New Balance Minimus 20V8

The expected release date for the New Balance Minimus 20V8 is December 20, 2021.

The New Balance Minimus 20V8 will have the following features & updates:

  • The New Balance Minimus 20V8 will retain most of its technologies in this latest model, with the addition of a few tweaks here and there.
  • You can still look forward to the durability and optimal quality of the Vibram rubber outsole. This time, the outsole will overlap in the heel and toe for better abrasion resistance and be slightly thinner to approach the minimalist ideals.
  • Furthermore, you may see a lower profile design, and the REvlite midsole will still be kept.
  • As for the uppers, some more colors and options should be available to you, but the general knit Nylon infused yarn uppers will still be prevalent.
  • There will likewise be no ribbed design as with the predecessor, and the molded foam collar will be more minimalistic in design.

Latest Version of the New Balance Minimus 20


New Balance Minimus 20


  • The MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) for the New Balance 20V8 should be around $160.00.
  • Because of the minimalistic design and the new, improved technologies expected, there will be a slight increase in the price.
  • As it is a minimalist design shoe in general, the price remains quite low.

Arch support and pronation controlArch Support and Pronation Control

  • The Minimalist design of the New Balance Minimus 20V8 offers little support and comfort features.
  • I would recommend the expected new model for a neutral arch type and those who do not know Overpronate or Supinate.


  • As far as terrains go, the super-grippy Vibram outsole should be ideal for all terrains and surfaces.
  • Vibram rubber is much more durable and offers an exceptional grip on slippery surfaces.
  • However, the tread design of the New Balance Minimus 20V8 will be designed mostly for road running and flat surfaces rather than trails.


  • You can use your New Balance Minimus 20V8 for a variety of solutions.
  • It should make for excellent jogging, gym, and walking shoes with its minimalist design.
  • It may also be ideal for weight lifting because of the very low heel-to-toe drop that is expected.


  • The Vibram rubber outsole on the New Balance Minimus is extremely durable and long-lasting in terms of durability.
  • The Nylon knit uppers will also be extremely durable and quite weather-resistant.
  • Ideally, I would say that the New Balance Minimus 20V8 is a very durable and hard-wearing shoe.

Fit and SizingFit and Sizing

  • The New Balance Minimus 20V8 is a minimalist shoe and will offer a second skin snug fit that flexes with your feet’ shape and movement.
  • You will also enjoy a ber foot feel with a thin and light, flexible sole design that is expected.
  • There will, however, be more size and width options available in this new model.


  • The men’s model of the New Balance Minimus 20V8 is a very light 194 grams.
  • For the ladies model, you can look at a weight of 166 grams.
  • As the new model is a minimalist shoe in design as its predecessor, it will be very light in weight and much more flexible.

Elevation of the New Balance Minimus 20V8

Heel HeightHeel Height

  • The heel height will be slightly lower in the new model at 11mm.
  • The lower heel height offers better flexibility and a more minimalistic feel.

Forefoot HeightForefoot Height

  • As for the forefoot height, it will be 7mm.
  • The lower height is ideal for a minimalist shoe design.

Heel-to-Toe DropHeel-to-Toe Drop

  • For most minimalist shoes, a heel-to-toe drop of 2mm is usually desired.
  • However, with the New Balance Minimus 20V8, it will offer slightly more protection and support with a 4mm heel-to-toe drop.

Components of the New Balance Minimus 20V8


  • The Outsole will still consist of the very durable Vibram Rubber.
  • In the New Balance Minimus 20V8 model, you can expect much better traction and grip with the new lug tread design and additional abrasion-resistant toe and heel overlapping.
  • Similarly, the model will retain the three different support zones in the sole, the heel lifting zone, and the forefoot power zone, and the toe Toe off zone.


  • With this new model, not much more is added to the midsole. It remains the REVlite construction, just slightly more flexible and lighter this time.
  • There will also be an improved underfoot textile lining to prevent slipping and wick away moisture.


  • The Upper may feature a more snug and second-skin fit and feel.
  • They will use the same Nylon knit technology for its supreme durability.
  • However, you can look forward to a wider range of colors and styles in the new model.
  • The New Balance Minimus 20V8 will generally be more breathable and have a thinner and lighter heel counter for minimalistic freedom.


New Balance Minimus 20V8

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