Top 10 Best Selling Sneakers of All Time

Sneakers have always been unique among sports lovers. Be it on the field or out of the field, people who want to flaunt their love for sports, make their sneaker selection with utmost care.

Selecting the best selling sneakers can be a challenging task, as there are various brands and almost each of them has something special to offer.

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When it comes to the best sneaker selection, it will be wise to consider a few factors, viz. the type of sports, design, material and the price of the shoes.

With so many choices available in the market, here is a list of 10 most popular iconic sneakers of all time.

List of the Best Selling Sneakers of All Time

Here are the latest and greatest in sneakers for men and for women;


Classic Running Sneakers

People looking for versatile, all-purpose training shoes can never give a miss to the New Balance 574.

  • Initially manufactured with the leftover pieces obtained from the 576 model, now one can find a huge variety of choices in 574.
  • You might like to know that the sneakers, which enjoy equal popularity among men and women can be customized in more than 80 colors.
  • It will be wrong to consider it just fashion wear as it carries the trademark technology of the manufacturer and is quite rugged.
  • A durable rubber outsole for good grip and traction.
  • A popular choice for decades, this shoe is extremely comfortable.


Basketball Shape Sneaker

The innovative technique of introducing internal inflation functionality in a shoe makes it unique even in the present day.

  • Its exceptional style as well as the design has added to its popularity and helped it maintain its craze even after years.
  • The big basketball shaped orange pump placed on the shoe tongue makes it stand apart from its competitors.
  • The molded PU sock-liner and cushioning provide necessary comfort and support.
  • The custom fit and support provided by the shoe makes it an attractive choice for the sports lover, especially for runners and tennis players.


Leather Running Sneaker

Initially known as the Air Max III, the shoe swept the market with its ‘visible air’ technology.

  • The shoes, which were renamed during its 2000 launch originally sported an “Infrared” colorway.
  • After remaining unputdownable in different tests of time, these sneakers are still known for the accentuated cushion size for ensuring the comfort of the wearer.
  • It’s not just a popular choice among the sports enthusiasts; it also received a special place among the politicians.
  • Former US President George H.W. Bush too used these shoes but with his signature style, which was named ‘Air Pres’ instead of ‘Air Max.’


Skate Sneaker

A popular choice for the surfers and skaters, Authentic is much more than being just a simple piece of functional footwear.

  • The simple design of these canvas shoes has attracted both male and female wearers for its cool look.
  • The minimalist styling of the shoe even though attracted many imitators; it could not affect the demand for the originals.
  • Men and women, who are in search of comfortable all-purpose sneakers with minimum style can surely vouch for it.
  • Vans Authentic has always been an epitome of liberty and freedom when it comes to fashion.


Leather Sneaker

Known among the earliest members of the ‘Franchise 5’ collection of Reebok, Classic Leather is not just only a running shoe.
  • It has smartly emerged as a ready piece to fit in the new colorways.
  • In a market, when its competitors are luring buyers with their space-age technology, this shoe is wooing sports enthusiasts with its simple styling and cool appeal.
  • The trainer, which has always kept fashion and function side by side, is more popular among people, who are looking for a sneaker sporting sleek go-to design.


Classic Sneaker

Puma has always enjoyed a special place in the sports shoe market and the white sneakers, Suede is surely a great reason for the brand’s popularity.

  • The striking color combination of the white sneakers has attracted many buyers.
  • One can also not forget about the Black Suedes of John Carlos and Tommie Smith in the 1968 Olympics.
  • The shoes, which has retained its popularity even after four decades is not just about style.
  • These sneakers are known for their functionality as well.
  • The shoes remained a hot favorite of the B-Boy members during the 80s.


Basketball Sneaker

Air Force 1 is not only unique for borrowing its name from the airplane of the US President but also it is known for introducing Nike Air technology to basketball shoes.

  • The sneakers, which influenced the making of several other shoes are equally functional off-court.
  • It’s high, mid and low styling has impressed many people, who are not even related to the sports field.
  • The shoes made Tinker Hatfield, to stay away from his architectural works, which later influenced Kanye West and Nelly to target him for several songs.
  • The cushioned midsole and solid rubber outsole provides excellent shock absorption and cushioning.


Trendy Sneaker

The unique combination of the all-leather upper with the signature rubber shell protection technology for toes, have made Superstar a popular choice.

  • You may find it interesting to know that the shoe is equally popular among the basketball players and the hip-hop musicians.
  • The sneakers, which is still in demand has swept the market in the eighties.
  • When talking about the craze for these sneakers, one can never forget Abdul-Jabbar’s sporting the shoes while coming to the field for Lakers.
  • The unforgettable look of the Run-D.M.C also needs mention, when speaking about some fond memories of Superstar.
  • Make sure to get the correct size these shoes do stretch a bit with time although they are a narrow fit.


Basketball Sneakers

Air Jordan series, including Air Jordan I, has the complete class to support the innovation and dedication that a basketball player needs to give his best on the field.

  • The shoe, even though offered great comfort and functionality, it defied the convention.
  • Many of you may know that Jordan had to pay a penalty of $5,000 every time he wore the shoe on court.
  • The penalty did not stop him and instead gave a boost to Nike’s marketing policies, where the shoe was soon given a rebellious image.
  • This shoe is one of the best shoes for basketball that were ever made.


Canvas sneakers

You may find it hard to believe that Chuck Taylor All-Stars have maintained the same design for almost a century.

  • The oldest and undoubtedly the most sought-after basketball sneakers have been in possession of almost 60% people living in the United States.
  • While some had these shoes in their collection earlier, there are others, who still prefer to have a pair of it.
  • Though meant for the basketball players, it was used by athletes participating in the Olympics.
  • Soldiers also were provided with these shoes during their World War II training.
  • This sneaker is true to size and also more suitable for a narrow fit.

Comparison Table: 10 Top Best Selling Sneakers

No.ShoeMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
1New Balance® - Classic Running Sneakers
  • Color Options
  • Breathable
  • Rubber Outsole
New Balance94
2Reebok® - Basketball Shape Sneaker
The Pump
  • Custom Fit
  • PU Sockliner
  • Cushioned
3Nike® - Leather Running Sneaker
Air Max 90
Air Max 90
  • Air Technology
  • Rubber Sole
4Vans® - Skate Sneaker
  • Rubber Sole
  • Lightweight
5Reebok® - Leather Sneaker
  • Custom Graphic Outsole
  • External Pump Technology
6Puma® - Classic Sneaker
Suede Classic
Suede Classic
  • Color Options
  • Rubber Sole
7Nike® - Basketball Sneaker
Air Force 1
Air Force 1
  • Cushioned Midsole
  • Solid Rubber Outsole
8Adidas® - Trendy Sneaker
  • comfort Insole
  • Thick Rubber outsole
  • padded Tongue
9Nike® - Basketball Sneakers
Air Jordan
Air Jordan Retro
  • Color Variety
  • Supportive Insole
10Converse® - Canvas sneakers
Chuck Taylor All Star
Chuck Taylor All Star
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable footbed
  • Thick Rubber Sole

Sneakers in General

Sneakers are so popular because they can be worn with almost any outfit for every occasion from casual to semi-formal. Sneakers complement any style, and they are comfortable to wear all day long. There is a huge variety of sneakers available in different colors, designs shapes, and styles to suit every preference and unique style or genre.

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