Best Nike Walking Shoes for That “Walking on Air” Feeling

The 5 Best Nike Walking Shoes for That “Walking on Air” Feeling – for walking activity, you need shoes that are built for walking and not just any shoes. Now the question comes, which one should you buy. Well, you can never go wrong with Nike walking shoes as they are known for being a combination of style, comfort, and performance.

Summary Table – Best Nike Walking Shoes

No.ShoeMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
1Training and Walking Shoes
  • Dual-density midsole
  • Diamond Flex design
2Air Walking Technology Shoes
  • Dual-pressure Air-Sole unit for cushioning and support
3Skate Walking Shoe
  • Hyperscreen overlay
  • Perforations for ventilation
4Basketball Style Walking Shoes
  • Encapsulated Air-sole unit
5Casual Walking Shoes
  • EVA midsole
6Lightweight Walking Shoes
  • Flywire cables support

The Current Misconception on Walking Shoes

For your everyday activity, shoes are quite important and thus it is crucial that you have the right shoe for the right occasion.
Many people, still believe that for walking there is no need to buy a special kind of shoe as at the end of the day all shoes are meant for walking. Well, it’s about time that you get rid of this very misconception.

Why not just any shoe?

When you are planning to go for a walk or have a lot of errands to run you need a shoe that can provide support and allows your feet to breathe. Besides this, the shoe must be light in weight which will minimize stress and provide comfort. When buying a good shoe, you will come across terms like basketball shoes, cross-training shoes, and the ever-popular running shoes. These shoes are fantastic, but they do not have the features mentioned above that a good walking shoe must have. They are a bit on the heavy side as they have thick sole to minimize the ground-to-foot impact. Besides, the cushioning in the heel in these types of shoes is also different from walking shoes as these shoes are typically not meant for even surfaces.

The Best Nike Walking Shoes Reviews

For your shopping pleasure, here are the reviews of the best walking shoes from Nike.


Training and Walking Shoes

  • This is one the best Nike walking shoes, and you can never go wrong with it.
  • This shoe is known for its versatility. The look of this shoe is classic, and so you can be sure of the fact that it will never go out of style.
  • The all-leather upper portion of this shoe has a mesh collar which adds additional comfort.
  • You will also notice that this shoe has a Quilted quarter panel that comes with stitching details.
  • This feature not only gives off a cool vibe but it also provides support and durability.
  • Speaking of durability, the shoe comes with solid rubber outsole.
  • On the other hand, the midsole happens to be full-length Phylon, which comes with external and internal flex grooves.


Air Walking Technology Shoes

This shoe from Nike is defiantly one of the best Nike walking shoes which come in many different combinations of colors.

  • This shoe is a part of the Air Max 95 collection which happens to be a favorite of many.
  • The presence of synthetic and mesh give it a unique look and feel to it. But, the look is not the only thing which is great about this one-of-a-kind walking shoe.
  • The sole made of rubber, and it makes it perfect for walking.
  • Besides, because of the Air sole units, you as a wearer will get the advantage of protection and lightweight cushioning.
  • Another plus point about this shoe is the rubber waffle outsole which is responsible for providing traction.
  • This very walking shoe happens to be durable making it a good value for money.


Skate Walking Shoe

  • If you are looking for a Nike’s walking shoe which you can use for your everyday activity then, this one from Nike will be perfect for your busy feet.
  • They are very stylish and go with any outfit and at the same time, the many features make it one of the most comfortable shoes for walking.
  • You even have the option to choose it in your favorite color as it comes in many different colors and patterns like the trendy metallic gold, classic white, unique squadron blue and other such fantastic options.
  • Made from canvas making it a very durable shoe and has laces on the front.
  • With this shoe, you are getting a molded sock liner with comes with Nike Zoom unit built-in in the heel.
  • It is known for providing the right cushioning needed for walking.
  • The shoe has a perforation at the forefoot which provides ventilation which allows your feet to breathe.
  • Besides, the Nike Hyperscreen and the rubber sole are there to provide durability.


Basketball Style Walking Shoes

This shoe is one of the best Nike walking shoes for many different reasons.

  • First of all, you are getting a shoe made with a combination of synthetic and leather giving it a look of a basketball shoe yet having all the qualities of a walking shoe.
  • The outsole is made of rubber which comes with forefoot flex grooves.
  • The outsole will make the shoe durable and will provide comfort, flexibility, and traction.
  • Your feet will get the right kind of cushioning thanks to the encapsulated Air-sole unit.
  • Besides, this pair of Nike is known for being on the most stylish shoe and comes in many trendy color combinations.


Casual Walking Shoes

  • If you prefer walking rather than taking public transportation, then you currently wear a workout shoe with your everyday outfit.
  • They get the job done, but they are clearly not the perfect shoe for the occasion.
  • With this one from Nike, you can stay committed to your healthy lifestyle and be stylish at the same time.
  • It is made with suede and has a classic look thanks to outsole rubber that comes with herringbone tread.
  • The rubber sole provides functionality, comfort, and style.
  • The best thing about this shoe is that it comes with EVA midsole which provides the right cushioning.


Lightweight Walking Shoes

  • A very light shoe, with a total weight of 210 grams (0.46 pound)
  • Although labeled for running, they are highly recommended for walking.
  • Comes in sizes 6 to 15.
  • Made from a highly breathable material combined with ventilation holes.
  • Fits itself to the shape of the feet using Fly-wires technology.
  • Featuring hexagonal flex grooves and a Free midsole, resulting in enhanced support and flexibility


So, there you have it, the best Nike walking shoes that are not only perfect for walking but they will definitely be stylish enough to make you stand out. You can see that each of the reviewed Nike shoes are different from one another. So choose the one you feel suitable to your liking and purpose the most, and you will then truly have a walking shoe that is perfect for you.

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