Asics® Kinsei 7 OG

Asics release the Asics Kinsei 7, its new name is Asics Gel Kinsei OG.
The Asics Gel Kinsei 7 OG has the following updates:

  • Many features and technologies that are new give you a much better running experience.
  • Compared to the previous version of the Gel-Kinsei, the weight of the New Gel-Kinsei 7 has been reduced.
  • Heel cushioning is better through repositioning the rearfoot GEL.
  • Introduction of new features that provide better comfort and better secure fit.
  • Even higher durability of the shoe to make you enjoy running in it for a longer time.

Latest Version of the Asics Kinsei 7


Asics Gel Kinsei 7


  • The MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) for Asics Gel Kinsei 7 is $200.
  • This neutral running shoe is more expensive than other running shoes out there.
  • A lot of people are not interested in buying it because of the price.

Arch support and pronation controlArch Support and Pronation Control

  • The arch support of the Asics Gel Kinsei 7 OG is foot & ankle.
  • The Asics Gel-Kinsei is a neutral running shoe, which means that the outer border of the foot, the front of the foot, and the heel make contact with the ground equally.
  • Also, this shoe is for runners who experience neutral pronation.
  • Neutral pronation happens when the first to strike the ground is the outside of the heel, and then the foot rolls inward, wherein the shock is slightly absorbed to make sure that the foot and ankle can support the body properly.
  • If you are a neutral pronator, you may need the help of neutral running shoes such as the Asics Gel-Kinsei.


  • The terrain for Asics Gel Kinsei is road and gravel.
  • This shoe has features that will help you have a smooth ride and survive these terrains.
  • However, it may not be suitable for trail or mountain running because it does not have the traction properties needed in these challenging terrains.


  • Because of the weight of the Asics Gel-Kinsei, any speed work cannot be done using the shoe.
  • Sprinting and other activities that require speed work cannot be done with this shoe.
  • For sure, you will have a difficult time dealing with it.
  • But with the help of this neutral running shoe, you can push through with regular training.
  • This will also help you improve your performance and have a better running experience than before.


  • The Asics Gel Kinsei 7 is a well-cushioned ride.
  • Aside from that, its midsole is made of Solyte, a cushioning material that offers bounce-back and durability.

Fit and SizingFit and Sizing

  • The Asics Gel Kinsei base fit is for those who have mid-foot and forefoot with medium sizes feet.
  • It is a good thing that this shoe has a wide variety of foot sizes to accommodate compared to other running shoes that only allow narrow feet.
  • When you order this shoe, ensure that you get your actual size to get the perfect fit.
  • If you have experienced getting a half-size bigger than your actual size with other running shoes, this does not apply to the Asics Gel-Kinsei.


  • The Asics Gel Kinsei weighs approximately 346 grams for men and approximately 278 grams for women.
  • It is relatively heavier compared to other running shoes, but you can still use this for your daily training.
  • It will still help you survive long runs without getting easily tired.

Heel HeightHeel Height

  • The heel height for men and women in the Asics Gel Kinsei is 32.7 mm and 33 mm.
  • Many do not know the importance of having enough heel height.

Forefoot HeightForefoot Height

  • The Asics Gel Kinsei’s forefoot height for men and women is 23.2 mm and 23.7 mm.
  • The heel height is bigger than the forefoot height because most runners land on their heels.

Heel-to-Toe DropHeel-to-Toe Drop

  • In the case of Asics Gel Kinsei, the heel-to-toe drop for men and women is 9.5 mm, and 9.3 mm.
  • This shoe has a high heel-to-toe drop, which can cause heel-striking, wherein your heel gets in your way during running.

Components of the Asics Gel Kinsei 7


  • The outer sole of the Asics Gel Kinsei is made of High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR).
  • Because of this carbon rubber material, the shoe has excellent durability.


  • The midsole of the Asics Gel Kinsei is made from a thermal plastic unit.
  • In order to provide responsive cushioning, additional durability, and reduce the shoe’s weight, the midsole of this neutral running shoe has a FluidRide.
  • These benefits are really helpful to make sure that you are well-protected while running.
  • This shoe also has a Guidance Line in the forefoot, which improves the gait efficiency.
  • With this unit, energy is released during toe-off, you will be propelled forward.
  • Because of this system, it will be easier for you to make strides.
  • The Impact Guidance System (IGS) design, on the other hand, offers a heel-to-toe transition that is smooth and stable.


  • The upper of the Asics Gel Kinsei is made up of an exoskeletal structure that covers the heel.
  • The upper portion of the Asics Gel-Kinsei has materials that provide great comfort and breathability.
  • In the upper, there is an open mesh that keeps the feet cool.
  • For a customized fit, it also has a FluidFit that consists of multi-directional stretch mesh.
  • In addition, it also includes the Personal Heel Fit, wherein a two-layer memory foam lining is used in the heel collar.
  • Through this, you do not have to worry that your shoe is neither too loose nor too tight.
  • With the Asics Gel Kinsei 7, you don’t need to wear socks because the Asics Gel-Kinsei has a Seamless Upper Construction.
  • This construction is responsible for having an irritation-free run.
  • This shoe also provides additional cushioning through the ComforDry Sockliner.
  • This sock liner is made with anti-bacterial material to get rid of the odor and moisture inside the shoe.
  • Furthermore, it has the Strobel Last with the upper connected to the Solyte 45 Foam.
  • This does not only provide cushioning but also a soft underfoot ride.

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