Best Flip Flops for High Arches Support

The arch of your foot makes up the most important part of the entire structural composition of your feet.
Your foot’s arch bears all your weight when you walk or run as well as absorbing the pressure and shock from each step that you take.
As a result of certain medical conditions, genetics, weight gain, and other factors, the arch height may vary in each person.
This is why it is essential to choose the best High Arch Support Flip-Flops for your feet!

High Arch Support Flip Flop

The Arch

Some people have high arches where others have low arches, and some are in between, which we consider as normal arches.

The proper supportive footwear for your arches is of vital importance to prevent musculoskeletal problems that can lead to injury, loss of activity, or even disability.

People tend only to choose good supportive shoes when they buy work or sports shoes, dress shoes, and casual shoes that are worn at home are usually neglected.

It is just as important that the shoes that you wear casually at home, for example, slippers or flip flops are also supportive and comfortable.

Different Types of Arches

To see what type of arch you have, low, neutral, or high, you can wet your feet and press them on a surface that will show the pattern.

A flat or low arch will have a little curve from the big toe to the heel, where a high arch will show a thin strip from the heel to the ball of the foot.

You will also observe a flat foot or low arch when your entire foot rests on the floor when you are standing.

A normal arch will show a print that is in between that of a high and low arch. People with different arch types need different levels of support;

A normal arch also needs good support in order to reduce pressure and keep the foot healthy.

The Importance of Arch Support

High or low arches can often lead to conditions called over or under pronation, which normally occurs with activities such as walking, running, and sports.

It is particularly important that a shoe providing excellent arch support is worn for these activities to prevent injuries and problems resulting from over or under pronation.

People with lower arches should look for shoes providing motion control and stability to prevent excessive inward rolling of the foot.

People with high arches should look at shoes that are more cushioned and have a curved shape encouraging the foot to roll more inward.

Neutral arches can settle for average cushioning and motion control.

The Benefits of Flip Flops

Flip Flops do not seem like shoes that can give much support or cushion.

Today there are many designs of flip flops that aim mainly at providing support and comfort for foot conditions and pronation.

If you choose the correct make and model of flip flop, you will have all-day support and comfort in a shoe that you can wear at home, in the garden, and on the beach.

Flip Flops are easy to wear, convenient shoes, perfect for the summer, and particularly for feet that tend to sweat excessively or swell.

Reviews: Top Rated High Arch Flip Flops For

We have researched and listed some of the best available Flip Flops with their reviews; that provide support for low, normal, and high arches;
We hope you love the products we recommend!
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Arch Support & Motion Control FlipFlop

Here’s Why We Recommend These Flip Flops:
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The Vionic Flip Flop Sandal with Orthaheel technology is the perfect flip flop sandal for high, low, or neutral arches as it provides both cushioning and motion control.

  • Comfortable leather uppers that are soft and light on your feet.
  • A perfect sandal for recovery after a sports injury.
  • The Motion Control footbed is biomechanically designed and contoured and made from triple-density EVA.
  • Added rear foot stability and cushioning for shock absorption and support.
  • The forefoot and heel are cushioned to relieve pressure and reduce strain.
  • Available in different color options.
  • A tough and durable Vibram outsole is providing a good grip on many surfaces.


High Arch Support Flip Flops

Here’s Why We Recommend These Flip Flops:
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A classic and sporty flip flop for everyday wear, the SOLE Sport is comfortable and water-friendly, a great choice for wearing to the beach and swimming pool. This flip-flop provides good cushioning and support that is perfect for higher and neutral arches.

  • Cushioned footbed for added support and shock absorbency.
  • Soft synthetic straps offer a comfortable and relaxed fit.
  • The ultra-soft polyester liner ensures all-day comfort.
  • The synthetic sole offers excellent traction on and off the beach.
  • Available in five different colors


Arch Support Flip Flop Sandal

The Olukai Ohana is a flip-flop that provides exceptional arch support for all types of arches; it is a durable and water-resistant sandal that will ensure your all-day comfort.

  • A soft nylon toe post webbing with a laser-etched logo and embroidery detail for a more classy appearance and a comfortable fit.
  • The rubber sole is non-marking featuring a coral reef lug design for exceptional traction on many surfaces.
  • The upper strap is water-resistant made from synthetic materials with a soft textile lining.
  • An anatomical ICEVA drop-in footbed with a compression-molded EVA midsole promises you superior comfort, support, and shock absorbency.
  • Available in a large variety of colorful designs.


Cushioned High Arch Support Flip Flop

The OOfos OOriginal flip flop features the popular OOfos OOfoam for comfort and support and enhances natural articulation. A fantastic flip-flop for any foot type or arch height.

  • The famous OOfoam will give you cushioned support and comfort.
  • A durable rubble outsole that ensures excellent grip and traction.
  • Enhances impact absorption and natural foot articulation.
  • It provides excellent arch support for any arch type.
  • A durable and tough shoe that is machine washable


Beach Arch Support Flip Flop

This beach flip-flop provides well-cushioned support as well as a massaging footbed that keeps tired feet feeling brand new.

  • The uppers are made from high-quality soft EVA with a soft toe thong.
  • The rubber outsole is durable and gives a good grip.
  • The soft footbed is antibacterial and odor resistant.
  • Available in a variety of colors and patterns.


High Arch Support Flip Flops

Another perfect all-rounder that is suitable for a low, high, and neutral arch, these New Balance Flip Flops provides fantastic support and aids in realigning the foot into its natural position.

  • The contoured footbed with its 360-degree heel cup and anatomical arch support is perfect for every arch type.
  • A durable TPR outsole that is flexible and provides a good grip on different surfaces.
  • The synthetic PU uppers with a mesh lining are breathable and supportive for a comfortable fit.
  • A durable, stylish, and versatile sandal.
  • Available in a few different colors.


Orthotic High Arch Flip Flop

The FlipThotic Orthotic Sandal is a true breakthrough in technology in an ever-popular flip flop. The patented design and added comfort and support features ensure you the maximum performance and arch support.

  • The patented metatarsal riser pad aids in encouraging biomechanics throughout the entire stride.
  • The rubber outsole provides exceptional grip and traction capabilities.
  • An oversized compression point ensures a high rebound and comfort with each heel strike.
  • A deep heel cup helps to stabilize the foot with lateral movements.
  • An EVA arch support enhances the foot’s natural enhancement by molding to the shape of the arch.

Index Table: High Arch Support Flip Flops

No.ShoeMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
1Vionic® - Arch Support & Motion Control FlipFlop
Tide 2
  • EVA Midsole
  • Motion Control
  • Cushioning
  • Vibram Outsole
2SOLE® - High Arch Support Flip Flops
  • Cushioned
  • Polyester Liner
3Olukai® - Arch Support Flip Flop Sandal
  • Rubber Sole
  • Water Resistant
  • Anatomical Footbed
4Oofos® - Cushioned High Arch Support Flip Flop
  • Arch Support
  • OOfaom
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Textured Footbed
5DAWGS® - Beach Arch Support Flip Flop
  • Massaging Foot Bed
  • Soft Toe Thong
  • Odor Resistant
6New Balance® - High Arch Support Flip Flops
  • Contoured Footbed
  • Anatomical Arch Support
  • TPR Outsole
New Balance96
7Stridetek® - Orthotic High Arch Flip Flop
  • Heel Cup
  • Rubber Tread
  • Metatarsal Riser Pad
  • EVA Arch Support

The Comfort of a Flip Flop

Wouldn’t it feel great if you could kick off your work shoes at the end of the day and swap them for a comfortable and supportive pair of flip-flops?
Think about taking a stroll to the beach or the pool with a pair of flip-flops that provide support and shock absorbency correctly for your foot and arch type.
Make sure that you choose the perfect fit because comfort and support are just as important outside of work and sports activities when you are lounging or relaxing.

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