14 Best Water Walking Shoes for Men & Women

Getting a water-friendly walking shoe is one way of protecting your feet against hard and sharp objects in a body of water such as a river or the ocean as well as protecting your feet against wet sand and pavements when you are out of the water.

A water walking shoe is a great option for outdoor activities that include water such as kayaking, fishing, surfing or just walking on the river bank or on the beach.

Women Walking in Water

Ideally, water shoes, are ridge traversing, have high water resistance and excellent for walking especially in the sand and muddy areas, trailing, trekking and any other long distance walking.

What is a Water-Friendly Walking Shoe

A Water shoe or Water Friendly Walking shoe is a shoe that is typically used for activities in which your feet are going to get wet or where you are going to be walking in or through bodies of water. Water shoes normally have mesh uppers that dry easily and a hard sole to prevent cuts and abrasions or punctures from sharp rocky floors or zebra mussels and other dangerous objects in the ocean.

The primary function of a water shoe is to keep your feet protected from sharp objects in the water and to prevent you from slipping on rocks and other slippery or wet surfaces. Water-friendly walking shoes are also a great option for a holiday or day at the beach as they keep your feet cool, dry and protected against the hot sand and pavement as well as preventing slipping.

Features of a Good Water Walking Shoe

  • A thick and high traction outsole that provides excellent grip on wet and slippery surfaces as well as protection against cuts, abrasions and punctures.
  • lightweight construction and materials that will not weigh your feet down when you are walking in water.
  • A good drainage system as to release all excess water and prevent water from getting trapped in the shoe making it heavy and uncomfortable.
  • Lightweight mesh or easy drying materials used for the uppers so that the shoe remains lightweight underwater and dries very fast when you are out of the water.
  • EVA in the top sole or midsole to keep your feet comfortable and well-cushioned against hard and protruding objects.
  • Durable and long-lasting construction and materials are used that can withstand water damage and other elements, as well as rough use.
  • Other comfort and support features for different requirements.
  • Different size and width options to suit every foot type.
  • Various color and design options for every preference and taste.

Reviews: The Best Water Walking Shoes

Here, you will discover the ideal water walking shoes that have been professionally designed to match different wet environment.


Best Water Walking Shoes

These water walking shoes offer a stretchable feel to the feet at an affordable price.

  • The Traxion outsole puts these shoes ahead for best performance when walking in wet environments.
  • The Climacool Tooling construction improves breathability and comfort.
  • The Adidas drainage system and a well-designed EVA tongue top render these shoes the best.
  • You can find it in various multi-colored options to choose from, depending on your taste and preference.
  • It is suitable for many activities such as hiking, swimming or even going out for a trip.
  • They get dry within the least time possible and are quite durable.


Trail Walking Water Shoes

Merrell’s Sieve Water Shoe has been designed specifically to perform in watery environments

  • It features UniFly responsive cushioning system technology making it quite ideal to walk even on the river bed.
  • The Molded TPU external heel counter adds stability when you walk on uneven surfaces.
  • Its midsole is cushioned to provide top comfy whenever you go out.
  • It makes walking on water, grass and sandy areas, safe and easy.
  • Merrell has given close attention to the comfort of this water shoe.
  • Great innovation featured in the design of these shoes make it perfect for outdoor performance.


Simple Water Activity Shoes

A durable and highly functional shoe for all your in-water activities.

  • The Wave is a ‘Water Walking Shoes’ that is the top-selling water walking shoes.
  • The shoes are very desirable for its distinct features.
  • A durable outsole that provides exceptional grip.
  • It is available in a variety of colors: Royal black, white red yellow and much more.
  • It is made of high-quality synthetic material. You can select your preferred size that fits you well


Surfing Water Shoes

The Surf Walker from Speedo is an excellent Water shoe for surfing and activities ate the seaside.

  • A flexible pull-on upper with mesh inserts for breathability.
  • The cushioned insole ensures exceptional impact protection.
  • A Trac outsole provides high traction and good grip.
  • The outsole streams water away from the shoe and enhances direct surface contact for better slip resistance.


Quick Drying Water Shoes

The Aleader Aqua Water Walking Shoe is comfortable and durable lace-up shoes that are quick drying.

  • Breathable and durable mesh uppers with a lightweight Solyte midsole for an excellent bounce-back and comfort.
  • A water grip and cushion outsole for superior traction in wet and slippery conditions.
  • The ComforDry sock liner and arch supportive insole ensures only the best support and creates a cool and dry wearing environment.
  • The uppers mesh and hole in the sole ensures that these shoes dry extremely fast.
  • Available in different color options.


Best Water Walking Sandals

The Keen Clearwater CNX is a fabulous and durable sandal for the outdoors in and out of the water.

  • Soft Synthetic Uppers and Ghillie lacing with a quick-adjust bungee cord that creates a snug and comfortable fit.
  • An Anti-odor anatomic footbed and KEEN toe protection for the ultimate in support and safety.
  • The durable rubber outsole ensures high traction and will prevent slipping.
  • Available in many different colors and size options.


Affordable Water Sport Shoe

These Protective Water Shoes from Starbay are the ultimate in comfort and water wear style.

  • Durable rubber in the sole for added protection.
  • Extra lightweight and great for any outdoor activity that you need to undertake.
  • Performs fairly well by protecting your feet from sharp rocks and other shell materials found in water.


Terrex Climacool Sleek Water Shoe

    Conclusion for Water Shoes

    This list of shoes is some of the best available shoes that are perfect for outdoor activities that include walking and standing in water as well as for visits to the beach or pool.
    These shoes will provide the necessary protection as well as comfort and durability that is required of a good water shoe.

    Index Table: Top Rated Water Walking Shoes

    No.ShoeMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
    1Adidas® - Best Water Walking Shoes
    Climacool Boat
    Climacool Boat
    • Traxion Outsole
    • EVA Tongue
    • Color Options
    2Merrell® - Trail Walking Water Shoes
    • UniFly responsive cushioning
    • TPU heel counter
    3The Wave® - Simple Water Activity Shoes
    Water Shoes
    Water Shoes
    • Color Options
    • Lightweight
    The Wave93
    4Speedo® - Surfing Water Shoes
    Surfwalker 3.0
    Surfwalker 3.0
    • Flexible
    • Cushioned
    • Trac Outsole
    5Aleader® - Quick Drying Water Shoes
    • Lightweight
    • Cushioned
    • Slip Resistant
    • Breathable
    6Keen® - Best Water Walking Sandals
    Clearwater CNX
    Clearwater CNX
    • Water Resistant
    • Slip Resistant
    • Metatomical Footbed
    7Lrun® - Affordable Water Sport Shoe
    • Lightweight
    • Barefoot Like
    8Adidas® - Terrex Climacool Sleek Water Shoe
    • Textile & Synthetic
    • Thick Rubber sole

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