Mephisto® Shoes Review

The Mephisto shoe company was founded in 1965 with only one thing in mind:

To Produce the Most Comfortable Shoes in the World.

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True to their intention, millions of people have found comfort in their feet wearing Mephisto shoes especially those suffering from foot pain, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, arthritis, and other foot-related conditions and abnormalities.

Buying Mephisto shoes offer great comfort due to many different characteristics; as such it is an investment in comfort.

The Mephisto Brand – Making the Difference

Many users have noticed that Mephisto shoes fit differently.

For example, the toes have some level of freedom in the movement which is a critical factor in walking shoes.

Also, the heel portion of Mephisto shoes do not fit tightly, but it feels like the user is just snug perfectly.
With that, the feet feel like being cradled instead of being locked in the shoes.

There are many different reasons why Mephisto shoes are preferred such as:
each pair of shoes is embedded with soft air technology, airbag shock absorber, non-slip soles, and much more.

Reviews: The Best Mephisto Shoes

Here are some excellent shoes from this brand that is for your consideration;
We hope you love the products we recommend!
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  • If you are fond of long walks and still want that you do not experience tired feet, then his pair of shoes is just what you need.
  • Among its interesting features is a lace-up front for secure grip, embedded with a rubber sole for greater traction and more comfort.
  • Made of full-grain leather for longer durability, and with latex footbed to give more superior foot comfort.
  • Won’t absorb moisture thus it leaves your feet dry even when you perform longer walks.
Score: 98.4 By David Alegeta

  • One of the most comfortable walking shoes for men.
  • It is loaded with soft cushioned nubuck lace up for a tighter grip.
  • Air-Jet circulation technology to keep feet refreshed and calm.
  • Removable insole to allow orthotics, padded tongue, and collar for additional foot protection.
  • Latex footbed to provide foot massage at every step, and with a durable outer rubber sole for a more secure grip.
  • Very efficient to use in soft terrains like pathways made of gravels.
  • A very casual look and that you cannot wear it when you want to wear a suit or jacket.
Score: 97 By David Alegeta

  • Rated by Men’s Magazine as the Ultimate Loafer!
  • Very comfortable to wear as it is made of premium leather designed the classic loafer way.
  • It has a lightweight and flexible outsole with traction pattern.
  • Anatomical footbed to accommodate comfort for individuals suffering from foot problems.
  • Latex midsole for additional comfort.
  • This shoe is resole-able so that you can keep the shoes for a longer period.
  • Casual shoes that still look good when you want to be trendy or sporty.
Score: 98 By David Alegeta

  • This shoe has won many men as it is one of the most comfortable boat shoes.
  • It has a traditional lace-up detail and with toe stitching.
  • It is embedded with common Mephisto features like Soft-Air midsole, Air-Relax insole which can be substituted with an orthotic insole for additional comfort.
  • It is equipped with a natural rubber sole to provide greater traction whether it used on a dry or wet surface.
  • Additional shock absorption mechanism at the heel is giving a more comfortable walk for the user.
Score: 97 By David Alegeta

  • Made of leather – ensuring durability.
  • Soft-Air midsole for supreme comfort.
  • Shock absorber heel system for additional comfort to your feet in each step.
  • Minimizes at least 90% of shock that your spine absorbs in every step that you make.
  • Rubber outsole for non-slip grip on different surfaces.
  • Attractive to the eyes design that you still managed to look sharp in this pair of walking shoes.
Score: 98 By David Alegeta

  • Maximum comfort is offered in these shoes as it has small perforation to give breathing space to your feet.
  • It is a lace-up shoe for a better secure grip.
  • Soft Air Jet bed for one of a kind comfort.
  • Made of leather to prevent moisture coming in or developing inside.
  • Indeed, this pair of shoes just adds more reasons to trust Mephisto when it comes to footwear.
  • Ideal for casual activities and even complements well any casual attire.
  • Not ideal for intense walking or jogging activities; just for a leisure walk.
Score: 96 By David Alegeta

  • Contemporary styled shoes that fit casual outfit.
  • Air-jet insoles for maximum comfort.
  • Premium uppers Nubuck leather wrapping.
  • Natural rubber outsole with Soft-Air technology.
Score: 97 By David Alegeta

  • It may look thick, but it is very light to wear as it is made of leather and suede to provide breathability into the shoes.
  • It comes with a rubber outsole to provide not only durability but good grip and traction when in use in city sidewalks or field trails.
  • It has a latex-mousse inner sole for unparalleled comfort only Mephisto shoes can give.
  • It is also embedded with Gore-Tex technology to keep moisture in and out of your feet.
  • Good for all around walking activities especially a good shoe for travel.
  • Aesthetic appearance and great quality shoe.
Score: 98 By David Alegeta

  • This shoe is intended for active women as it sports durable upper leather and with a simple design that is ideal for leisure outing and daily wears.
  • The shoe has both flexibility of leather and latex foam in the midsole to provide your feet with excellent support and comfort while walking.
  • Ideal for women whose job requires for them to be standing on their feet the majority of their time.
  • You have to order more than half the size of your standard sizes as it comes quite smaller concerning sizing.
Score: 97 By David Alegeta

Index Table: Top Rated Mephisto Walking Shoes

1Mephisto Men's Hike Perf - Oxford Walking Shoes
  • Soft-Air Midsole
  • Traction Outsole
2Mephisto Men's Hawk - Oxford Walking Shoes
  • Leather-wrapped insole
  • Shock absorbing heel
3Mephisto Men's Cap Vert - Best Loafer Moccasin Shoes
  • Shock absorbing
  • Soft-Air Midsole
4Mephisto Men's Howard Penny - Best Boat Shoes
  • Grippy sole
  • Leather upper
5Mephisto Men's AllRounder Agazio - Oxford Dress Shoes
  • Shock-absorbing heel
  • Soft-Air midsole cushioning
  • Padded collar
6Mephisto Men's Urban - Oxford Casual Shoes
  • nubuck leather upper
  • Air-Jet footbed
  • PU midsole
7Mephisto Men's Ludo - Dress Shoe Made for Walking
  • Soft Air Midsole
  • Shock Absorbing Outsole
8Mephisto Men's Match - Top Walking Shoes
  • D-ring lacing
  • Padded collar
  • Soft Air Midsole
9Mephisto Women's Laser - Walking Shoes
  • Soft Air Technology
  • D-ring lacing
10Mephisto Men's Hurrikan - Slip On Boat Shoe
  • Sup-Hydro water-resistant leather
  • Soft air cushions

Final Words on Mephisto’s Shoes

Mephisto shoes are indeed great whether for casual wear, walking, traveling, or doing a few rough activities.
It is pricey indeed but a sound investment if you talk about comfort and durability.

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