Best Sandals for High Arches

Many people prefer (especially in the summer) to walk with sandals, in case one has a high arch foot, one will need to find good sandals for high arches, as walking with the wrong footwear for longer duration can create immense pain in your heel and your ball of the foot.

Best Sandals for High Arch Support

Comparison Table of the Best Sandals for High Arches

1Dunham Men's Monterey Fisherman - High Arch Support SandalsDunham
  • Extra Wide Widths
  • Corck Midsole
2Reef Men's Phantom Ultimate - High Arch Thong, Flip Flop SandalReef
  • Anatomical Arch Support
  • Molded EVA footbed
3KEEN Men's Clearwater CNX - Sandal for Men with High ArchKEEN
  • Contoured Arch
  • Stability Shank
4Birkenstock Men's Milano Slingback - Best Underpronation Supination SandalBirkenstock
  • Deep Heel Cup
  • Supportive Cork Midsole
5KEEN Men's Newport - High Arches Support SandalKEEN
  • Anatomical Molded EVA
  • Wide toe box
  • Velcro Adjustment

What is High Arch?

A condition where the foot has a high arch due to the extra weight placed on the heel.
It can develop at any age and can happen in both of the feet.
This injury is usually done while the person stands or walks in the wrong shoes.
Although this problem is more prevalent in women who wear high-heeled shoes, this condition is also common in men. Few researchers have proved that some medical conditions like cerebral palsy can create a problem of a high arch. Inherited structural abnormalities are also held responsible for a high arch foot.
Neurological disorders, polio, and even a Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease can also create this problem.

Identifing The High Arch Source of Pain

Have you ever felt that your feet are aching sharply in the morning?
No matter whether you have found out the actual cause of your problem, you have to find out one quick solution to have a healthy gait and stop aggravating your foot arches.
You have to fix this issue by giving some decent cushioning and support to your feet.
Nothing is more problematic than dealing with high arches that constantly producing pain.
A high arch condition is quite difficult to deal with and finding out a suitable pair of sandals is, even more, difficult. However, with the current lightweight advanced material and cushioning technology, there are various kinds of sandals available for people who are facing problems of a high arch.

Features of the Best Sandals for High Arches

You should give high priority to finding out some good sandals to relieve high arch pain.

  • It should have a Full support for your foot to relieve the pain of a high arch.
  • The right sandal should cushion the arch and not aggravate it.
  • It should have Comfortable footbed and a good level of breathability.
  • There should be good cushioned Midsole to give you the proper shock absorption.
  • Sandals that are closed or semi-closed should have higher tops to allow toe wiggling.
  • Special attention of cushioning the heel need to be in place.
  • Good grip of

The Top Sandals for Men Suffering from High Arch

There are some excellent sandals available in the market, which will help you by giving relief to your high arch feet such as the ones below:

  • Made for giving comfort to your feet.
  • A Large variety of widths available up to 4E to feet even those with the widest feet.
  • Made with soft yet durable leather.
  • Comfortable open heel design with a padded hook-and-loop back strap that lets you adjust to the perfect fit each time you wear it.
  • A natural match for all kinds of casual favorites from Bermuda shorts to jeans to khakis.
  • They are very light and quite comfortable to wear.
  • Excellent looking and made with quality material.
  • It is available with unique and specially designed deep heel cup and arch support.
  • Available with specially designed original cork midsole which will help to all suffering from high arches.

  • An updated version of Reef’s classic flip flops.
  • These men’s sandals are with leather upper along with emboss details.
  • These sandals have a soft-padded pigskin lining that will make your feet feel very light.
  • The original slap compression molded EVA footbed with excellent anatomical arch support is used in making them.
  • Having sporty and masculine design.
  • Long-lasting, quick-dry synthetic straps and a molded EVA footbed are used in constructing slap.
  • The Soft fabric thong is used, so it will not irritate your toes.
  • The heavy-duty rubber outsole is used to take a beating on the boardwalk (or sidewalk).
  • Very soft and comfortable for the feet.

  • Sport sandal featuring bungee lacing system, patented toe guard, and rear pull-on loop.
  • These are great sandals with 4mm Midsole Drop.
  • Aegis Microbe Shields Treated Lining.
  • The Midsole is built from lightweight materials with Contoured Arch for long-lasting Comfort & Support.
  • Metatarsal Ridge for Natural Underfoot Support.
  • Multi-directional flex grooves give better surface grip.
  • Secure fit lace system using a 2mm bungee lace for a better fit.
  • Washable polyester webbing upper.

4Coming from the house of Birkenstock this particular model of sandal that can be used both by men and women is considered to be very suitable for those who suffer from various stages of a high arch. Here are a few features that are worth looking as far as this sandal is concerned:
  • The sandal is made from pure leather and is totally made by hand.
  • The rubber soles are a special feature of this sandal.
  • It has been uniquely designed so that it can be used both by men and women.
  • The heel with an approximate measurement of 0.75” is something that is very helpful for all those who suffer from supination of different grades.
  • The platform also has been well designed and is around 0.5 inches.
  • It has two footprints, filled in and filled out. The first one is about narrow width, and the next one is about standard and medium width. This goes a long way in helping absorb shocks for those suffering from high arches.
  • It comes with unique and specially designed deep heel cup and arch support.
  • It also has a specially designed original cork midsole which also helps provide support and stability for those suffering from supination.

  • It is essentially a hybrid sandal.
  • Available with washable Waterproof Nubuck and Leather on the upper portion.
  • It has a secure fit lace capture system.
  • Anatomical EVA molded footbed is there.
  • Proper compression is provided, and rubber outsole is there.
  • Having small nubs on the carbon outer sole that dig into or grip everything.
  • There is a wide toe box to help that your toes are not cramped.
  • No straps or to fool with or Velcro to adjust.

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