Top 32 Best Shoes for High Arches Support – 2017 Updated (Running, Walking, Casual & Dress Shoes)

The high arch condition is something that is tough to deal with when it comes to problems with your feet and makes shopping for shoes particularly challenging. However, there are many options for those who need walking shoes, work shoes, running shoes or even sandals that fit for high arches.

Summary Table of the Best Shoes for High Arches

No.ShoeMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
1Asics® - Shoes for High Arches
  • FluidFit Technology
  • Gel Cushioning
  • Wider Widths
2New Balance® - High Arch Support Shoe
  • Roomy Toe Box
  • Cushioned
  • Ortholite Sockliner
New Balance96
3Orthofeet® - Best Slippers with Arch Support
  • Multi-layer orthotic insole
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic-Stride design
4Saucony® - Running Shoes for High Arches
  • HydraMAX Collar
  • IBR Outsole
  • Forefoot Grooves
5Dunham® - best Dress shoes for High arches
  • Stability
  • Width Options
  • Lightweight
6Brooks® - Shoes for High Arches and Narrow Feet
  • 3DFit
  • lightweight
  • Narrow Sizes
7Nike® - Cushioned High Arch Shoes
  • Lightweight
  • Cushioned
8Asics® - Best Tennis Shoe for High Arches
  • Flexible
  • Stability
  • Toe Protector
9Rockport® - Classic Walking Shoes for High Arches
  • Flexible
  • Strobel Construction
  • EVA Footbed
10Salomon® - Trail Running Shoes for High Arches
  • Arch Support
  • Contagrip Outsole
11New Balance® - Affordable Walking Shoes for High Arches
  • ABZORB Cushioning
  • Lightweight
New Balance95
12Dunham® - Casual sandals for High Arches
  • Lightweight
  • Arch Support
13Reef® - High Arch Thong Flip Flop Sandal
  • EVA footbed
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Non-Irritating Thong
14Keen® - Sandal for Men and Women with High Arch
  • Midsole Drop
  • Contoured Arch
  • Metetarsal Ridge
15Birkenstock® - Slingback Best Underpronation Supination Sandal
  • Rubber Sole
  • Cork Midsole
16Keen® - High Arch Support Sandal
  • EVA Footbed
  • Carbon Outsole
  • Waterproof uppers
17Sof Sole® - Arch Support Insole
  • High Arch Support
  • Deep heel Cup
Sof Sole96

What is High Arch?

Also known as cavus foot, a high arch is a condition where the foot has a high arch because of excessive weight that has been placed on the heel, the ball, or even both, of the foot.
This damage is typically done while the person is standing or walking in the wrong shoes. A high arch can and does develop in any age group and can occur in both of the feet.

High-arch, interestingly enough, is twice more prevalent in women who wear high-heeled shoes regularly, especially heels that are not correct for their feet, but this condition is common in men, too.

Medical conditions, especially cerebral palsy, can cause high arch. It’s also often caused by neurological disorders, spina bifida, polio, Charcot-Maria-Tooth disease and even a stroke can cause this condition, as well. Inherited structural abnormalities are also some of the main reasons for a high arch foot.

Symptoms of High Arch

The most common symptoms for high arch foot are:

  • Heel pain while walking or standing, also known as Plantar Fasciitis
  • Instability and loss of balance.
  • Hammertoes or claw toes.
  • Calluses on the side, heel or ball of the foot.
  • Random ankle sprains because of the heel tilting inward and causing the foot to become unstable.

High Arch Foot vs Flat Foot

A foot drop, which is a weakness of the muscles and the ankle, is also very common and can cause a person having a high arch, to drag their feet whenever they take a step. The weakness of ankle muscles symptom is more prevalent for those with underlying neurological conditions on top of a high arch.

The Importance of Proper Arch Support in Footwear

Anyone who is suffering from high arches needs to be prepared for a struggle when it comes to shoes. Wearing proper footwear if you are suffering from a high arch is essential to dealing with the pain. Supporting your feet properly to accommodate the high arches during the day, while, at work, school or anywhere you go is incredibly important, because you must distribute the body weight on your feet instead of exposing excessive pressure on your heel.

There are special shoes that help those suffering from high arch to get back to their daily lives and routine, without paying over the top at the same time.
These unique shoes have higher tops to them, with extra cushion and support to help those suffering walk better without having to drag the foot. Padding and arch support that are built into these shoes along with a heel pad is the best way to ensure that the pain will not be as severe, so you can get back to what’s most important.

Not wearing shoes that support your high arch condition could worsen the foot further.
It will put more pressure on that foot and make accidents more realistic.
You run the risk of causing ankle sprains because of the awkwardness of the foot, and how tilted it becomes with high arches. This will gradually get worse over time if you do not wear the proper footwear, and will also have to deal with massive amounts of pain throughout the entire day.

The Best Shoes for Men & Women Suffering from High Arch

There are some great shoes available on the market, which will help you to keep your high arch under control and out of the way, such as the ones below.


Shoes for High Arches

This shoe utilizes FluidFit upper technology, which is a combination of multi-directional stretch mesh and stretch reinforcements to create a glove-like fit with extended width sizes up to 4E Wide.

  • This shoe uses GEL-Cushioning technology that reduces the shock during impact, allowing for a smooth transition throughout your stride.
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL-Cushioning system that provides excellent high arch support.
  • Support for people with Under Pronation to Neutral supination
  • Here’s one review from a buyer of this shoe: “Perfect fit with excellent arch support. Asics made the ideal blend between comfort and stability.”
  • This shoe has excellent cushioning and shock absorption due to Exoskeletal heel counter that stabilizes the heel.


High Arch Support Shoe

These high instep shoes are perfect for those with a high arch condition.

  • They support the foot firmly, look great with jeans and a T-shirt and will last you for years.
  • The toe box is spacious, which let the toes carry more weight – a very helpful way to help ease the pain and weight from the heel – something that is very recommended for people with high arches.
  • This shoe is extremely light at 292 grams (10.2 oz) for men and only 247 grams for the women’s version.
  • The New Balance 1080 packs in a lot of cushioning with the ACTEVA LITE midsole – 24% lighter than standard foam.
  • The additional cushioning underfoot is achieved via the Ortholite Sockliner.
  • It has a skeletal engineered upper that provides ultra-light support and fit.
  • This shoe is created by fusing two fragile materials with a no-sew process.
  • An easy match for all kinds of casual favorites from Bermuda shorts to jeans to khakis.
  • They are very light and quite easy to wear. They are exquisite looking and made with quality material.
  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • A comfortable footbed and durable outsole.


Best Slippers with Arch Support

These are slippers with an orthotic arch support that is achieved via the multi-layered anatomical orthotic insole.

  • A soft, padded foam and smooth fabric lining, eliminates any pressure points from the arch.
  • A contoured orthotic insole for support and comfort.
  • A non-binding extra depth design to reduce pressure on feet and eliminate friction.
  • Orthopedic slippers that cater for many different type of feet and medical conditions.


Running Shoes for High Arches

This is considered to be a very high quality imported shoe that is made from a high-quality synthetic material. Here are a few major features and specifications that go into making it a right choose for those suffering from high arch.

  • A human-made shoe specially designed for those who have normal to high arch feet.
  • It comes with unique deep forefoot grooves which help those who have high arches.
  • It also has a well designed HydraMAX collar lining which helps absorb shock.
  • The sock liner has been very intelligently designed keeping specific needs and requirements in mind.
  • The individual SRC impact zone is of great value and utility for those who suffer from high arch.
  • It weighs 9.9 oz and, therefore, is very light and suitable for users with feet problems.
  • The IBR+ outsole is also something that has to be taken into account.


best Dress shoes for High arches

Thanks to the Nylon stability shank embedded into midsole, these exceptional dress shoes provide exceptional cushioning and high arch support and helps create a smoother gait.

  • Full grain leather upper and stretchy gore allows extra movement.
  • Comfort feel and stability, no more sore feet will after long walks.
  • Many Width sizes to choose from: medium and up to extra-extra-wide (4E); in all sizes.
  • These shoes are an excellent option for those who suffer from the high arch and need support in a great looking dress shoes.
  • Though they are for office work or just dressing purposes, these shoes an absolute lightweight dream to walk in.


Shoes for High Arches and Narrow Feet

If you’re looking for, good shoes for high arches and you’re a heavy person that enjoy walking or running; we would recommend this shoe.

  • This shoe has excellent support for high arch.
  • This shoe has ultra-comfortable upper that uses innovative 3D Fit Print overlays to create structure and reduce weight, especially from the heel as this is usually where people with high arches suffer the most.
  • Even though these shoes are for running, they are just as ideal for walking.
  • These shoes are very lightweight and are incredibly comfortable to wear.
  • For those with narrow feet – you can find narrow sizes of 2A to fit your exact width.


Cushioned High Arch Shoes

These shoes offer generous cushioning which helps high arch support greatly.

  • These shoes are typically used for running but fit very well for walking.
  • They provide all the necessary arch support that one would need when suffering from high arch.
  • The Zoom Vomero 10 fit well and is lightweight – only 295 grams.


Best Tennis Shoe for High Arches

Build for the Tennis game; this high arch shoe will improve your stability and comfort during the game.

  • This men’s court sneaker has a flexible, synthetic leather and textile upper for better breathability.
  • With a PGuard toe protector and padded tongue and collar to help cushion your strides.
  • Underfoot support comes from forefoot GEL cushioning.
  • They are light, comfortable, and long-lasting tennis shoes.
  • In the Tennis court, you can expect to experienced a better overall footwork, faster court speed, and less ankle pain since using these shoes


Classic Walking Shoes for High Arches

The lightweight leather, manmade sole and the padded tongue and collar make it much more comfortable for walking as well as prevent blistering.

  • San Crispino heel keeps you stable while walking.
  • This walking shoe featuring EVA footbed and walking platform construction for high arch support
  • The flexible and durable traction sole makes all the difference while walking on various surfaces.
  • A Strobel construction build guarantees the flexibility of your forefoot.


Trail Running Shoes for High Arches

This shoe should be your first choice for running when you have high arches.

  • This shoe has some of the thick and solid arch support.
  • The outsoles are made from high-quality slip resistant Contagrip® rubber, suitable for running on trails and roads.
  • The heels and the rear soles are designed to give extra protection to the back heel.
  • This shoe has a breathable mesh upper that reduces moisture buildup.
  • It comes with a Quicklace™ system for fast, secure lacing.


Affordable Walking Shoes for High Arches

The New Balance 665 is an affordable option in walking shoes that has some excellent features that will benefit those who have a higher arch and are looking for a great, lightweight walking shoe.

  • The removable padded insole and ABZORB cushioning provide excellent support and comfort particularly for those individuals with a higher arch.
  • Breathable and lightweight mesh and synthetic leather uppers.
  • A non-marking outsole that features Walking Strike Path technology.
  • Comfortable, durable and affordable.

Best Sandals for High Arches

There are some nice sandals available in the market, which will help you by giving relief to your high arch feet such as the ones below:


Casual sandals for High Arches

Stylish and comfortable casual sandals for a day at the beach or pool, these sandals will also provide you with excellent arch support.

  • Comfortable open heel design with a padded hook-and-loop back strap that lets you adjust to the perfect fit each time you wear it.


High Arch Thong Flip Flop Sandal

The Reef Slap is an updated version of Reef’s classic flip flops.

  • These men’s sandals are with leather upper along with embossing details.
  • These sandals have a soft-padded pigskin lining that will make your feet feel very light.
  • The original slap compression molded EVA footbed with excellent anatomical arch support is used in making them.
  • Comes as a sporty and masculine design.
  • Long-lasting, quick-dry synthetic straps, and a molded-EVA footbed are used in constructing slap.
  • The Soft fabric thong is used, so it will not irritate your toes.
  • The heavy-duty rubber outsole is used to take a beating on the boardwalk (or sidewalk).
  • Very soft and comfortable for the feet.


Sandal for Men and Women with High Arch

A comfortable and supportive Sports sandal are featuring bungee lacing system, patented toe guard, and rear pull-on loop.

  • These are wonderful sandals with 4mm Midsole Drop.
  • Aegis Microbe Shields Treated Lining
  • Contoured Arch for Added Midfoot Support
  • Metatarsal Ridge for Natural Underfoot Support.
  • One’s toe will be patented now.
  • Midsole Compound for Long Lasting Support And Comfort
  • Secure Fit Lace Capture System with 2mm Bungee Lace
  • Washable Polyester Webbing Upper


Slingback Best Underpronation Supination Sandal

Coming from the house of Birkenstock this particular model of sandal that can be used both by men and women is considered to be very suitable for those who suffer from various stages of a high arch. Here are a few features that are worth looking as far as this sandal is concerned:

  • The sandal is made from pure leather and is totally made by hand.
  • The rubber soles are a unique feature of this sandal.
  • It has been uniquely designed so that it can be used both by men and women.
  • The heel with an approximate measurement of 0.75” is something that is very helpful for all those who suffer from supination of different grades.
  • The platform also has been well designed and is around 0.5 inches.
  • It has two footprints, filled in and filled out. The first one is about narrow width, and the next one is about standard and medium width. This goes a long way in helping absorb shocks for those suffering from high arches.
  • It comes with unique and specially designed deep heel cup and arch support.
  • It also has a specially designed original cork midsole which also helps provide support and stability for those suffering from supination.


High Arch Support Sandal

The Keen Newport is a robust and supportive fisherman’s sandal for the outdoors enthusiast.

  • It is essentially a hybrid sandal.
  • Available with washable Waterproof Nubuck and Leather on the upper portion.
  • With secure fit lace capture system.
  • Anatomical EVA molded footbed is there.
  • Proper compression is provided, and rubber outsole is there.
  • Having small nubs on the carbon outer sole that dig into or grip everything.
  • There is a wide toe box in order to help that your toes are not cramped.
  • No straps or to fool with or Velcro to adjust.

Best Insoles for High Arch


Arch Support Insole

You should consider using insoles that can fit almost any shoes and can relieve the pain you have.

  • These insoles can also be helpful to add some extra support on top of your specialized shoes.
  • You should consider soles that cater to high arches, such as the Sof Sole Fit Series pictured below.
  • Pay attention to buy the orange and black color insoles as the other colors are for natural arch or low arch.
  • For insoles for work boots just follow the link for the best insoles for work boots

Learning to Live With High Arch

It can be difficult to walk and run when you suffer from a high arch, but when you find the perfect pair of shoes that help your foot be comfortable and free of pain, it will make everything that much sweeter.

Keep in mind that if you invest in the proper pair of shoes to help with your high arch, even if they are a little out of your budget, you will never regret it.

Wearing the proper shoes to support your arch properly is the best way to keep your foot from becoming worse, and will spare you many injuries in the future.

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