Saucony® Omni ISO 3

The Saucony Omni ISO 3 release date is July 11, 2023.

The Saucony Omni ISO 3 will have the following features & updates:

  • The Upper will offer a comfortable OMNI-Fiot design that uses a soft and breathable inner sleeve with an outer structured cage-like design for optimal support.
  • There will also be the same PWRFOAM technology EVA midsole and a soft cushioned insole.
  • A newer technology inner lining will be used that keeps your feet dry and cool.
  • The new Saucony Omni ISO 6 will also be available in many more colors and designs.
  • As for the outsole, they will use a combination of XT-900 and IBR rubber for energizing cushioning and durability.
  • Saucony will also enhance the sole tread for better grip and traction.
  • A Tri-Flex technology design will be employed for additional flexibility in the sole that will not impede traction and durability.

Previous model of the Omni ISO:
The Saucony Omni ISO 2 release date was on July 24, 2019.

Latest Version of the Saucony Omni ISO


Saucony Omni ISO



  • The MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) for the Saucony Omni ISO 3 is estimated at around $130.
  • This time, not too much of a price increase is expected for the new Saucony Omni ISO 3 model.

Arch support and pronation controlArch Support and Pronation Control

  • The new Saucony Omni ISO 3 will be designed specifically to provide good stability and motion control for persons who tend to Overpronate.
  • The design will be ideal for persons who have a flat, low, or even a medium arch type and tend to overpronate.
  • They will also offer excellent cushioning and shock absorbency for individuals who strike midfoot.


  • The new model will be a road and hard surface running shoe only.
  • I would not recommend using them on smooth surfaces, such as for aerobic classes or treadmills.
  • They will also not be suited for outdoor trail walking and running surfaces.


  • The Saucony Omni ISO 3 new model will be ideal for anything from jogging to long-distance running.
  • They should also be perfect for marathon running on a variety of surfaces.


  • The new Saucony Omni ISO 3 will be very durable in design and materails.
  • They will be long-distance and marathon running shoes to be up to the task of heavy wear and tear and usage.
  • You can expect some excellent durability and quality from the new model.

Fit and SizingFit and Sizing

  • As for fit, the new Saucony Omni ISO 3 will be quite true to size.
  • The shoe will offer a snug heel fit and a more roomy toe fit.
  • The wider toe box will allow you to splay out your toes easily.
  • You will also be able to get the new model in medium, wide, and extra-wide width options as you need.


  • I found the expected weight to be quite solid and stable for an overpronation running shoe, which will be ideal.
  • You can expect a weight of 315grams for the men’s model.
  • For women, the weight will be slightly lighter at 281 grams.

Elevation of the Saucony Omni ISO 3

Heel HeightHeel Height

  • There will be a heel height of 29 mm in the new model.
  • This height is ideal for a person with a lower arch type and overpronation.
  • The higher heel stack will provide better stability and motion control.

Forefoot HeightForefoot Height

  • You can also expect a forefoot height of around 21mm.
  • The forefoot stack height will provide excellent shock absorbency for those who have a midfoot strike.

Heel-to-Toe DropHeel-to-Toe Drop

  • An excellent heel-to-toe drop of 8mm is expected for the Saucony Omni ISO 3.
  • This is the ideal heel-to-toe drop for stability and motion control running shoes.

Components of the Saucony Omni ISO 3


  • The Outsole of the new Saucony Omni ISO 3 will feature the Tri-Flex design, which is more flexible in the forefoot design,
  • The flexibility, however, will not affect the grip with the enhanced tread patterns on the outsole.
  • The outsole will still consist of the energizing cushioned and durable XT-900 rubber and IBR+.


  • The Saucony Omni ISO 3 still employs the PWRFOAM midsole design of its predecessor, which uses lightweight, yet durable EVA foam for shock absorbency in the midsole.
  • There will be firmer medial posts in the midsole, which will help with excessive pronation and provide better stability.


  • The Saucony Omni ISO 3 will feature many new colors and designs in their latest range.
  • The uppers will still feature the snug and comfortable ISOFIT design,
  • There will be a combination of a soft and moisture-wicking inner sleeve with a more structured outer frame for better support.
  • The interior lining will be designed with technology to keep your feet cool and dry.

Saucony® Omni ISO vs. Echelon


Saucony Omni ISO 3

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