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Drop Foot or foot drop as it is known, basically occurs when the muscles in the front of your lower legs are not strong enough to lift your ankle and your toes upwards for your foot to lift. This causes your foot to hang down and to even drag on the ground as you walk.

For the most part, drop foot or foot drop can be a result of another condition, such as a herniated disk or an injury to the nerves behind the knee, or it may be because of a disease of your nervous system, or even because of surgery that was done on your knees for your back.

It is very important to find comfortable and supportive shoes that are large in weight to help you deal with this condition. You need a shoe that holds your foot down properly, but also that is latently waked so you can easily lift your foot. Most Orthopedic and athletic shoe styles or ideal if you have dropped foot. However, for the Miss Article, we will be looking at dress shoes specifically for foot drop.

Foot Drop Explained

Foot drop also sometimes called drop foot is just a general term when you cannot lift the front port of your foot. Foot drop is not an actual disease, but it is more the sign of an underlying neurological or even a muscular or anatomical problem. Foot drops can sometimes be temporary, but they can also be permanent. When you have foot drop, you need to wear braces to support your feet or proper supportive shoes.

  • Symptoms – When you had a foot drop, it is difficult for you to lift the front part of your foot, and it may drag on the floor when you walk. People who have food drop may also raise their thighs more than usual when they’re walking as if they are climbing stairs. The unusual kind of walking can also lead to their feet slapping down on the floor with each step, and then the skin on the top of the foot and the toes may start to feel numb.
  • Causes – The condition of food drop is caused by a weakness or paralysis in the muscles that are involved in lifting the front port of your feet. Some brain and spinal cord scooters such as strokes, multiple sclerosis, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, can lead to foot drop. Other muscle and nerve disorders such as muscular dystrophy or inherited diseases that can cause progressive muscle weakness may also contribute to foot drop. For the most part, the most common cause of foot drop is damage or pinching of the peroneal nerve. The peroneal nerve is the nerve that is involved in controlling the muscles that help you to lift your foot. Any injury or surgery or even. Use injury that can cause damage or pinching of the peroneal nerve, mainly to the condition of foot drop.
  • Risk Factors – Your peroneal nerve controls the muscle that lifts your foot. The nerve runs near the surface of the skin on the side of your knee, which is closest to your hand. Any activity that compresses this nerve will increase your risk of developing a drop. People who regularly cross their legs can compress this nerve in their uppermost legs, and people who kneel for prolonged periods, or squat, can also compress this nerve. If you need to wear a leg cost, such as a cluster cost, that encloses your ankle, and the angel below the moon, it can also place pressure on the peroneal nerve.
  • Treatment – In more severe cases of food drop, you may need surgery on the nerves that may be causing the condition. Other treatments can include wearing a breast to help you to walk. Nerve stimulation or physical therapy helps strengthen knee and leg muscles and improve flexibility.

Dress Shoes for Drop Foot

Not as often, for the most part, most Orthopedic shoes and athletic shoe clubs deal with specific features for drop feet. However, when it comes to dressingBest Dress Shoes for Foot Drop shoes, it may become a bit more difficult to find the right rat shoes to wear for foot drop.

  • Lightweight – Firstly, you need to look at a shoe that is light and white. So you do not want a heavy, chunky dress shoes. It is difficult enough for you to lift your foot when you have a drop foot, so you do not want a heavy shoe weighing you down.
  • Secure Fit – The shoe needs to offer a secure fit with a slightly higher ankle to help keep your feet stable. You do need to keep your feet in a stable and more controlled position when you have foot drop.
  • Comfort – It is important to have a shoe that offers a comfortable fit that will not squeeze your foot or cause any more discomfort than you are already feeling. I would also look for a shoe with some cushioning and underfoot support to help with the alignment of your feet.
  • Style – Shoe styles with a slightly higher back, or heel is ideal for foot drop. So we are going to be looking at dress shoes such as loafer slip-on styles and shoes that you can lace up to get a more secure fit.

Features of a Good Dress Shoe for Foot Drop

  • Uppers – Most dress shoes have leather uppers that can either be a soft nubuck or a suede feel. You also get textile uppers, which are more for semi-formal occasions. We will be looking at different styles of dress shoes. Most of them will be leather and will be available in more neutral colors.
  • Support and Comfort – I have chosen dishes for food drop that offer slightly more stability. They will have a cushioned foot bed for your comfort and a more shock-absorbing midsole. Most of them have some stability features and have a padded heel collar or collar.
  • Fit – You will need slightly more depth inside a dress shoe drop, and also something that is a bit more toe room. So I have included shoes that give you the option of wider widths, and that also have removable insoles or orthotics. Having a dress shoe that has removable layers or insoles allows you to use your orthotics and having a wider-width, shoe or an extra depth design also allows you to wear braces with your dress shoes.
  • Outsole – Most dress shoes have either a rubber or a synthetic outside. Some of them may have a slight heel.
  • Options – As I’ve mentioned, I did choose a few dress shoe models that are available in wider wets. Most of them are available in mall sizes and do offer a few color options.

Reviews: The Best Dress Shoes for Foot Drop

So with that said, here is our review list of some of the best available dress shoe models for foot drop;


  • The OrthoComfoot loafers are the perfect Orthopedic dress shoes for Drop Feet.
  • They have an extra depth and wide-width design with a secure fit.
  • The shoe has a supportive Orthopedic insole with good arch support.
  • There is a lightweight cushioning EVA Midsole and a durable rubber outsole.


  • The Clarks Bradley Easy are dress sneakers for Drop Foot.
  • They have soft and lightweight canvas uppers and are a slip-on design.
  • There is an OrthoLite Footbed and arch support with an EVA outsole.
  • They are extremely lightweight and have a secure fit.


  • The Vionic Chukka boot has a higher ankle fit which is usually recommended for foot drop.
  • They are a semi-formal style in soft leather.
  • Thee use a rubber outsole and podiatrist design cushioned footbed.
  • The boots are comfortable and have a roomy toe box.


  • The Hush Puppies Bennet are athletic style dress shoes with a more secure fit for foot drop.
  • They are leather with a removable cushioned insole and Strobel construction for flexibility.
  • The synthetic sole is very lightweight and durable.
  • The leather uppers offer a more relaxed fit.


  • The Sullivan Loafers are easy to slip on and off when you have drop foot.
  • They are leather and formal in style.
  • There is a podiatrist design footbed with cushioning and stability features.
  • Similarly, they are quite lightweight.


  • The Celina for ladies is an Orthopedic dress shoe for Drop feet.
  • They offer a more secure fit and an extra depth roomy design, with removable layers should you need to use a brace or orthotics.
  • The shoes are well cushioned with an ergonomic sole and arch support.
  • They are also lightweight and elegant.

Index Table: Top Rated Dress Shoes for Foot Drop

1OrthoComfoot Men's Loafer - Dress Shoes for Foot Drop
  • Arch Support
  • Lightweight
  • Cushioned
  • Loafer Design
  • Orthopedic
2Clarks Men's Bradley Easy - Canvas Dress Shoes for Foot Drop
  • Canvas
  • Lightweight
  • Loafer
  • Cushioned
  • Lightweight
3Vionic Men's Bowery - Dress Chukka Boots for Drop Foot
  • Arch Support
  • Leather
  • Wider Widths
  • Podiatrist Design Footbed
4Hush Puppies Men's bennet - Dress Shoes for Drop Foot
  • Oxford Style
  • More Colors
  • Wider Widths
  • removable Footbed
  • Strobel Construction
Hush Puppies97.8
5Vionic Men's Spruce Sullivan - Dress Shoes for Foot Drop
  • Orthotic Arch Support
  • Lightweight
  • Cushioned
  • Roomy Fit
6Orthofeet Women's Celina - Dress Shoes for a Foot Drop
  • Arch Support
  • Cushioned
  • Wider Widths
  • Extra Depth
  • Layered Cushioning
  • Low Heel

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