Best Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet

A hiking shoe has a comfortable yet highly durable and sturdy design, ideal for outdoor activities on rough terrain.

The right Hiking shoe will also, most importantly, have a trail-specific and highly slip-resistant protective outsole designed specifically for hiking.

The best hiking shoes for flat feet will likewise have comfort and support features ideal for this foot type.

Some Main issues Related to Flat Feet

There are a few issues that you may notice when you have flat feet, or you may be lucky enough not to experience any. However, it is still important to get the proper support from your Hiking footwear if you have flat feet or a lower arch type;

  • Uneven Weight Dispersion – One of the main issues with flat feet is that the arch of your foot is no longer functioning properly, and weight is unevenly dispersed in the ball of your foot and heels, which may cause long term pain and damage.
  • Overpronation – Overpronation occurs when most of the weight is placed on the outer edge of your heel when you take a step, and the foot rolls inward excessively. This, in turn, can be a risk for injuries as well as causing strain on muscles and tendons in the feet and legs. Overpronation is a common occurrence in flat feet.
  • Plantar Fasciitis – Plantar Fasciitis is pain and inflammation in the Plantar Fascia tissue in the heel, which occurs because of excess impact on the heels or overpronation, in turn, is a result of flat feet or fallen arches.

Hiking Shoes for the Flat Foot

With flat feet comes specific issues such as uneven weight dispersion, heel pain, and condition such as Plantar Fasciitis in which you may require specific features in a good hiking shoe;

  • Support – Good arch support specific to a low or collapsed arch is ideal for supporting the functionality of the arch, which is no longer functioning properly.
  • Stability Stability features such as a heel cup or contoured footbed and other stability features help improve motion and reduce overpronation, an issue with flat feet.
  • Motion Control – Proper alignment and control of motion reduce the risk of injuries and prevent overpronation in flat feet.
  • Cushioning -Cushioning is a key element that provides comfort and shock absorbency to return energy to the feet and prevent foot fatigue.

The general attributes of a proper Hiking shoe are to protect against dirt and liquids; therefore, you should always look for waterproof materials to ensure slip resistance on various surfaces and trails and to be tough and durable in a demanding environment.

Features of a Good Hiking Shoe for Flat Feet

Buying a pair of specialist hiking shoes for people with low arches is necessary from a comfort and safety point of view; Hiking long hours in a shoe that is not intended for flat footers; not only will be very uncomfortable but could lead to severe foot ankle and knee damage and should be avoided.

Here is our list of features you should pay attention to

  • Construction – Lightweight corrective construction, especially at the inner side of the shoe
  • Outsole – A durable and aggressive outsole that has a lug tread designed for slip resistance on wet and slippery outdoor surfaces.
  • Comfort – A comfortable cushioned insole and moisture-wicking interior linings to keep your feet cool and comfortable.
  • Shock Absorbency – Supportive midsole with foam or gel cushioning to absorb shock. Trail running shoes for flat feet can also aid as a shock absorber.
  • Uppers – Breathable materials, mesh with synthetic overlays for structure, and a waterproof lining in some models.

Reviews: The Best Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet

These are our top choices in hiking shoes for flat feet;


Top Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet

  • Special SELECT GRIP outsole provides unparallel stability on various terrains and surfaces.
  • Elastic cords, as the laces, provide a quick, easy, and more precise fit on your feet.
  • Midsole: Utilizing the specialized M Select FRESH Molded EVA footbed for exceptional cushioning and comfort.
  • Heel: The Merrell Air Cushion absorbs shocks and stabilizes flat footers.
  • Hikers love these shoes as they find them as light as loafers, making climbing a lot less tiring.
  • Note: Merrell does not have a women’s version for these hiking shoes for some weird reasons – Though many women in the reviews say they buy them 1-2 smaller sizes, and they fit very well and look cute.


Low Cut Hiking Shoe for Flat Feet

The Adidas Terrex and AX3 is a waterproof hiking shoe with a comfortable EVA midsole and high-traction tread for all terrains.
  • Breathable textile and synthetic uppers with Gore-Tex waterproof protection.
  • A lightweight EVA midsole for cushioned comfort.
  • The molded sock liner ensures an enhanced fit and all-day dryness.
  • A high-traction rubber outsole delivers optimal grip in wet conditions.


Mid Hiking Shoe for Flat Feet

  • Features breathable and flexible uppers with a waterproof Goore-Tex Lining.
  • The outsole is trail-specific with a Contragrip design.
  • Inside is comfortable and cushioned insole and EVA midsole for shock absorbency.
  • Extremely durable and hard-wearing, with a quick lacing system.


Hiking Boots for Low Arches

A waterproof hiking boot that will offer a four-wheel drive performance in the harshest of hiking terrain.
  • Mid-Cut height for better ankle support and protection.
  • The Keen dry waterproof breathable membrane ensures your feet are always kept dry.
  • An ESS shank for torsional stability and a more secure ride.
  • The aggressive outsole features 4mm lugs that will bite into the toughest terrain.


Flat Feet Hiking Boots

  • Classic leather and breathable mesh that ventilates your feet.
  • Compression-molded EVA foam midsole for superb cushioning.
  • The shaft measures approximately 5.25″ from the arch.
  • Waterproof full-grain leather and boot construction that is water and stain-resistant treatment.
  • Omnigrip lugged outsole for better traction.


Cushioned Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet

The Columbia Redmond is a durable, completely waterproof hiking shoe that is durable and provides exceptional grip.
  • Breathable leather and textile uppers with lightweight construction.
  • A Thick trail-specific rubber outsole with an Omni-Grip, Multi traction system for aggressive terrain.
  • Superiors Techlite materials is used for cushioned.
  • A lightweight and cushioned midsole and waterproof layer for complete waterproofing.
  • Durable, low-top hiking shoes that will keep you dry and comfortable in all environments.


Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet

The Hedgehog is a lightweight, sleek-designed Hiking shoe for swift movement over all terrains.
  • Leather and synthetic uppers offer a snug fit and excellent breathability.
  • A durable trail-specific lug rubber outsole for all terrains.
  • A cushioned footbed offers lightweight comfort and support.
  • Features Fastpack GTX technology for underfoot protection and grip.


Ventilated Hiking Shoe for Flat Feet

A tough and comfortable Air-cushioned hiking shoe with a strong Vibram outsole.
  • Suede leather and mesh uppers for breathability and lightweight support.
  • The durable Vibram outsole has 5mm lugs and a protective rubber toe cap.
  • A Nylon Arch shank for support and stability and a closed-cell bellow foam tongue keep moisture and debris out.
  • Inside is an air-cushioned comfort footbed for all-day support.


Low Cut Flat Feet Hiking Boots

The Vasque Mantra is one of the best options in hiking shoes for a flat foot, with a wide toe box and excellent stability support.
  • From the outside in, we have the highly durable and slip-resistant Virbram Rubber Outsole.
  • A Dual-density and shock-absorbing Midsole and EVA footbed.
  • Smooth moisture-wicking interior linings.
  • Durable and water-resistant leather and synthetic uppers with abrasion-resistant mesh.
  • A wider toe box for more toe room and less pressure.


Hiking Boots for Flat Feet

The Merrell Chameleon offers a superb grip on slippery surfaces as well as a flat foot support.
  • Excellent SELECT Grip, for best grip on a variety of surface areas.
  • Boot design ensures excellent ankle support.
  • Breathable and waterproof design.
  • Air cushioning system and a FRESH molded EVA footbed for cushioning and shock absorbency.
  • Extremely lightweight yet durable design.


Flat Feet Shoe for Hiking

A trail running and hiking shoe with superb features to accommodate flat feet and help relieve pain associated with this arch type,
  • Breathable and lightweight synthetic uppers with seamless and non-irritating construction.
  • Anatomical support forefoot and comfortable toe box.
  • The rock plate protects your feet against punctures.
  • Aggressive, multi-directional carbon rubber outsole that is abrasion-resistant.
  • A supportive stability EVA Strobel board.


Outdoor Walking and Hiking Shoe for Flat Feet

The Hiking Shoes from Propet is an Outdoor walking and hiking shoe that offers orthopedic support and comfort for flat feet and other foot conditions.
  • Soft Suede leather and mesh uppers that are breathable and lightweight.
  • It is lined with a waterproof interior lining for water protection.
  • Outdoor, trail-specific, durable rubber, and slip-resistant outsole.
  • A 4-inch last as well as molded counter support with a rubber toe bumper.
  • EVA molded midsole for shock absorbency and cushioned footbed for comfort.
  • Padded heel and collar for a more supportive and secure fit.


Mid-Cut Waterproof Flat Feet Hiking Boot

The Dunham Cloud and 779V1 model from New Balance are two superb models in Hiking shoes for flat feet from a top-rated brand.
  • Made from fine quality leather with a moisture-wicking interior lining.
  • A flexible and lightweight trail-specific outsole from durable rubber.
  • Rollbar technology for stability and motion control in fat feet.
  • Durable and heavy-duty outdoor wear design.
  • Cushioned for comfort and support.


Flate Feet Hiking Shoes

The Versatrail from Keen is a durable and protective Hiking shoe model that is ideal for flat feet.
  • A molded EVA midsole for excellent shock absorbency.
  • Durable rubber outsole with a slip-resistant trail-specific tread.
  • There is an abrasion-resistant rubber toe cap and reinforced heel.
  • Cushioned footbed for comfort with a moisture-wicking interior lining.
  • It offers excellent support and stability for flat feet.

Eliminate Symptoms of Flat Feet use the Right Hiking Shoes

The most efficient, least costly, and easiest way to treat foot pain, particularly foot pain caused by flat feet, is to wear the appropriate footwear.

The most crucial step for anyone who has a flat foot is to wear proper and well-fitting footwear.

Footwear that has become old and worn out does not provide the right fit or suitable amount of support for a flat foot and should be replaced promptly.

Good hiking shoes that provide cushioning, arch support, and good shock absorbency are an excellent choice for flat feet; you can also look at motion control and stability shoes, depending on your pronation type.

People with flat feet are much more likely to overpronate than supinate but may also be neutral pronators.

Index Table: Top Rated Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet

No.ShoeMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
1Merrell® - Top Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet Chameleon 8 Siren
  • Stretchable Uppers
  • Removable EVA Footbed
  • Air Cushion Heel
  • Highly Slip-Resistant
2Adidas® - Low Cut Hiking Shoe for Flat Feet Terrex Swift AX3
  • EVA midsole
3Salomon® - Mid Hiking Shoe for Flat Feet X Ultra Mid 4 GTX X Ultra Mid 4 GTX
  • Gore-Tex Lining
  • EVA Midsole
  • Contragrip Outsole
4Keen® - Hiking Boots for Low Arches Targhee II Targhee II
  • Leather
  • EVA midsole
5Columbia® - Flat Feet Hiking Boots Newton Ridge Newton Ridge
  • Waterproof
  • EVA Midsole
6Columbia® - Cushioned Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet Redmond Redmond
  • Omni Grip
  • Cushioned
  • Waterproof
7The North Face® - Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet Hedgehog Hedgehog
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • High Traction
The North Face96
8Merrell® - Ventilated Hiking Shoe for Flat Feet Moab Ventilator 2 Moab Ventilator 2
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Vibram Outsole
9Vasque® - Low Cut Flat Feet Hiking Boots Mantra 2.0 Mantra 2.0
  • Vibram Outsole
  • Abrasion resistant mesh
10Merrell® - Hiking Boots for Flat Feet Moab 2 Moab 2
  • Stretchable Uppers
  • Removable EVA Footbed
  • Air Cushion Heel
  • Highly Slip-Resistant
11Pearl Izumi® - Flat Feet Shoe for Hiking EM N2 V3 EM N2 V2
  • Rubber Sole
  • ESS Rock Plate
  • Seamless Construction
Pearl Izumi97
12Propet® - Outdoor Walking and Hiking Shoe for Flat Feet Ridge Walker Peak
  • Trail Specific
  • EVA Midsole
  • Cushioned
13New Balance® - Mid-Cut Waterproof Flat Feet Hiking Boot Dunham Cloud 779V1
  • Waterproof
  • Rubber Sole
  • Cushioned
New Balance95
14Keen® - Flate Feet Hiking Shoes Venture Versatrail
  • Dual Density Midsole
  • Stability Shank
  • Lightweight

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