Best Sandals for Flat Feet

Flat Feet Sandals are designed for walking on a variety of surfaces and terrains such as the beach, pavements, and trails.
They usually have arch support design and a contoured footbed and some gait control to protect your flat feet.

Rockport Rocklake Flat Feet Sandal

Flat Feet Symptoms

People with flat feet, which is also known as a fallen arch, have either no arch or a shallow arch.

The arch is the gap beneath the inner part of your foot when you stand that raises your foot slightly from the ground. When you have a flat foot, the inner part of your foot or your arch will either be flat on the ground or very close to it.

Flat feet can affect either one or both of your feet. Generally, individuals with a flat foot tend to overpronate, which means that when they walk or run, their feet will roll more inward, causing the feet to point outward.

Many individuals who have a flat foot or lower arch will not experience any noticeable symptoms, although in more severe case there may be symptoms that you need to be considerate off;

  • Pain – The most common symptom of a Flat Foot is a pain in the foot and the heel area mostly. This is because there is more strain in the muscles and tendons, as well as in the connecting ligaments.

  • Stress – A flat foot or low arch causes abnormal stress on your knee and hip joints, which may cause pain in these areas. This type of stress is more likely when your ankles turn inward and when you Overpronate.

  • Other Pain – A flat foot may cause strain and stress in many parts of your feet and body, resulting in you feeling pain in your ankles, as well as swelling. Or pain in the arch of your feet, heels, knees, hips, lower back, and even your lower legs.

  • Stiffness – similarly, a Lower arch can cause more strain on the arch itself, which can cause stiffness in your feet and arches.

  • Uneven Weight Distribution With a flatter foot, your body weight will not be distributed evenly, as it should be, which can cause your shoes wearing down in certain parts much faster.

Cuases and Treatment of Flat Feet

There are many causes of flat feet that are if you are not genetically born with them;

  • Excessive weight gain.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Medical Conditions.
  • Improper footwear.
  • Injuries.
  • Arthritis.

Luckily flat feet can be well supported and kept comfortable with the right footwear; there are also likewise a few treatments for the symptoms associated with flat feet;

  • Shoes Shoes that offer proper support, cushioning, and that fit well can provide comfort to flat feet. A wider shoe is likewise recommended when you have flat feet so that your feet can spread comfortably in the shoe.

  • Orthotics A supportive arch support or cushioned insole may provide comfort and relief.

  • Rest – When you experience pain as a result of activities when you have flat feet, it is always advised to have adequate rest periods until the pain subsides.

  • Lose Weight Obesity and weight gain is the MAIN reason behind flat feet in most cases, therefore keeping your weight under wraps is ideal in the prevention and diminishing of symptoms of flat feet.

Features of a Good Sandal for Flat Feet

  • Comfort – A cushioned footbed or insole provides comfort and cushioning for your feet, while smooth upper linings and soft straps and toe posts are ideal for preventing friction and irritation.
  • Adjustability – An adjustable back strap or toe strap is always ideal to have so that you can customize the fit of your sandal to your personal preferences. This is particularly good to have in a sports o outdoor sandal where you need the sandal to stay securely on your feet.
  • Grip – sandals are mostly associated with wet and slippery terrain fr outdoors, and beachwear, there for a tough rubber outsole with a lug or patterned tread is desirable, to provide good grip and slip resistance.
  • Shock Absorbency – For any shoe that you will be walking or running, or even just standing in, a fair amount of shock absorbency is always required, particularly for a flat foot. The rubber outsole, Gel padding, EVA midsole, or other forms of cushioning and padding will provide you with much-required shock absorbency.
  • Motion Control – A contoured footbed helps to prevent excessive pronation and controls motion, which is ideal for a flat foot.
  • Stability a more rigid and less flexible sole or midsole ensures better structural stability, which is hence a requirement for a flat foot.
  • Arch Support – Good arch support that is specific for a flat arch is ideal to look for in a Flat Feet Sandal.

Reviews: The Best Sandals for Flat Feet


Flat Feet Sandal

A contoured and highly supportive sandal ideal for low arches and flat feet from Vionic.

  • Supportive and contoured cushioned footbed.
  • Excellent heel cushioning and shock absorbency.
  • A durable and high traction rubber outsole.
  • flexible and comfortable design with a wide toe area.


Flat Feet Sport Sandals

Sporty sandals for flat feet from Rockport, a top brand in comfort and supportive shoes.

Here is why we recommend these Sandals for flat feet:
Reviews for the Men’s Model and Here are Reviews for the Women’s Model.
  • Features a thick and shock-absorbing durable rubber outsole.
  • A cushioned and flexible insole design with an EVA Midsole.
  • Soft leather and fabric upper straps.
  • Sporty design.


Flip Flops for Flat Feet

The Teva Mush is a top favorite when it comes to sporty comfort sandals.

Here is why we recommend these Flip Flops for flat feet:
Reviews for the Men’s Model and Here are Reviews for the Women’s Model.
  • The features Mush cushioned and comfort footbed and midsole.
  • A comfortable and wide toe area.
  • Excellent low arch support.
  • Shock-absorbing midsole and rubber outsole.
  • Comfortable and adjustable straps.


Flat Feet Sandals

Comfortable and classic styled leather sandals for both men and women with hidden orthotic support.

  • The thick rubber sole ensures good grip and shock absorbency.
  • Leather uppers straps that are durable and non-irritating.
  • Podiatrist-designed footbed for everyday wear.
  • Received an APMA seal of acceptance as an orthopedic shoe.
  • Good cushioning and support system.


Sports Sandal for Flat Feet

Sturdy, yet comfortable, that is what these two sports sandals from Teva are. Teva is a renowned name in comfort and supportive sandals, and these two models are ideal for a flat foot or low arch.

  • High traction rubber outsole with water channeling lugs.
  • A Compression molded EVA midsole, for better support and comfort.
  • Features a Stability shank and Shock pad Heel, perfect for a flat arch.
  • Available in color as well as width options for men and women.


Fisherman's Sandals for Flat Feet

Looking for a sandal to wear outdoors and in wet conditions, well then look no further than the highly supportive Orthofeet Fisherman sandal with its extra depth design.

  • Leather and mesh uppers with an enclosed toe and adjustable back strap that is quick-drying and highly breathable.
  • Features the orthopedic comfort and supportive Ortho Cushioning System.
  • A non-binding and extra depth design that is likewise available in wider width options.
  • Lightweight sole that offers excellent traction and grip on slippery surfaces.


Orthopedic High Arch Casual Sandals

Two easy slip on and off casual sandals from Dr. Comfort with adjustable and seam-free upper straps.

  • Soft and supple leather and seam-free uppers.
  • A dual-density cushioning and shock absorbing midsole.
  • Stability shank helps to control motion.
  • A cushioned and moisture-wicking lined insole.
  • Available in wider widths for every foot type.


Slide on Flat Feet Sandals

FitFlop is a brand in comfort and therapeutic design sandals that are fast making the headlines. I love these two models for a flat foot or lower arch.

  • Features the popular anatomically designed Anatomicush midsole, For cushioned comfort and support.
  • Ergonomically designed and cradles your arch.
  • Available in wider widths and has a broader design for more toe room for flat feet.
  • Stylish and elegant design for every occasion.


Flat Feet Slide Sandal

From Dr. Scholls, we have the Gordon and Shore Thing two comfortable sandal models with plush cushioned footbeds and a shock-absorbing sole, which is ideal for flat feet.

  • The Gordon has a memory foam cushioned footbed and 100% genuine leather uppers with connected leather staps.
  • The swear features a flexible and durable sole with an anatomically contoured padded footbed and instep strap, as well as a hook and; loop closure.
  • Both shoes are available in two color options and features and easy slip on and off style.


Flat Feet Sandal

The Olukai Ohana is a supportive and comfortable flip flop for casual wear with a footbed designed to support a flat foot.

  • The outsole is made from a non-marking durable rubber with a coral reef lug design for added grip.
  • The footbed has an anatomical design and is compression molded.
  • An EVA midsole and ICEVA drop-in footbed for a more personalized stability fit.
  • Vegan-friendly materials are used, and the uppers are made of synthetic fabrics.
  • Water ready and lightweight design.


Outdoor Flat Feet Sandal

From ECCO, I have chosen their top favorite outdoor casual sandal, which also has the perfect fit for flat feet, the Yucatan.

  • The uppers are made of leather with a padded and breathable textile lining on the interior.
  • The outsole consists of a lug design rubber for good outdoor grip and durability.
  • An anatomically molded footbed to mimics the natural shape of your foot and your movements.
  • ECCO fluid form technology ensure a finely tuned balance of cushioning and rebound that is flexible with good integrity.
  • Receptor technology mirrors human motion and provides excellent anatomical support.


Dressy Sandals for Flat Feet

From Drew, the Barcelona and Alana are more dressy style sandal that has a cushioned and supportive design which can help with flat feet.

  • Both sandal have a cushioned and contoured footbed for optimal stability and comfort that helps with Flat Feet issues.
  • The sole is a shock-absorbing EVA that is durable and supportive.
  • There are wider width options available, which are most likely a requirement if you have flat feet.
  • The uppers are leather with adjustable options for the perfect fit.
  • You can choose between a black or brown color option in the Barcelona, as well as many color selections in the Alana


Comfortable Flat Feet Sandals

The UnTrek and Leisa Vine from Clarks are two casual and comfortable sandal options with the perfect design for flat feet.

  • Both sandal models offer you different width options, and there are a few neutral color selection in the Leisa Vine.
  • The uppers are genuine leather with adjustability features.
  • For comfort, there is Cloudstepper and cushion soft technology used in the contoured design footbed of the Leisa, and there is an Ortholite footbed in the UnTrek.
  • Both sandal have a durable and high traction rubber outsole.


Flat Feet Flip Flop sandals

The Skechers on the Go 600 and Evented Rosen are two supportive Flip Flops which help with the issues faced by persons with flat feet.

  • The Upper is a light and quick-drying fabric.
  • There is a memory foam cushioned footbed in the Eveneted Rosen, and a 5Gen cushioned footbed in the On the Go 600.
  • Both Flip Flops have a supportive and contoured footbed for optimal arch support.
  • The rubber outsole ensures excellent traction and durability.
  • There are also different color options from which you can select.

Index Table: Top Rated Sandals for Flat Feet

No.ShoeMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
1Vionic® - Flat Feet Sandal
  • Contured Footbed
  • Eva Midsole
2Rockport® - Flat Feet Sport Sandals
  • EVA Midsole
  • Rubber Sole
3Teva® - Flip Flops for Flat Feet
Mush II
  • Arch Support
  • Comfort Toe Zone
4Vionic® - Flat Feet Sandals
  • Orthotic Support
  • Podiatrist Design
5Teva® - Sports Sandal for Flat Feet
  • EVA Cushioninng
  • Traction Outsole
6Orthofeet® - Fisherman's Sandals for Flat Feet
  • Extra Depth
  • Cushioned
  • Adjustable
7Dr. Comfort® - Orthopedic High Arch Casual Sandals
  • Cushioned
  • Wider Widths
Dr. Comfort97
8FitFlop® - Slide on Flat Feet Sandals
  • Lightweight
  • Cushioned
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Slip On Style
9Dr. Scholls® - Flat Feet Slide Sandal
Shore Thing
  • Flexible
  • Cushioned
  • Memory Foam Footbed
Dr. Scholls98
10Olukai® - Flat Feet Sandal
  • Anatomical Cushioned Footbed
  • Water Ready
  • Vegan Friendly
11ECCO® - Outdoor Flat Feet Sandal
  • Fluidform Technology
  • Arch Support
  • Stability
12Drew® - Dressy Sandals for Flat Feet
  • EVA Wedge Midsole
  • Accomodates Orthoties
  • Wider Width Options
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Memory Foam EVA Footbed
  • Lug Sole
13Clarks® - Comfortable Flat Feet Sandals
Leisa Vine
  • Cushioned
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Contoured Footbed
14Skechers® - Flat Feet Flip Flop sandals
Evented Rosen
On The Go 600
  • Fabric Uppers
  • Contoured Footbed
  • Cushioned

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