Guest Post Guidelines

Top Shoes Reviews - Guest Post Guidelines

Do you want to guest blog for our website?

Guest blogging is a great way to build incoming referrals, get your content in front of new readers and gain credibility.

Before you submit that post, there are some things worth keeping in mind, so please read on for our guest posting guidelines!

The Types of Submissions We Accept

  • Review Articles: We have a unique system for reviewing articles. We accept two types of reviews, with similar products from multiple brands or the same brand. For example, ‘10 Best Shoes for Tailor’s Bunions’; Hoka One Clifton 9.’
  • Informational Articles: Our informational articles focus on sharing credible knowledge compared to reviewing a product. For example, ‘Walking Shoes vs. Running Shoes’; ‘All About Corrective Shoes for Bow Legs; ‘Why Use Walking Shoes for Underpronation.’
  • Product Inclusion: We will include one or more of your products in an already published article on our website.

What We Don’t Accept

  • Repeated Topics: Please go through the content published already to ensure that you don’t submit a topic we covered on our website.
  • Plagiarism: Ensure that the content isn’t low quality or plagiarized.
  • Incorrect Information: We do not accept content with too critical, inaccurate, or offensive information to a brand, individual, or group.

Guest Post Content Requirements

  • Original Content: We want you to ensure the content is all original. We will remove any plagiarized content right away if we find out prior to or after publishing.
  • Suitable Length: Keep the article’s length close to 1000-1500 words in length.
  • No Promotional or Salesy Content: We believe in building trust and sharing information that helps the readers make the best decision. So we don’t accept overly or self-promotional content.
  • Easy to Read: Headings and subheadings can help your content stand out, making it easier for people to read. They provide clarity about what each part of the article focuses on so that users don’t get lost among all sentences.
  • Conversation Tone: With our readers’ attention spans limited to a few seconds, we like to keep them engaged with engaging content. This can be done in an easy-to-understand and conversational tone of voice that will get your point across quickly.
  • Format: We recommend you scroll through our website and follow a similar format to the articles there.
  • External Links: We offer you the opportunity of adding a link back to your website as long as it’s relevant and not just for promotional purposes.
  • SEO Optimized: We expect the content to be SEO-optimized with relevant keywords. Also, follow Yoast guidelines for SEO optimization and good readability.

We hold the right to make changes in the content to ensure accuracy or make necessary updates.

The Process

  • Submit a topic (for a new article): Please go through our articles on the website and ensure that we have not already covered the topic you suggest.
  • Payment: You’ll be asked to pay in advance once we agree on the topic. We charge flat prices just to cover our business expenses such as proofreading, editing, uploading, publishing, and maintaining the content – all of those tasks involve workers who get paid to do this work, and we only cover these expenses.
  • Set a Deadline: Due to a swarm of posting requests and many other aspects of managing this task, we’d agree on a deadline for the timely submission of your guest post.
  • Submission: We prefer submissions in Google Docs, with ‘Anyone on the Internet – can edit’ sharing settings.
  • Proofread: Once we get the content from your end, we will review it for the requirements (shared above) and make necessary edits or send it back for revision.
  • Publish: Once the content is good to go, we’ll upload it and also inform you when the post is scheduled to go live.

Guest Post Promotion

While we continually promote our content on various social media platforms, you may feel free to share the guest post from our website.

Please keep in consideration that we do not permit you to republish the submitted content on any other website (your’s or third party).

Next Steps – Contact Us

If you agree with the terms and details above and are keen to get in touch with us to secure a guest post spot on our website or any other post-related queries. You may send us an email using the Contact Form below.