Best Dress Shoes for Chinos

Chinos or a stylish pair of pants that are not exactly casual and not exactly dress pants. They all have ever suitable, in a casual or in a formal situation or occasion. Styling Chinos can be quite difficult and will depend on the occasion that you are going to be wearing them for, in the case of a more formal event, you can style your chinos easily with a pair of dress shoes for Chinos.

Now, there are many different types of dress shoes that you can wear with your Chinos. They are slip-on loafers. You get Oxford-style dress shoes, and you also give your regular dress shoes or boots that all match well with Chinos.

Chinos and How to Wear Them

Well, to start off exactly what or Chino pants? They are not jeans or cargo pants, and they are not dress pants either. They are a sort of in-between pair of pants that are both formal and casual in style.

Must Chinos consist of woven cotton, and they are usually available in colors such as tan or olive green, though you do get them in other neutral and natural colors.

They are an excellent option to wear for business and professional work environments. They are also ideal for a date night, and they are ideal for casual hangouts with your friends.

You may have heard some individuals referring to Chino pants as Khaki. Khaki is not actually a type of pants, it is more a color in which you can get chino pants and other types of pants in. Khaki is a sort of faded olive-greenish color, in which many Chino pants do come in normally. It’s a very neutral color, and also the perfect color for a more casual excursion.

In general, hash pens or dressier than most 5-pocket tool plants, which also look much like jeans, except for their material. Chino pants are not as formal as actual dress pants, which usually have a wider band closure and consist of wool or a fancier type of material. They are also not jeans, they do not have similar pockets, and they do not consist of similar materials or colors.

The Cut and fabric that Chinos consist of today are much more versatile. Look for a pair with a medium rise that is not to high or low so that you can easily style them with formal, or casual shirts. Chinos should have a flat front and no pleats and the seat of the pants need to offer a slightly tight fit. The legs will usually be more tailored in style and close to the body. The length of the Chinos should be between the top of your shoes and the top of the heel, not too short, and not as long as dress pants.

Make sure the leg is tailored close to the body, and if you’re wondering how long your chinos should be, the length falls somewhere between the top of the shoe and the top of the heel.
Stay away from chinos that are too washed or faded, as this makes it harder to dress them up.

Shoes Types for Wearing with Chinos

Though our specific article today is about dress shoes to wear with your Chinos, let’s look at some of the many shoe types that actually go well with Chinos in a formal and casual setting;

  • Dress Sneaker – You do actually get a style of shoe called a dress sneaker, it will usually be a leather shoe that has a slight sneaker style that is more sophisticated with a sneaker or athletic sole. They are ideal for wearing with Chinos for all occasions.
  • Loafers – Loafers are one of my personal favorites for wearing with Chinos, even dress loafers, they just have a way of bringing out the style of a pair of Chinos.
  • Chelsea Boots and Chukka Boots – Formal Chelsea Boots are ideal to wear with your Chinos in a more semi-formal event, and they are also suitable for winter. Chukka Boots are very casual and they are ideally worn with Chinos in cooler weather, for casual excursions.
  • Formal dress Shoes – You can wear almost any type of Formal Dress shoes with Chinos. Though I would stay clear of very extravagant studded or patent leather dress shoes, as Chinos are in turn, more of a casual shoe style. Chinos are encouraged for semi-formal events and can be worn with dress loafers, Oxford Dress shoes, and other types of lace-up dress shoes in smooth, nubuck, or suede leather. Chinos look exceptionally well with dress shoes that have a more suede or nubuck feel leather construction.
  • Sneakers – A more formal style sneaker or canvas sneaker goes extremely well with a pair of Chinos. Slip-on or lace-up sneakers are perfect for wearing with your Chinos for a more casual outing. I would however not recommend athletic running shoes or sneakers to be worn with Chinos.

Features of a Good Dress Shoe for Chinos

Best Dress Shoes for Chinos

  • Uppers – You can choose dress shoes with leather, nubuck leather, suede, or even canvas uppers depending on whether the event will be formal, or semi-formal. Most dress shoes are leather and come in neutral color options such as rich browns, tan, and black or grey.
  • Comfort Features – I have also tried to add some dress shoe models that are more comfortable, with a supportive and cushioned footbed and a moisture-wicking lining to keep your feet dry and comfortable.
  • Outsole – Most dress shoes will have a lower stacked flat outsole and may have a slight heel to add to their sophistication. The sole will usually be rubber or synthetic.
  • Options – Most of the dress shoe models we have chosen are available in more colors. They offer full and half sizes, and some are available in wider-width fits.

Reviews: The Best Dress Shoes for Chinos

These are some of our favorite dress shoes models that are perfect for wearing with a pair of your favorite Chinos;


  • The bennet from Hush Puppies is a Wingtip Oxford-style dress shoe with an athletic sole.
  • It is a semi-formal style that will go well with a pair of Chinos.
  • The shoes have a synthetic sole and removable Bounce cushioned footbed.
  • They are lined with leather uppers.


  • The Spruce is a more formal-styled lace-up oxford.
  • They will do well with darker-shade Chinos and are available in more colors.
  • They are leather dress shoes with an everyday comfort footbed.
  • Vionic is a reliable brand that offers some very comfortable dress shoes.


  • The Khai are semi-formal slip-on dress loafers.
  • As said loafers are perfect to wear with Chinos.
  • These come in colors similar to that which Chinos usually come in.
  • They are comfortable leather loafers with a podiatrist design footbed.


  • The Escalade step is a very formal slip-on style shoe.
  • They look great with Chinos in a formal setting and are leather in rich colors.
  • The shoe is comfortable with a cushioned footbed and textile lining.
  • They have a non-marking flexible outsole.


  • The Glen Oxfords are more comfortable styled dress shoes.
  • They are more of an Orthopedic dress shoe that is lightweight and comfortable.
  • The style is worn with both casual and formal chinos.
  • They are also available in more colors.


  • The Vionic Chukka Boot looks elegant and stylish with a light pair of Chinos.
  • Perfect for casual and semi-formal events.
  • They are also comfortable with a supportive and well-cushioned footbed.
  • The boots are available in more colors.

Index Table: Top Rated Dress Shoes for Chinos

1Hush Puppies Men's Bennet - Dress Shoes for Chinos
  • Oxford Style
  • More Colors
  • Wider Widths
  • Removable Footbed
  • Strobel Construction
Hush Puppies98
2Vionic Men's Spruce - Dress Shoes for Chinos
  • Leather
  • Wider Widths
  • Vio Motion Support
  • Poditarist Design Footbed
3Vionic Men's Khai - Slip On Dress Shoes for Chinos
  • Podiatrist design Footbed
  • Cushioned
  • Arch Support
  • Leather
  • Wider Widths
4Clarks Men's Escalade - Dress Shoes to Wear with Chinos
  • Flexible Sole
  • Comfort Footbed
  • Wider Widths
  • Leather
5Hush Puppies Men's Glen - Oxford Dress Shoes for Chinos
  • Suede and Smooth Leather
  • Cushioned Midsole
  • Strobel Construction
  • Lightweight
  • Wider Widths
Hush Puppies97
6Vionic Men's Bowery - Dress Chukka Boots for Chinos
  • Arch Support
  • Leather
  • Wider Widths
  • Podiatrist Design Footbed

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