic support, which is a contoured orthotic insole.
  • It also has gel padding near the heels.
  • It helps alleviate the pain of the feet and enhances the comfort of the entire foot.
  • The cushioned sole is light weighted and helps to take soft steps.
  • It is perfect for flat feet, and the formal look of this shoe is just excellent for office wear.
  • The soft, padded, and seam-free lining design eliminated the pressure or strain on any points.
  • The soft lining also helps to reduce friction with the skin.


Wide and Flat Feet Dress Shoes

These shoes are perfectly elegant for any formal event and office work.
  • People with flat feet who wear these shoes were extremely satisfied.
  • Leather uppers and an easy slip-on design.
  • A smooth mesh lining that keeps your feet dry and comfortable.
  • The insole is cushioned and offers exceptional support.
  • Stylish and elegant design for all occasions.


Flat Wide Dress Shoes

The Dunham and Aravon are branded shoes by New Balance, which implement their comfort walking technologies into these dress shoes.
  • EVA midsole gives great arch support for a low arch foot.
  • ABSORB technology for a better shock absorbent as soon as the foot makes an impact, resulting in a soft, protective gait cycle.


Best Flat Feet Dress Shoes

Classic and comfortable to wear flat feet shoes.
  • The Ortholite® footbed provides cushioning and support for flat feet.
  • Available colors are black or brown for these shoes.
  • These shoes are very comfortable being one of the best shoes for standing all day at work.
  • These shoes come in extended sizes and very wide widths.
  • Their great style will be a perfect match for everyone looking for classic office work shoes.


Orthopedic Dress Shoes for Flat Feet

Dr. Comfort is an orthopedic shoe brand that makes the most comfortable and supportive shoes and stylish shoes that you can wear as dress shoes.
  • The men’s Classic features leather uppers in classic style men’s dress shoes.
  • The Cindee is a Dress pump with a slight heel for sophistication and smooth leather uppers.
  • Both shoes have an added Gel cushioned insert, that can be removed for the use of your won orthotics.
  • A durable rubber outsole and lightweight construction for all-day wear.
  • Available in wider widths and extended sizes to choose from.


Flat Feet Slip-On Dress Shoes

A comfortable and supportive work shoe from ECCO, a top brand in therapeutic comfort shoes.
  • easy slip-on and off design.
  • Smooth and supple leather upp[ers that are gentle against your feet.
  • A soft and cushioned footbed with a moisture-wicking mesh lining.
  • The outsole is durable and offers excellent traction.
  • classic and elegant style as a dress or professional work shoes.


Heel Spur and Plantar Fasciitis Loafers

The Vionic Loafers have a classic semi-formal design that is great for casual and more formal excursions.
  • Soft and flexible leather uppers with a comfortable fit.
  • A removable cushioned EVA insole for comfort and biomechanically engineered arch support.
  • The durable rubber outsole ensures good traction and shock absorbency.
  • Orthaheel technology is ideal for flat feet.


Dress Loafers for Flat Feet

The Orthofeet Lincoln and Arcadia are two stylish yet comfortable slip-on loafers that can be worn as dress shoes for almost any occasion, where you need added support and a comfortable fit.
  • Leather-upper construction with an easy slip-on style and smooth, seamless, non-binding interior.
  • An Orthocushioning system and a lightweight sole for cushioned comfort.
  • Extra-depth to accommodate all foot conditions and available in wider widths.
  • The outsole is made of thick shock-absorbing rubber.


Orthopedic Dress Shoes for Flat Feet

From Vionic, we have a stylish Oxford lace-up shoe for the gents and a classic Kitten Heel, a pointy toe pump for the ladies.
  • Both shoes feature Hidden Orthotic Support and a podiatrist-designed cushioned footbed.
  • Smooth leather uppers construction.
  • The Vionic Kit Josie has a low kitten heel and a synthetic sole, while the Oxford Bruno has a rubber outsole and Brogue style upper design.
  • Both are durable designs with quality materials and construction and feature comfortable biomechanics to accommodate all foot types.


Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

The Dansko dress shoe offers therapeutic relief from foot ailments associated with flat feet, such as Plantar Fasciitis, and stunning appeal to them.
  • Full-grain flexible leather uppers with a smooth lining.
  • There is a removable Triple Density cushioned footbed.
  • The midsole is lightweight and offers good shock absorbency.
  • A durable and slip-resistant outsole.


Heel Pain Dress Shoes

Orthofeet offers some of the most comfortable and supportive shoes that are perfect for pain relief associated with Plantar Fasciitis. I have chosen the Celina with the Bio heel for women and the Edgewater models for men in a dress style.
  • The Celina features a low heel that offers excellent support and comfort.
  • Both shoes have a premium orthotic insole for comfort and support.
  • Seam-free and non-irritating interior design.
  • Comfortable uppers and a supportive and high grip rubber outsole.

Index Table: Top rated Dress Shoes for Flat Feet

No.ShoeMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
1Vionic® - Dress Shoes for Flat Feet Bruno Spark Minna
  • Biomechanical Footbed
  • EVA Midsole
2Orthofeet® - Comfort Work Shoes for Flat Feet Avery
  • Orthotic Support
  • Gel Heel Padding
  • Cushioned Sole
3Rockport® - Wide and Flat Feet Dress Shoes Style Leader Total Motion
  • Slip On
  • Leather & Fabric Mesh
4Dunham® - Flat Wide Dress Shoes Douglas Deliah
  • Leather Mesh
  • Synthetic Outsole
  • Removable EVA Footbed
5Clarks® - Best Flat Feet Dress Shoes Stratton Brier Dolly
  • Ortholite Footbed
  • Color Options
6Dr. Comfort® - Orthopedic Dress Shoes for Flat Feet Classic Cindee
  • Extra Depth
  • Wider Width
  • Gel Insert
Dr. Comfort96
7ECCO® - Flat Feet Slip-On Dress Shoes New Jersey Bluma Ballerina
  • Slip-On
  • Leather & Fabric Mesh
8Vionic® - Heel Spur and Plantar Fasciitis Loafers Preston Minna
  • Biomechanical Arch Support
  • Orthaheel Technology
  • Slip On
9Orthofeet® - Dress Loafers for Flat Feet Lincoln Arcadia
  • Slip On
  • Ortho Cushioning
  • Wider Widths
10Vionic® - Orthopedic Dress Shoes for Flat Feet Bowery Bruno Kit Josie
  • Comfort Footbed
  • Durable
11Dansko® - Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Walker Loralie
  • Triple density footbed
  • Full grain leather
  • Traction and Stability Outsole
12Orthofeet® - Heel Pain Dress Shoes Edgewater Celina
  • Orthotic Insole
  • Seam Free
  • Cushioned

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