Asics® Gel DS Trainer 27

The expected release date for the Asics Gel DS Trainer 27 is June 5, 2023.

The Asics Gel DS Trainer 27 will have the following updates:

  • The Asics Gel DS Trainer 27 will get an exoskeletal heel and a lighter frame with improved support and efficiency.
  • Better arch support and cushioning that overpronators need through an upgrade to the Dual Density DuoMax system.
  • Previous features like the Guidance Line enable better running gait efficiency.
  • Reduce the shoe’s weight, so you can do more miles when running.

Previous models of the Gel DS Trainer:
The Asics Gel DS Trainer 26 was released in March 2021.
The Asics Gel DS Trainer 25 was released in February 2020.

Latest Version of the Asics Gel DS Trainer


Asics Gel DS Trainer



  • The MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) for Asics Gel DS Trainer 27 will be around $130.
  • This price is reasonable enough for this kind of shoe, and many runners prefer this, especially those who need great support from their running shoes.

Arch support and pronation controlArch Support and Pronation Control

  • The arch support of the Asics Gel DS Trainer 27 is a light overpronation.
  • This running shoe provides more stability for runners.
  • If you are an overpronator, there is definitely a great need for support during running.
  • These stability shoes also offer great midsole cushioning.
  • This is the reason why you should know your arch and pronation type.
  • These are important to remember if you want the right running shoes.
  • Again, the Asics Gel DS Trainer is for light overpronators’ stability.


  • The terrain for Asics Gel DS Trainer is a road, track, and gravel, the Asics Gel DS Trainer, provides what you need.
  • There are enough support and comfort that can enable you to run for long distances.


  • The Asics Gel DS Trainer is used for normal training.
  • With this shoe, you will enjoy running on the allowed terrains.
  • But aside from this, you can also have your performance improved.


  • The Asics Gel DS Trainer sole comprises a carbon rubber material called the Asics High Abrasion Rubber.
  • This training shoe also features a material found in the heel, which contributes to its durability.
  • With this material, you can enjoy running with the Asics Gel DS Trainer running shoes.

Fit and SizingFit and Sizing

  • The Asics Gel DS Trainer base fit is for those who have wide feet.
  • Medium-sized feet can fit in the Asics Gel DS Trainer. Since there is a wide range of sizes that can fit, many people rejoice with this.
  • Even if you force it, it will just create discomfort to your foot during running.
  • As a result, instead of enjoying, you will just be annoyed and distracted by the fit.
  • Furthermore, this performance shoe has the Heel Clutching System that provides a secure fit.
  • With the sizing of this shoe, you must have a half size higher than your actual size.


  • The Asics Gel DS Trainer weighs approximately 278 grams for men and approximately 244 grams for women.
  • These weights mean that this running shoe is more of a performance running shoe than a speed-running shoe.
  • You can boost your running performance with the help of this shoe.
  • However, it may be difficult for you to use this for any speed work, such as joining marathons.

Elevation of the Asics® Gel DS Trainer 27

Heel HeightHeel Height

  • The heel height for men and women in the Asics Gel DS Trainer is 33.1 mm and 31.8 mm. Adding heel height to the shoe can shorten the Gastrocnemius-soleus and Achilles muscle, reducing the strain upon the different posterior running structures.
  • However, you should also bear in mind that if the heel height is too high, it may be less stable, reducing the flexibility in the tendons.

Forefoot HeightForefoot Height

  • The Asics Gel DS Trainer’s forefoot height for men and women is 24.1 mm and 23.7 mm.
  • Normally, forefoot heights are smaller compared to heel heights because most people land on their heels.
  • The forefoot heights of both versions of the Asics Gel DS Trainer still provide enough height to protect the foot.

Heel-to-Toe DropHeel-to-Toe Drop

  • In the Asics Gel DS Trainer, the heel-to-toe drop for men and women is 9 mm and 8.1 mm.
  • By definition, the heel-to-toe drop is the difference between the heel and forefoot heights.
  • These offsets are enough and might not lead to heel-striking. Typically, performance shoes do not have a too high or too low heel-to-toe drop.
  • If you have encountered a running shoe with a zero-offset, that running shoe aims to provide runners with a barefoot running experience.

Components of the Asics Gel DS Trainer 27


  • The outer sole of the Asics Gel DS Trainer is made of High Abrasion Rubber.
  • The shoe’s outsole is always exposed to the harsh terrains that are often encountered during every run.
  • With this, the outsole really requires being very tough and durable to make the shoe last longer.
  • The presence of DuraSponge in the outsole is also very effective, especially when it comes to the shoe’s performance, because this is also made of AHAR compound for better outer sole cushioning and flexibility.
  • Wet Grip Outsole gives a much better grip and traction, even on irregular or flat surfaces.
  • This makes the shoe very effective even on wet surfaces or extreme conditions.
  • You would definitely feel confident with the shoe’s traction performance.


  • The midsole of the Asics Gel DS Trainer is made from Solyte.
  • This component is so light that it does not affect the overall weight of your shoe.
  • It also has the Dynamic DuoMax Support System that basically minimizes the runner’s overpronation tendencies during running.
  • This support is really very efficient because it works well with the Impact Guidance System or IGS.
  • The guidance system serves as a guide to your foot movement as you go for a run.
  • This gives a much better running experience with a very smooth heel-to-toe transition.
  • The forefoot section in the midsole has the guidance line.
  • The guidance line is actually made up of vertical flex grooves that improve the shoe’s flexibility and improve the gait cycle efficiency.


  • The upper of the Asics Gel DS Trainer comprises Open Mesh to provide high breathability and comfort and Seamless Upper Construction.
  • A Heel Clutching System secures and protects the runner’s heel section and provides much better stability and support.
  • You can also avoid the presence of bacteria because of the ComforDry Sockliner.
  • This sock liner also helps in eliminating odor inside the shoe, as well as unwanted moisture.
  • The Dual-Density Solyte Foam is used to improve the shoe’s cushioning, particularly to provide a softer and more enhanced underfoot feel.

Asics® Gel DS Trainer vs. Gel Noosa Tri


Asics Gel DS Trainer

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