Under Armour HOVR Sonic 5

The expected release date for the Under Armour HOVR Sonic 5 is on June 21, 2023.

The Under Armour HOVR Sonic 3 will have the following main updates:

  • The new model will be ideally suited to individuals who strike midfoot and forefoot, as the cushioning will be denser in these areas.
  • The shoe will ideally be for short runs and more suited to light jigging and regular wear as the cushioning will be more minimalistic and less soft under your feet.
  • The new model will be versatile enough to rather used as a daily training shoe model.
  • It will have extremely durable and breathable uppers with integrated technology right throughout the shoe.
  • There will be a comfortable lining and comfortable support features.

Latest Version of the Under Armour HOVR Sonic Shoe


Under Armour HOVR Sonic


  • The MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) for the Under Armour HOVR Sonic 5 will be $160
  • The Under Armour HORV Sonic 5 will be priced quite fairly.
  • You could check with a few different retailers in order to get the best price.

Arch support and pronation controlArch Support and Pronation Control

  • The Under Armour HORV Sonic 5 will ideally be suited for neutral pronation and support.
  • The support it will provide will be perfect for a normal or a higher arch type.


  • The new model will be suited for road running and most indoor terrains.
  • I would not recommend it for outdoor trails.


  • The Under Armour HORV Sonic 5 will be perfect for light jogging and running or even running on a treadmill.
  • It will also be an excellent training shoe and daily wear shoe.


  • With the new enhancements, there will be improved durability in the Under Armour HORV Sonic 5.
  • The Outsole will also offer much better resistance in the new model.

Fit and SizingFit and Sizing

  • The Fit of the new model will be comfortable, with a roomy toe box.
  • You will be able to choose from normal or wide-width options. However, there will be no narrow widths available.


  • The Under Armour HORV Sonic 5 will weigh 281 grams for the men and 232 grams for the ladies.
  • The weight will remain relatively the same and will be reasonably lightweight.

Heel HeightHeel Height

  • There will be a heel height of around 22 mm.
  • The heel height will offer lighter support.

Forefoot HeightForefoot Height

  • The Forefoot height will be around 14 mm.
  • There will be some additional cushioning and flex in the forefoot.

Heel-to-Toe DropHeel-to-Toe Drop

  • There will be an 8 mm heel-to-toe drop in the new model.
  • The hee to drop will be ideal for a training shoe model.

Components of the Under Armour HOVR Sonic 5


  • The Outsole will consist of very durable and enhanced carbon rubber.
  • There will be pods placed under the heel of the new model, as well as under strike zones, for additional durability and shock absorbency.


  • The Midsole will offer slightly denser cushioning in the midfoot and forefoot.
  • There will be a full-length EVA sock liner that will mold to the shape of your feet.


  • The uppers will be and improved strength and breathable engineered mesh.
  • There will be a secure internal heel counter to prevent ankle flexing and support your heel.


Under Armour HOVR Sonic 5

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